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Meme Commander  -A friend who likes Rainbow Six, Titanfall, and more -Quit the account but I’m leaving it as a monument for what it was

We’ve had a good run this past year, and by we I mean you guys included. You all are the better part of the siege community, and that’s all I could ask for.
I remember back when the community was more simple, and when I made some memes that got very popular. A good majority will know of the old “hits hip across a table corner” meme, and a post I made about Jäger’s vaporwave helmet became a profile pic for many fan accounts. Hell, even the “We Will Take Kafe Dostoyevsky!” is one of the top photos if you search up “tachanka meme” on google images.
I feel like I’ve had a good impact on the community, but I can’t have memes as a main hobby. I’m going to make strides in other places, particularly in engineering. But besides that,
-If I miraculously “return” and make a whole post whining about how I never wanted to leave, know that my account has been hacked by someone else.
-If the page becomes deactivated, let’s just say that PLM’s community has been proven to be toxic
-I will not sell/admin the account. This will be a monument to how I’ve grown. Not in follower count, but in quality.
I’ll be here for a day or so, just to talk in the comments and DMs. But anyway, I will always remember this account and what ripple effect it has started.
Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Since I’m talking about another page, I predict this will get more views than expected. There will be people on PLM’s side and people on my side here, and I welcome you to this No Man’s Land. Fight with words, but only with knowledge and reasoning. Don’t dismiss people as toxic, but tolerate them before they block you for no reason. I will be active for a day or two to discuss any topics that feel out of order.
But until then, you guys fight until the bitter end.
And remember: Both sides are guilty to some degree

A breakfast for the community, Ego Waffle (just a joke)

Closing remarks:
PLM may be good on the inside, but I only see him as someone who’s misunderstood. In fact, I expect him to say something that has no correlation with a few of my arguments. He’s quick to bring about a trend, but I don’t think he knows how to let go of a meme (in reference to the harambe meme in 2017)
Just to clear things up, this isn’t a “roast” nor a “troll”. It’s a statement. A statement that PLM will continue to both grow and ruin the siege community as we speak.

One group chat that I talk with (who has also helped with some of the photos here) has also talked about PLM having a big ego. Now I don’t want to sound toxic (there’s actually more toxicity on the mainstream side than the other), but when they said “Ego Waffle” to describe him it seemed accurate. Many “big” pages out there have deleted comments at some point in their lifetime. I myself have only deleted around 10-20 this year, but I stopped a few months back because I found out that it was basic censorship. PLM, though, is different. He will delete almost every comment that has some form of hate tied into it (especially about the harambe meme he posted a month back). Going back to the poll about the $10 shoutouts, don’t give your audience a “No I don’t have a heart” as an option. Don’t try to influence them in your favor about something that is clearly optional.
And yet he says that he never asks anything of his followers. Every post is labeled with the generic “follow for more daily siege content”. Another thing to point out is that he will treat many types of hate as either petty or immature, which can contribute to ego.
Regarding one of the photos above, I get how the common sexual jokes are funny, but don’t do it only to satisfy a demographic. Having children as an audience only makes it worse, especially when most of those in the cod community migrating to siege are already toxic (since we’ve all heard the average squeaker). Siege is trying to move out of its toxicity, don’t try to introduce the cod community thinking they won’t be toxic too.

A few days ago, as I’m writing this, I saw PLM’s “community project” in place. Now if you know me, you know that I don’t sell anything on this account, and with good reason. I understand if someone’s saving up for something, but I look into the follower’s eyes and already know the term they’re thinking of: Sellout. (Another reason being that I don’t wanna get money by promoting something, I’d rather earn it).
If you haven’t noticed, PLM decided to have $10 shoutouts (story only) in order to fund his project. I know a few accounts that, in their opinion, they price shoutouts at around $2-3, with $5 being the highest. Regardless if people think it’s expensive or not, know that it’s for stories, which will be gone in about a day. It’s like paying $10 to have someone write your name in the sand for some people to see, only for it to get swept away by the tide. Another point I’ll bring up is that what is the community project for? He has only hinted at it. If your going to sell something, at least be direct with your followers so that they can understand so it doesn’t seem sketchy. Ubisoft doesn’t have a DLC paywall for their siege community, so why should you?

Another big point about PLM is that he boasts about his follower count and how he started this community from scratch. I’m gonna say two things: 1. He joined in between Red Crow and Velvet Shell. There’s another guy who has been here since the beginning (@rainbows1xsiege) 2. Follower count doesn’t matter, audience does.
For instance, I have an audience that actually enjoys content that isn’t forced with borders, who go against the mainstream bandwagon and promote creativity with their OC. I grew because I made memes, and went all the way to 20K by not using tags/partnerships. I don’t care about follower count as much, even though 99% of people do, but what I don’t get is someone claiming to have started this community by reposting off of artists and news in order to gain followers. Apart from the content and people saying that the page is a hub he is, quite frankly, the biggest repost account in the Siege Community. You will also see people do things like “tag your friends”. This is so that the original followers will tag others in order for them to follow as well. They even have a name for it: “Comment Hunting”. I recently found out that it also ties into when someone asks a question for the followers to answer, which I regret doing now. But hey, in this situation both sides are guilty to some degree.

One point that should be made ties back with how the mainstream community is spoon-fed dull humor, and that starts with the borders, the box they barely think outside of. Borders, to be honest, may seem “organized” and “innovative” yet only crushes the photo’s quality. Even while I’m editing this I see PLM take someone else’s meme and put it under the same cookie-cutter frame that he’s started to use. I feel bad about the person who made it too (@r6_recruit), for it was a good meme but framed by a mainstream page. The borders, whether blurred or gilded, take the O out of OC (aka original content). Sad thing is that he took a poll on if the theme should stay, and the majority said yes. Why? Because most of them are already part of the “big cod gaming pages” that spur out memes that have been reposted into oblivion. There may be a few jokes that PLM makes that are actually good, but it’s wasted by having the same theme over and over again, and now that there’s a new theme it makes the page even worse.
Another thing I will mention is about watermarks. While it may be very controversial with news and such, I’m only going to highlight these points:
1- Watermarks are for stuff you made yourself.
2- Watermarking news isn’t “free advertising” to ubisoft, it’s advertising towards you.
3- Some people watermark things expecting that people will repost them.
4- Don’t watermark other people’s submissions. It’s not your vid, so don’t feel like you deserve to stamp your logo on it and say it’s ok because “I’m saying that they’re pro league material” when you’re advertising your own page.

Alright folks, it’s time we had a long talk about the community of siege. Today, December 10th, I will be leaving the account. While some nitro cells are shot up, this one is ending in a bang, and we’re kicking it off with a rant for the real culprit to the death of the siege community: Pro_League_Material. A lot of people like him but a lot of people don’t, and I am one of the ones who doesn’t like his influence on the community.
But first, some history:
The dreaded “cod gaming community” is mostly comprised of mainstream people (most of us would call them “normies”). They are the type of people who are very gullible with trends. They take almost every bandwagon they see and follow it, regardless of whether it’s a dead meme or not. They would rather be spoon-fed with the same, dull material. Pro_league_material aka PLM posts memes that are forced for the mainstream audience of siege, currently ruining the community. I’ll be honest, there are a ton of underrated pages out there that explore different topics in siege rather than the average “ash has no hitbox XD” meme. They tend to think outside the box. People like PLM (there are others out there who are in the cod community) don’t go outside the box but dwell within it, especially with dead trends. Memes are like riding a wave; they come and go as they please. Don’t go back into the depths of the ocean expecting to find something, because most of it is already dead. Tachanka memes have subsided ever since red crow, and harambe memes in 2017 are both unfunny and extremely dead. Not only that, but the borders are also a problem for the community...

Looking great

F for all those friend-zoned in their childhood

Feel like this joke has already been made, but ruined with a no-effort app

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