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NL Crit Series 🖤  NL Crit Series: fixed gear criteriums in the Netherlands


Can you feel it? Crit season is juuuussstt around the corner
The NL Crit Series team is working hard to get everything in place for each and every one of
you to be able to join in and race with us this coming season

But we can’t do it without the help of our volunteers who donate their time and sweat to make
everything run as smooth as possible for the riders. As you might have noticed, the amount of
city races has increased, so we are looking for more volunteers to join our crew at racedays.
Actually: we are looking for you!!!
We’ve got the following tasks available:
- BIKECHECK → checking the bikes of our riders to make sure the bikes match our
technical demands and are safe to race on
- COURSE MARSHALLS → equipped with flags and a walkie talkie you monitor the safety
on and around the course
- REGISTRATION → being the friendly face welcoming all riders and making sure the
startlist is complete and correct
- TIMEKEEPING → managing the timekeeping system your main responsibility is to make
sure the race results are correct (while in the meantime you sit front row)
- AND…. Last but not least we are looking for VLOGGERS, who like to record all the
madness which happens on and off course during our races

Volunteers can choose the task of her/his preference and the races she/he is available. Our
objective is to have a task occupied by the same person(s) as much as possible

Interested or do you have any questions? Please send us a direct message or an email at

Photo by @stevewherestom


With the 2018 crit season about to hit us at full force the time has come to present our first sponsor….. @spinonthese!!! And we hope everyone has been training their 🍑🍑🍑 off for a shot at these amazing prizes:
- A wheel set of their choosing for the winners of the GC.
- A wheel set of their choosing for the winners of the Draai van de Kaai races.

And last but certainly not least to 🌶 it up a little…
- Win 1 race> Get a set of track hubs
- Win 2 races> Get another set of hubs (track or different)
- Win 3 races> Either get a set of rims and both sets of hubs, or exchange them for a wheel set of your choosing.

If this doesn’t psych you up, we don’t know what will..
Welcome @spinonthese and Drew! Don’t know them yet? Go have a look and give them a follow.
#nlcritseries #2018 #


Following last year's succesful men's race at the post-Tour de France criterium Draai Van De Kaai we have decided to add a women's race to the event. We are thankful to the organization of @dedraai for giving us the opportunity to host our first women only race during a major event.

Next to the women's race, of course we'll host a men's race as well. Unlike last year both races won't be an invitational. Instead the races will be part of our regular NL Crit Series competition, so points can be achieved for the GC. But that's not all: we will make sure the race winners get some nice prizes. More about that later....
What about the Men's B riders? We will not host a separate Men's B race at this event. Instead, a limited number of Men's B riders will be allowed to take part of the Men's (A) race. For safety reasons we cannot accept all B riders to take part, only the ones who are classified best in the GC

Registration is open for this race (and for all our other races) at http://nlcrit18.eventbrite.nl (see link in bio)

Spread the word and the joy! Make sure Monday August 6th is marked red in your agenda.

Photo by @stevewherestom


Only two months left until our first race on April 7!!! Are you ready yet to join the pain train?

Tickets are available at nlcrit18.eventbrite.nl (see link in bio)

photo by @stevewherestom


REGISTRATION OPEN!!! Great news: you can now register for the confirmed races in our calendar. Go to http://nlcrit18.eventbrite.nl (link in bio) and buy your tickets.

1. More events will be added. Keep an eye on this page for news

2. All events will have at least 2 separate races for A-class and B+women. Except for the Draai van de Kaai Crit: that will be a special one. More about that very soon

3. Women-Only races: in all ♀ marked events in Eventbrite, we will host a women-only race. However, if the number of female competitors is not at least 15 there will be a combined Men B + Women race


Our only girl in the team is Marlijn, 33 years old, born and raised among the forests in the South, now living in the big concrete city of Rotterdam.
In daily life Marlijn works as a process & quality assurance manager in an international IT company.

What gives her joy in life is hanging out with friends, meeting new people and eating a lot of nice food. Besides being a music lover and vinyl collector, she also tries to make music every once in a while and learn new languages. And of course she loves cycling. Especially in natural surroundings to escape the busy city life.

Since last season, she helps Jan-Willem with the organization of the NL Crit Series events and coordinates the actions of the team members. On crit days you can find her at the registration desk and sometimes behind the computer in the jury room measuring the times of the riders. Oh yes, she also hands out the prizes to the winners. Her most asked question to riders on a crit day is: “has your bike been checked?” Marlijn likes fixed gear racing because it brings some extra excitement than racing on a road bike. Furthermore, the riders come from everywhere around the world, have different backgrounds and ages, but everyone shares the same passion. Feeling that connection is really nice! She finds it lovely to see that people from other countries come to race here at the NL Crit Series with the Dutch crit family. This was especially the case at ‘The Draai van de Kaai’: “What fun did we have that day! Let’s aim for an even bigger party next season.” Photo by @stevewherestom

This is Bart a.k.a Harrie Fix, age 40, born and raised in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

Bart is one of the founding fathers of the NL Crit Series. Currently he is part of the dynamic speaker duo together with Martijn.

In daily life he is ordermanager Identity and Security. In his free time he likes to tinker on bikes, go bike packing or go on a recreational ride on his road racer.

What Bart likes about the fixed gear scene is the laid back vibe, open minded people and the competitiveness among the riders. He also loves to see how the sport is growing in the Netherlands.

One of his personal highlights in the three seasons of the existence of the NL Crit Series was at ‘De Draai van de Kaai 2017’: “It was amazing to see and speak to such a big crowd of spectators and introduce them to fixed gear racing. Also the guys who came from all over the world to race with us that day was really impressive! It showed us as a team that we are on the right way to gain more recognition of the sport in the Netherlands. I’m really proud to be part of the great NL Crit Series team”. Photo by @stevewherestom

Hey there! This is Tom, you know, “Steve, where’s Tom?” well… here!

At a whopping age of 27 one of the young guns on the NL Crit Series team, stationed in Amsterdam.

It won’t be a surprise that everyone on the team likes to cycle. Once the summer season is over, Tom also loves to go and play around in the mud on his cx bike. And when he’s off the bike, he likes to go surfing, snowboarding, or a little skateboarding.

Tom takes care of sponsorships together with Steven, occasionally helps out with the social media and some graphic design for NLCS. During the races Tom is either to be found racing or shooting photos during the Men’s A race.

The interest in fixed gear racing for Tom started in doing alleycats, the adrenaline combined with the needed focus to manoeuvre through the city whilst constantly being strapped in. After Tom attended some trainings on the Velodrome in Amsterdam, the interest for racing criteriums grew. Eventually the decision was made that the camera would have to wait and racing would come first.

Although it is not necessarily ‘the’ highlight of the Series, the first race of the season 2017 was just perfect. The vibe, the happiness, the stories, everyone was super stoked to go racing again. Exactly as the Series should feel.

Photo by @martijn_den_bakker

This is Steve van Bovene, 31, living in Amsterdam.
Illustrator and graffiti artist in his daily life with a lot of passion for art, photography, music and cycling.

He’s been a part of the team for the last couple of years mainly working on sponsoring, merchandise and the necessary art work.
Steve got into Fixed gear racing because of the format, short, high energy, adrenaline filled races. And he stayed for the people. The ‘Crit Family’ being a one of a kind, all inclusive group makes the effort he puts in all worth it.

One of his many highlights in the NL Crit Series would be the ‘Ronde van de Orteliusstraat’ in Amsterdam, about 500m from where he lives. A race in the middle of the city with people watching on the street and from their houses. Just like in the old days when Amsterdam had loads of road crits. Good vibes, good weather and an amazing race.. What’s not to like?

Photo by @elena_bris

This is Martijn. He's been our speaker, or 'lulleneur' as the Dutch call it, from the very first race in 2015. Martijn is also responsible for briefing our racers and properly informing all motards, race marshalls and other volunteers before the race, to ensure everybody is on the same page.

As of 2017 Martijn joined vocal forces with Bart to form a unique and dedicated MC-team that keeps the crowds involved by running around doing waves, making fun of each other, playing their race-specific playlists, or doing some sort of stupid dance, but when the race is on they will make sure nobody misses it; hyping the crowds and cheering on the racers, they will make each race a fun and invigorating experience.
As one of the first Amsterdam bike couriers to start riding fixed gear in the late 90’s, Martijn has been riding fixed gear for over 20 years, competing in countless alleycats, events and championships all over the world, which is why he likes to be involved with the NL Crit Series. Being able to contribute to the growth and further evolution of the fixed gear racing scene to him is a very rewarding and amazing thing which has a direct connection to those pioneering days back in the 90’s.

Read the full story on www.facebook.com/NLCritSeries (link in bio). Photo by @stevewherestom

This is Jan-Willem Blok, 37, from the lovely city of Haarlem.

In ‘real life’ JW is working as a freelancer in the finance business, way less exciting than fixed gear racing :-). Aged 5 years old he refused to go to school because he insisted on watching the Elfstedentocht on TV. So you could call him passionate about sports. When having free time Jan-Willem loves to go cycling himself. In near future he aims to combine this with another passion: travelling the world.

When working for the Dutch Cycling Union, Jan-Willem noticed cycling and the organization of it was based on old values without looking at what could be interesting for younger spectators ánd competitors. In that period of time he got across fixed gear racing and Red Hook Crit. The atmosphere, adrenaline and vibe caught him from the start. Realizing having a fixed gear competition should be possible in The Netherlands as well resulted in a low profile fixed gear race in Haarlem in August 2014, pulled off in less than 2 weeks together with Django’s Bikeshop, HRC Excelsior and Harrie Fix. Which resulted in getting to know a sick guy called Olaf Wit and the people behind Rotje Rond. Keeping a long story kinda short we founded Vast Verzet Bokaal in 2015 which escalated quickly into what we all know now as NL Crit Series.

Read the full story on www.facebook.com/NLCritSeries (link in bio). Photo by @stevewherestom

A new crit season is almost there and we are just as excited as you are!

Last year Olaf left the team to focus on something beautiful: he became a dad of a very cute son. Olaf, thanks again for all your efforts the last couple of years!

We decided to extend the team and redivide the work over our team members, so we are able to organize another season of fun for you guys & girls. With a lot of new energy we are preparing the upcoming season, containing some new exciting races.

In the upcoming days we will introduce our team members to you, so you get to know them a little bit more. Yes, they all like cycling ;) isn’t that odd?! Photo by @merlingraphy

Happy birthday to this legend! The first Dutchman who won a Red Hook Crit and still an example for many Dutch fixed gear racers

Photo by @wijkmarkphoto

#NLCritSeries #redhookcrit #rhcbcn1


Ladies and gentlemen, to start of 2018 with a bang. We've got the current list of confirmed dates for the coming season.
We hope to see each and every one of you, best wishes from the whole team!

P.S. this is not our final calendar, more dates will be added later

Here's a HUGE shoutout to all you girls and boys from all over Europe and beyond who came over to race with us in 2017

You rock! See you all next year ❤
Photos by @stevewherestom


The Draai van de Kaai race was one of the highlights this season

Being part of this post Tour de France event and having a high level field of competitors was a great way of showcasing our sport to a huge audience

Will we be back in 2018? Absolutely! And there's exciting news to come about next year's edition

More about that later. Let's relive the 2017 edition one more time with these awesome photos by @nils_laengner

#NLCritSeries #2017recap

Tanja Erath's results this season were even more impressive. Think about it: she won the first five races she competed in (and took all primes)

Only in the final race Tanja had to settle for 5th. But hey, by then she already secured the NL Crit Series 2017 title

Tanja's debut season in @redhookcrit didn't go by unnoticed. She was crowned Top Antagonist twice, shared in the Dutch party by finishing third in Barcelona and ended up 5th in the GC. Not to forget 'The Move' in Milano

Recently Tanja won the @gozwift academy and earned a pro contract. So we probably won't see her that much in 2018 😭😭😭. As @rinkel_de_kinkel said: many congrats to @wmncycling for signing the talented rider and great person Tanja Erath is

Photos by @merlingraphy / @stevewherestom / @directsportfoto.nl
#NLCritSeries #2017recap

What to say about the NL Crit Series 2017 Men's champ, Davíd van Eerd? Just take a look at his results:

Rijswijk I: 2nd
Zwanenburg I: 2nd
Ortelius: DNS
Deventer: 2nd
Katendrecht: 2nd
Haarlem: DNS
Kralingen: 1st
Zwanenburg II: 4th
Rijswijk II: 3rd
Rotterdam Noord: 2nd

This says it all, right? Just a freaking awesome season

Davíd also finished 2nd in the major Draai van de Kaai race. Which somehow was disappointing for him, because this was his home race

Oh yeah, rumour has it Davíd won some race in Barcelona called @redhookcrit... .
Photos by @merlingraphy / @nils_laengner

#NLCritSeries #2017recap

For the second year in a row Nathalie Simoens can call herself runner-up in NL Crit Series

And just like in 2016 Zwanenburg was the course where 'Alie' won a race. By taking another three podium spots, she just managed to stay in front of Ashley Faye

What about 2018? Taking that step up?

Photos by @merlingraphy / @stevewherestom / @directsportfoto.nl
#NLCritSeries #2017recap

Until the finish of the last race Edwin van Kerkhof was battling for the 2017 championship

Eventually 'Edje' had to settle for 2nd place, but oh boy what a season he had

In our penultimate race this season, in Rijswijk, Edwin grabbed his first NL Crit Series win. We strongly believe it's not his last one

And what about his expedition in the Amsterdam Ortelius Crit together with teammate Luc Ducrot which brought Team FAST a 1-2 in their home city

Last but not least Edwin is one of those riders who rediscovered their joy in cycling through fixed gear racing. It's awesome to see how Edwin is a real ambassador of our sport and our series

Photos by @merlingraphy / @dedraai
#NLCritSeries #2017recap

Defending women's 2016 champion Ashley Faye has had a year of highs and lows

The first half of 2017 Ashley suffered from some serious crashes in Red Hook Crit. Especially a crash in London took her out for quite some time

Good thing is Ashley fought her way back in the second half of the season, where she took the win in Rijswijk and was able to showcase her talent in Milano. Respect!

In NL Crit Series GC Ashley had to settle for 3rd, after claiming two wins and two second places

Photos by @stevewherestom

#NLCritSeries #2017recap

Riding your first fixed gear season and ending up 3rd in the GC is a stunning performance. Kaj Verhaegh is the guy who did it

Kaj's 'worst' result in 10 races is a 7th place. An extremely consistent serie, including two third places. Also, Kaj was the GC leader for two races

Kaj is the only rider in the GC top 7 without a victory. Sealing that first win definitely is a big goal for next season

Photos by @duane_vdg / @stevewherestom / @rogerverhaegh
#NLCritSeries #2017recap

Lisa Wörner carefully made her comeback in Deventer after crashing out of her first fixed gear race last year

From that race in Deventer on the road went up pretty quickly: just 2,5 months later she scored an impressive 10th place during @redhookcrit in pooring London. Followed by an 8th spot in Barcelona and another strong performance in Milano, she ended up 8th in the Red Hook Crit GC.

In NL Crit Series Lisa had to settle for three second places, ending up 4th in GC. In Rijswijk she came close to her first win, when Ashley Faye sprinted just a bit better. Next year for the win?

Photos by @stevewherestom
#NLCritSeries #2017recap

Man, did we have to wait a long time for Thomas Jacobs' first win. In Deventer, our Far East crit, Thomas won the bunch sprint. In fact, everybody was happy he took the win.

In our penultimate race, in Rijswijk, Thomas took his second podium by finishing just behind race winner (and teammate) Edwin van Kerkhof

Thomas showed a very consistent season, which brought him to a 4th place in the GC. Rumour has it he's actually training hard to come back even stronger in 2018

Photos by @stevewherestom / @dedraai
#NLCritSeries #2017recap

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