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Niti Taylor  Twitter: @Niti_Taylor All shades of dramatic!!

Leave footprints of love and kindness wherever you go👣 💫
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A little bag of friendship 💼 ❤️ thankyou @bagstopia.bags for this really cute peachy sling. Love it. ❤️😍

Love is simple. Perhaps, it is you and no one else making it so hard. #loveissimple

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Keep voting. All the very best to you both❤️💃🏻 dance like no one is watching you.

No one is you, that is your power❤️

Her messy hair a visible attribute of her stubborn spirit. As she shakes it free, she smiled knowing wild is her favorite colour.
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The bond with my father, there's so much to say but I fall short of words.
So when I was small, they say mummy dresses you up, and makes your hair. My case was different, dad use to dress me up, Comb my hair, make different hairstyles for me, drop me to school,make food. My childhood and memories now, are the most cutest with him.
He's a person I can discuss literally everything with. We have a lot of father daughter secrets too, which my mom still doesn't know. Hahahhaha
We have daddy's kitchen day- where my dad cooks for all of us. And he's a brilliant cook. He gets dam excited when I say what's on the menu. He loves cooking for us. What inspires me about him is that no matter what in life, he never gives up. He will always try.
My dad has given me everything I have asked for. Now I am so happy that I am in a position to pamper him. I love buying and doing things for him. I feel so happy.
I am his little princes. The younger one so the spoilt one.
And whenever I made a mistake, I would get punished and then because he felt bad, we would always take me for a movie after it. Hahahhaha. He's always taught me to be grounded. No matter what. And to ignore things that are not necessary. He's also made me so Independent, everyone needs their dad, for buying an ac, getting documents, dealing with people. I can every proud say, he's taught me to be so independent that I don't need anyone I do everything on my own. Form legal documents, to buying a car, giving it for repair, to dealing with so many things. The most I need him is when I get an injection. I need him. He flies from Delhi, so that I can hold his hand while getting an injection. I have a phobia with needles.
Yes, If my mom is busy, I ask him how to make a certain dish and he calmly explains everything. He has taught me how to make rice over the phone hahahhaha.
He's my number 1 fan, doesn't miss even one episode of anything I do. Even if he's busy he will record it. When I go to Delhi, it's like he will tell everyone my daughter is coming, so then so many people come to meet me. My dads the best. And I miss him a lot. Thankyou dad for being you and loving me immensely. Love you❤️#bestdadever

#DadTaughtMe to always believe in yourself no matter what never give up. What about you? Share your #DadTaughtMe story with @LifeOK now!

And in the end, we were all just humans, drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.
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You will meet a lot of people who will love you for the you they think they could make you. But if you meet someone who loves you for the you that you love ! Well then that's fabulous❤️

Nainaaaaaa❤️ @nainamishra

Spread girl power globally❤️
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