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Dinesh Senaratna  Melbourne|Photographer|Al♡

So today is our 5 year anniversary and I still cant figure out why this beautiful human is still with me. Especially for half a decade. I dont get it, but regardless, i feel like i am stronger and genuinely comfortable with being myself when we're together.

Im looking forward to see where we are and what we've done when we reach the decade mark

I love you alex. So dang much.
@lxwlf #dna

Having an absolutely killer time with @lxwlf. Im pretty happy and super chill right now but it'd be incredible if maggie were here but 😢

Not even sorry for spam

On the move.

Seated seagal

Being close to an airport aint that bad

Forever running away from the ocean

Swing with wangS

This is the best
@lxwlf #qld #gc

I really value you and everything you've done for me. All I want to do is spend my days with you, either doing nothing and watching tv or adventuring somewhere with maggie. I love you alex.

Spent the afternoon in the city with @thyartisburger before our yuhyuhyuh nikon training.

A few mistakes here and there but im pretty happy with it as a starting point.
#kemper #kempergivemestickers

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