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Gotta say, if you told me I would have any sort of college degree 6 years ago I would have never believed you. Even though I still have some school left I am super happy that I was able to get myself to this point, especially right now in a time where life truly blindsided me. I just want to say thanks to my family for supporting me, my community group for helping me and listening to me, Jim Tabuchi for listening to me and speaking logic into me, and my professor Megan for being one of the only educators outside of drum corps or band to encourage and believe in me. Like I said I still have a lot of work to do and a lot of school left but I am really happy with where I am and incredibly thankful for the people that I have in my life.

@thedashow me and another DAlien enjoying some brews and getting #LilWetLilDrippy while we spend the day playing some PUBG. Thanks again for the Koozie man! Definitely one of the coolest things I've gotten! Hope you and the rest of the crew are having a good weekend! #zapzap

Always love to see the sunset and the mountains at the end of the day from our apartment.

Had an awesome time at the football game with my Dad last night. Also great to see the wolf pack get their first W in an exciting game! #Nevadafootball

Now that I feel like I have properly decompressed from the season and adjusted to life back home, I just want to say how happy I am that I had the opportunity to be a part of the vis staff at the Sacramento Mandarins, as well as be an alumni of this corps. Working with such a great vis staff as well as working with a great group of members who pushed themselves to a point where the corps has not been in a very long time was such a fantastic experience. Can't wait to see where the corps will push themselves next season!
Also shout out to @rock_your_fraggle who hooked me up with some pretty baller suite seats at semifinals this year. It was definitely the most fun I have had watching a drum corps show.

#dci #dci2016 #drumcorps #mandarins #mandarins2016 #sacramentomandarins

Drum corps teaching day #1 got into town early so I decides to take my @roguefitness stuff outside for a workout. I'm going to get a lot of use out if this during the summer. Time to get stronger. #dci #dci2016 #weights #weightlifting #drumcorps

Finally made it!!! #sanfranciscogiants #sanfrancisco

At the Reno Aces game yesterday #reno #aces #renoaces #baseball

There was finally a break from all the crappy weather Reno has been having so I thought it was just too good of a day to not go outside. Also I was able to bring my @roguefitness barbell and bumper plates to do some strength training. Hopefully this warm weather stays! #fitness #rogue #reno

Bought tickets to go see the @sfgiants at the end of May with my dad. I remember when I was younger my dad took me to go see the giants when Barry Bonds was playing and I was really excited (until Bonds got injured and sat out the rest of the game haha) but it was nice to buy the tickets for my dad this time around. Can't wait till the 22nd! #sanfrancisco #giants #sanfranciscogiants

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