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I'm up, I'm up #midburn #goodmorning

yafo 🌅 #sunset #telaviv

Muslim construction worker praying across the street from my apartment #telaviv

some crazy shit out there. this break, brought to you by me and my good friend @amjadshehade. This photo was taken during our desert excursion in Wadi Rum, Jordan. Six years ago, they told me that Amjad was my last interview for the job at Marin, I'll admit, I was bit nervous (not really), BUT mofo didn't even show up...so I landed that job- and then it turns out that some of the best times I would ever have would be with this dude right hur! #israeli #palestinian #stevebannoncansuckmymatzaballs


holy land, holy water #telaviv @danazilber @nadav.sevy

Maybe my favorite photo of all time #father #idf #holon #israel

I'm thankful for my friends @jyahthefyah and @_leilanz_ for protecting...Repost・・・
A sleepy, somber departure from camp this morning. What I would give to stay alongside the people who have become family. To learn more from the tribes and elders around us. To stand up for injustice of unspeakable proportions.
One of the elders at the sacred fire said, 'we are all here for a reason. The black snake (pipeline) affects all of us. It is not racist. It judges nothing except profit. We are all tied to the fates of each other, the land, and most importantly, water.' Every person we met had come for a reason, many simply responding to the cry of our culture needing to be more connected to spirit, body and land. We met members of tribes from all over America and the world who have traveled to link arms. Men, women, children, indigenous and not, who have packed up their lives and relocated to the camps, simply to bear witness and help where they can. Sacrificing their life, at a daily level, and in the grandest of ways, for a cause they truly believe in. Some, like us, come for several days, bringing in new energy, sometimes just in the form of laughter and positivity to those who are weary from the day to day.
How far we have come from a way of life that is truly about community and showing up for each other, how far we are going to get back to that. Waking each morning, and going to bed to the sounds of the drum, singing and chanting, the air filled with ancestors.
Truly beautiful.
While the outcome here is uncertain, painfully so, I am more determined and inspired by the faces and true goodness in so many, to seek out change, to be that change within my own life, work, purpose.
Hope is a verb. This I have seen. #standwithstandingrock #waterislife #nodapl

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