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I like Ronin but that sword block is too much.
Literally, I hate it how a scorch shield doesn't block 360 degrees while the ronin sword does. At least have it to the point where it blocks damage in front of ronin, instead of having a curtain of damage reduction
Or, on an alternative note, why not have the sword be given "integrity levels", where the sword block reduces damage, but also reduces melee damage as well. That way it'll be somewhat even

Bet he's going to school to see the layout of a canister

You know it's kinda funny considering how people say "PRAY FOR ______ 2017" when they actually don't do anything to prevent it from happening again.
In fact, I understand how they show their condolences for the victims and the loved ones, but it also gives too much hope in the populace, meaning that whenever the tension subsides the other side plans while everyone's distracted with high hopes.
I mean don't pretend to be like a cold rock and stop caring. If someone talks to you about it, say how sorry you are and put it at that. But don't go on and on about what SHOULD happen, unless you have the power to initiate your plan.
(FYI: this ->🙏<- was originally meant to be a high five sign)

Where will you guys eat? My money's on ion's (raisinsucks)

Night of a million cloakers? Just spawnpeek and the job's done


I might do a review of the game since I actually took the time to get to the ending

Are those yoga pants

@siegeshenanigans please be fake


Sometimes I wonder if bandit stole that tracksuit...

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