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Monthly Challenges - Nissa 🇭🇹  NYC•23•Certified Personal Trainer 👻Manissa31 Subscribe Nissafit.com Training 👉🏾Train@Nissafit.com 30Day Flat Tummy &Glute TOTAL Body Challenge👇🏾


October challenge almost sold out. The remaining slots are in the link of my bio !! It’s so easy to speak on self love when you’re pushing for others to do it. But if you’re lacking in that department do what you have to do for you to get there and feel confident and great about yourself. Of course you should always love yourself but if you feel like you want to change for the best, by any means do what’s best for you and your physical and mental health. Your happiness comes first !

GIVE AWAY - October challenge almost sold out, last days to purchase. GIVE AWAY. Comment YOUR fitness Goals and why, choosing a winner tonight. Will choose 3 winners who get free slots October challenge almost sold out. Love doing these so people understand that building muscle gives us those awesome curves and compliments is extremely well, as well as buildjng our strength. The photo in the right is 1 year into my fitness journey. One whole year 🤦🏾‍♀️ of only doing cardio when I worked out. The treadmill and Zumba, I was too shy to touch the weights at the gym. Well I’m glad I’m woke now.

#weightgain #weightgainjourney

October challenge almost sold out, meal plans out tomorrow can’t believe this is the last week of September already 💃🏾. October challenge includes meal prep option and directions for $30 meal preps for the week as well. My college students spoke to me and I listened !! I got y’all. Anyway here are some upper body workouts. When you’re doing bicep curls try not to rock back and forth. If you feel the need to do so to complete the curl, go lighter boo!! When I first started working out I couldn’t even pick up a 20 pound barbell 🤦🏾‍♀️. I was dying in the last clip of the video 😭😭😭 ouch

October challenge almost sold out, last few days to purchase !! The thing about gaining weight is you gain everywhere and of course you can take control and build muscle and then focus on burning that fat. Some days my stomach isn’t where I want it to be as you can see in this pic but I still love how I look and I know I’m in control of my body !! I just want to be as transparent as possible with my followers, I can show you a million photos of my stomach when I love my abs but some days it’s not lit and my self love is still the same. There’s going to be a lot of ups and downs in your fitness journey, but the point is staying level headed and in control and the goal is always our physical and mental health, aesthetics are just a plus !!

Happy 25th birthday to my big sissy !! She’s in medical school so she’s turning up in the library 😇. Mom Sunny and I love and miss you !! Best sister on the planet and the smartest and the most gorgeous duh ❤️❤️! My mom and my sister are everything to me 💕 Limited slots for Oct challenge in bio.

Issa off guard, limited slots for October challenge in bio. Meal plans out this Sunday !! Something about the colder weather that just makes you want to be in the gym more, is it just me ?

Limited slots for October challenge in bio !! I got body shamed for this post all day yesterday because ignorant folks swear every decent sized butt on Instagram is fake. It's gross. You can gain weight in a healthy way, without pills, without over eating and creating bad habits for yourself and without forcing yourself to eat. It's all about being organized and being consistent. This took me 5 years because my lack of knowledge but with the right support and help someone else can do it sooner and with less up and downs than I had !! Stop letting ignorant people lie to you !! Get with a healthy gaining plan. Build muscle. Get organized and flourish #healthygainsflourish #gains #healthyweightgain #weightgain

Limited slots for October challenge in bio. i wasn't really on the phone :/ !! social media is proof you can't please everyone. If I show off my butt it's fake if i flex my arms I look too manly. Um who cares I'm out here flourishing living my best life, helping people and drowning in self love !! 📸 @moedoisnice

Limited slots for October challenge in bio. Client Spotlight to another one of my August Winners who is also in my September challenge @val.fitnesss !! This woman works so hard, is consistent with our challenge workouts, her meals and extremely encouraging in our Facebook group !! Look at these GAINS. So proud of you @val.fitnesss !!!

🤗 Sept pt2 is sold out. October challenge is now on sale. Doing a smaller group for October !! October meal plans out tomorrow

Last 12 hours to purchase a slot for Sept pt2. This will be the last challenge until October !! Link in bio

Sept pt2 almost sold out. Remaining slots in bio. IF YOU NEED HELP WITH GAINING PLEASE READ THIS LONG CAPTION. I want to do a post in gaining for my folks who need help.
1. To gain weight you need to consume more calories than you're burning, sounds simple but it's not easy and often takes time
2. So to gain you need to actually eat !!! And this may sound easy but it's a challenge for a lot of people. I make my gaining clients follow a very detailed gaining plan that's 3250-3500 calories a day.
3. Eating this much is hard for some people and I often have to really push them. Working out consistently will help with your Appetite
4. Be aware, though, that consuming more calories to increase your muscle mass will also bring some extra fat mass. But it's fine, if you do the right kind of exercise, the fat gain can be minimal.
5. Now when it comes to working out, I try to help clients find a healthy balance of weight training and a bit of cardio
6. I like HIIT and that's usually what I have my Gaining clients do, High-intensity interval training (HIIT) describes any workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity or even complete rest.
7. For workouts I have my clients focus on weight training and building muscle !! Building muscle isn't going to make you look manly 🙄
8. Muscle is actually what gives you more shape and really helps you accentuate what you naturally have !! 9. Protein is super vital to growing muscle!! There are soy proteins, vegan, vegetarian, whey powders, you name Some people manage to get their dose solely from eating and that's awesome too.
10. Sleep !! Sleep is essential to your muscle building !! Your muscles don't grow in the gym, they grow when you're resting, so sleep fam
11. Be patient with yourself but most importantly be consistent, don't half ass your meal plan and workouts and expect greatness
12. Lastly keep track !! Get organized, log your food, workouts, weight and take progress pictures !!

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