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Believe in ideas. Believe in god. Believe in your work. Believe in leaders. Believe in your family. Believe in friends. Believe in dreams. Believe in anything you want.

But most importantly, believe in yourself.

World owes you nothing else. 🌍

I recently posted a story about why worry is such a waste of time. Here's the gist of the post. To read the complete story, head to the link in the bio.

The truth is that the worst rarely happens. And even if it does, it is not as bad as we imagine. The things which we believe to be the end of the world are just small obstacles that we overcome.

So instead of pulling your hair out worrying, enjoy the moment a little.

Be the one in the driving seat of your life.

It's a beautiful mistake. But a mistake.

Believe. Always.

People in your life may not remain there forever, help everyone you come across become the best version of themselves. And if your journey together ends, them well.


As the curtains fall on 2018, what has been your highlight of the year?

I hope you had a great year all around, but if you had to pick a singular highlight, what would that be?

Fir me it has been the opportunity to travel alone to a foreign country and meeting many new people.
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