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Woot woot! Look who’s coming home! FREE tickets, so no excuses! Be there on Nov 10 to see @jonitamusic at the Living Arts Centre. #Repost @taj_diwali_show with @get_repost
Brooke Bond presents the Taj Diwali Festival of Lights show on Nov 10th, 2018. Star performances by Jonita Gandhi and Sukhbir Singh. To get your FREE pass email us at unilever@dyversity.com.
Tickets being sold out very quickly. Hurry up to get your own!! #wahtaj #wahtajmoments #wahtajcanada

An almost-Diwali celebration, post watching the super fabulous Neeti Mohan performing at #diwalirazzmatazz at @mcsevents
PS. Thank you both for your continuous support and encouragement!
#girlsjustwannahavefun #neetimohan #industrygirls #saturdaynight #saturdayvibes #showtime

Felt the need to share this one. #Repost @humblethepoet with @get_repost
After my umpteenth heartbreak, I devoted myself to a life of self-sustainability. When we’re in relationships we can become co-dependent, and when those relationships end, it feels like we have to learn how to put ourself first again. There’s no one to talk about your day to, no one you have to run important life decisions by, no one to take into consideration anymore. At first this is the loneliest shit ever, but eventually you get the hang of it, and you see the benefits of it. For me, it got to the point where I cringed at the idea of getting close to anyone. I justified this by saying I was a free spirit, and had better things to do with my time than invest it in a person, who would eventually leave me (like so many did it in the past). The reality was I was masking my fear of having my heart broken again, and as strong and as independent as I wanted to project myself, I was really just sick of heartbreak, and found comfort putting myself first and avoiding any opportunities to be vulnerable. This didn’t mean I was alone, it just meant I kept the people around me at arms length and took them for granted. This works very well in the short term, and when you’re beard is as sexy as mine, when one got sick of me and left, someone else wasn’t too hard to find. This isn’t a sustainable way of living, and many of us live a version of this sheltered life to protect ourselves from whatever past traumas we don’t ever want to feel again. It wasn’t until I saw @lindseystirling’s documentary did I realize that real strength wasn’t the shell I created for myself, but rather it was stronger to be vulnerable. If you have people in your life that give a shit about you, realize that’s priceless, and it’s worth giving your time, love, energy, and attention back. I ask you spend a little more time showing gratitude and appreciation to those you care about, and those who care about you. Now I understand that heartbreaks aren’t to be considered loses that we need to avoided, they’re an important experience. I’ll survive 20 more, the only time I lose is if I close myself off to others. Find strength in yo

A breeze trip to #nyc today with a quick pit stop at #groundzero before heading home. #travel #traveldiaries #worldtradecenter #memorial #zerozone #manhattan

Happy birthday @luksimimusic! So proud to see how much you have grown as an individual over the last few years and looking forward much more monkeying around in the years to come! Keep working hard, the journey has just begun! Hugs, we’ll celebrate when you’re home ♥️ ps. We need to start taking random pics together that aren’t at gigs or shoots. #justsaying #happybirthday #senthoora #luksimisivaneswaralingam

Driving into the mountains. #nofilter #nature #scenic #mountains #trinidad #clouds

This is Mr. Chamanlal. #monkey #socute #sotiny #pet #ittybitty

Just a couple weekends ago in NYC. Thanks @jonitamusic for humouring my inner child 😁#girlsjustwannahavefun #tbt #throwback #throwbackthursday #girlsnight #timessquare #teamjonita #missyou

Ain’t these purdy? 🌺 #flowers #cineplex #decor #art #interiordesign

Meet Rupert. He’s our handsome office dog. Don’t let that innocent face fool you. Follow him on Instagram for updates on this cute guy and his antics.
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Ready for my #closeup 📸 thank u @njadoonanan for the great photo #officedog #dogsofinstagram #sealyhamterrier #dogphotography

Goodbyes can be so bittersweet. Gonna miss you clowns! See ya later alligators. You too @keo.gray! #bye #seeya #newbeginnings #movingon #friends #goodpeople

Saw this image posted by someone I know and borrowed it today because it means so much to me. We need to be our own cheerleaders, but the people around us matter too. Surround yourself with positive people who believe in you and lift you up. If those aren’t the people you have around you, consider yourself, your happiness and your sanity for a moment and excuse yourself from their company. If you want to be bigger and better, surround yourself by bigger and better people. It makes a huge difference. If I believe in you, I make it a point to make sure you know it. Those I believe in can vouch for that. We all need that extra boost to keep us going. Thanks to the handful of you who believe in me! And to all the others.... see ya later! #motivated #inspire #truth #positivevibes #believe

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