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Moey Best  Major Pro Wrestling fan. Loves MMA, NFL & NBA as well. I also love music and comedy and more entertaining things. Good person overall.

Hey @alovelyraven you talk about dumb people on Xbox dealing with you? Try being this cheap idiot. Smmfh This is the prime example of why I can’t deal with society! Douchebaggery at its finest

Just being myself and doing what my parents taught me and what God has taught me

Had this crazy thought: What if I did become “That Guy”? What if I became the guy who did drugs to get high and be an addict? What if I was the guy who was a drunk or alcoholic just because? What if I had lost my virginity before getting an education and was sleeping around with random women just for sex and to “fit in” with society and feel like a “man”? What if I was extremely assertive AND aggressive with people just to be a bully and rude? Would I have more friends? Would I be less ignored? Would I have a relationship, a girlfriend/wife at the moment?
I guess we’ll never know. Haha

Great seeing @greysonchance perform tonight! He killed it! Great talent and even greater vocals! Keep up the fantastic work kid!

Great movie!! Shoutout to @realpaigewwe for her life story! Truly magical! Also shoutout to @therock for his help creating the movie!

Happy Birthday @rondarousey

I’m sorry I played it safe. I’m sorry that I didn’t “take risks”. I apologize for not being assertive AND aggressive. My fault for not pushing up towards all sorts of random women just to get in the bed with them like the typical male. I’m sorry that doing the right things and being a good person is pretty unpopular and damn near criminal. If being myself is a crime, lock me up for life.

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