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Moh  God First!😊 By Grace Through Faith.🔷Aquarius🔷 Sapiosexual..Lover of Life!❤


Lake Victoria, Kisumu ❤

Because Mondays don't have to be gloomy.Happy ❤

Nothing quite gives me life like the thought of having and raising a mini-me.A Baby!.I think about it all the Time!.Babies are the Best!With their cute lite faces and their adorable little hands..Their oooh's and aaah's...Their smiles..And their innocence!Good Grief!These little humans are so innocent.So innocent and oblivious of the cruel world that they have come to. But Most importantly, I love babies because of their happy souls.Happiness is all that matters really.And it's sad That most grown ups don't get that..It doesn't matter how much you have in your bank account or how many countries you've been to if at the end of the day you're sad and lonely.Make friends, make life interesting.Enjoy a good laugh or two!Travel, if that's your thing.Read books if that settles you.Go out and have a good time every once in a while.Basically, Enjoy Life.You only get one shot!Be happy!Be a Baby!

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