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So today Miss cutie patootie baked all these from scratchhhhh! Why you so clever one so talentedddd @masjfr

Look at this sweet thang you little plump heavenly goodness. Started my Saturday with this vanilla custard donut/doughnut. I could see the crushed vanilla beans in the custard!!! oh me oh my! delishhhhhhhh

Jónsi playing the guitar like a cello like a boss. Every one of them were so ahmayzengggggggg #sigurros

The oh so beautiful sounds of Sigur Ros with oh so beautiful visual graphics on the background. It was a piece of art. It was magical. #sigurros

I love Lightspeed Champion but Blood Orange is gold. Damn Dev 🍊 #bloodorange

Yuna singing like an angel as always. #malayrepresent #yuna

Omg @devhynes you make me so so happy! 💯❤️💪🏽👍🏽 #bloodorange

Dear Kristian, you have healed so many broken hearts with your music. One day your heart will heal too. #tallestmanonearth

Waaa.. So flexible.. Me so lucky to get to see the gang who jammed with Jimi Hendrix back in the day. #georgeclintonandparliamentfunkadelic #blessedup #majorkey🔑

dirty shoes, pretty sounds #tallestmanonearth

#badbadnotgood so chill. BadBadNotGood is very good.

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