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Niyama Sports  🌿 unique designs 🌿 high quality 🌿 eco-friendly 👥 FB: niyama-sports 📍Cologne, GER 💌

Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness. Just try to let things go, that don‘t do you any good. ⭐️💫
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People are the prettiest when they talk about something they love 💗 with passion in their eyes.
Try to do more things that make you happy!
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It‘s the little things !💖
Enjoy a lovely day ✌️💕
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Listen to what you need, feel what you are feeling and appreciate the preciousness of each day 💞

ImAgInE all the people living life in PeAcE, you may say I‘m a DrEaMeR but I‘m not the only one 💞☮️✌️
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Do something for someone else - and don‘t get found out 😍👍
Have you ever done that?
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Be your own kind of beautiful ❤️
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Life is not about waiting for the STORM ⛈ to PASS but for learning to DANCE in the RAIN ☔️ .
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A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear 😊💕
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Very true !! 👍

Be a rainbow 🌈 of possibilities ✨💕
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