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nit not  I wanna be a mermaid, but become siren instead.


I am my mother's child, I'll love you 'til my breathing stops. I'll love you 'til you call the cops on me.

Bonne Année🌾
Here's the last photos I took in 2017. Btw, I'm seriously shook because the colors are so bright and I hope my 2018 can be as bright as these pics.

Avant-garde. Not really.

The sun and her flowers.

And the weather was so damn sick of being predictable; I heard it began snowing in the Sahara and I wanted to tell you that I've changed.
- Sahara by Lang Leav
Well, surely there are a lot to tell after 2 years this photo was taken.

I dare you not to like this picture.
I don't need likes. I just need everyone who saw this and read my caption to understand that talking about mental health issues is important. Since our awareness of it in our society still considered very low.

We're living in a fast-paced world with all this technologies our generation so proud of. We hate slow internet connection, we're forced to do something fastly, we began to make everything instant. Now we also beginning to valued things more than we valued people.

We're too focused on things we considered valuables than making real connections with people. We beginning to be more ignorant of our surroundings that it impacts our society. I just really really wondering where the fuck are all our hearts?

Mental health bukan sesuatu yang cuma seharusnya dimengerti anak psikologi. Well, they learned about it, oc they understand. We just need to care about this matter. Yes, we're living on the world where "caring" is something rare. I once read, "When cancer takes a life, we blame the cancer. Deppresion and anxiety are both, for scientific reasons, are diseases so don't blame the victim for having one and somehow losing the fight". They didn't ask for it and they keep fighting it.

Why wouldn't we all just be a fucking nice, considerate person so we don't add up the weight they have to hold on their shoulders?

#happymentalhealthday #breakthestigma #iknowitslateimsorry

1. Terinspirasi dr post sushitrash
2. Malu maluin emang bocah-bocah nolyfe ini
3. Dibikin point point aja ya mylof, mager bikin narasi buat caption

Our shared birthday party💕
Bagus deh kayaknya kalo aku moto orang. Fotoku sendiri? He gaada

Kkk member caught without the cone-shaped mask and was buying some equipments (1915) colorized.

"Eh fotoboks yuk"
Ya udah deh.

Another holiday picture of me yang lagi meriang

Kenapa kok namanya sama tapi SPBU di Indonesia jual solar bukan bahan bakar tenaga surya?

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