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Monthly Challenges - Nissa 🇭🇹  NYC•23•Certified Personal Trainer 👻Manissa31 Subscribe Training 👉🏾 30Day Flat Tummy &Glute TOTAL Body Challenge👇🏾

Last week to purchase slots for June Challenge, link in bio. I'm so in love with my @myplayfit resistance bands, they're having a 15% off sale get yours !!! I'm using the "Heavy" bands in this video so it was pretty challenging, throw these into your next leg day

Limited slots for June challenge available in bio !! Here are some cool pics from my trip !! Had a great time but also excited to get back to my regular schedule !!

Limited slots for June challenge available in bio. The throwback on the left is when I first started my fitness journey and faithfully just did steady state cardio, the picture on the right is me after being consistent with my lifting and doing HIIT as my cardio.

Glutes in Paris 🤷🏾‍♀️ !! Time is running out to purchase slots for June challenge, limited slots this month. Please email me if you have any questions you will get a prompt response !!

First time in Paris !! Awesome graduation gift from my mom !! Thanks mom !! Slots for June challenge in bio, last 2 weeks to purchase

Slots for June challenge available in bio !! Meal plans and directions out tommorow for everyone who purchased this week !! This time zone difference is ruining me lol !!

Limited slots for June challenge available in bio !! A HIIT x Glute workout !! This will have those quads and glutes sore!! I also love using my bands !!! Use my code Nissafit for 10% off !!

Limited slots for June challenge in bio !! Some healthy gains in the first photo I was about 10lbs lighter !! I've been happy with my results so far, I definitely want to work more towards this over the summer !! I've found that a healthy gaining meal plan and HIIT and lifting works vets for the results I've achieved !!! That's why I love my challenge !! The challenge is for those trying to achieve weight gain and those losing weight, it comes with 4 meal plans and you choose the one for your goal and workouts with instructional videos for muscle building and I help you specify to amount of cardio you need to be doing based on your goals and chosen meal plan !!

Slots for June challenge in bio, very limited this month !! Last week of the semester pray for me guys !!! Can't wait to get back into the gym once my finals are over and I can breathe again 😕

Happy Mothers Day guys !!! In honor of the awesome mothers in our lives everything on is 10% off !!! Sale ends tommorow !!

Slots for June Challenge in bio !! Limited slots for next month and I won't be able to add more once I hit my max !! I have strep throat so even after squatting today I felt like i got hit by a truck but getting better !! Really light workout today!! I want to bulk a bit more but really happy with everything right now !!

Limited slots for June Challenge available in bio. Okay so let's talk steady state cardio and no lifting vs more HIIT & Consistent Lifting. On the left picture I had been working out for about 7 months but just hitting the treadmill, my glutes grew a bit and my legs toned a little but my stomach and the rest of my body weren't following suit!! So picture on the right is me last week, now that I lift consistently and switch up my cardio which is mostly HIIT, the waist is snatched, no waist trainer, just exercise !! The legs are flourishing, the abs are trying to show out for the summer, the posture has improved, point is don't be Afraid to lift, building muscle will give you that shape you want I promise !!

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