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oh hi stranger, welcome  I Want You Forever, Even When We're Not Together🌻

TBH they all disgust me in some type of way🤢🤷🏾‍♀️ Danielle- is too young and doing the self malulu is doing and wearing inappropriate clothes and posting about her "relationships"
Malulu- dates too many boys and then cries over them and she's 14 and dresses and acts disgusting
alahnaly- shows off her "butt" in the camera too much and says "short Girl problems" or "things girls do when their bored"
This is my opinion so don't get butthurt smh just block me
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Who wore it best?
I like both so this is hard 😍😍😭 Left @liddlenique
Right @zaleen.portia
Creds; @liddlejennap
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A simple edit until I learn some new things on vs💗

Ac/rm @bbynique
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Daniel x Nique 🤤❤️ -

I'm sorry I have been shipped I just haven't said anything ❤️😭 Dt; @hurdthedigaz @damnveda @damngordon @nicedobre @siangiettwins @siangienator @niquexbaby @danielvedavideos @wavylittyedits

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Tag them pls I really want them to see 😋💜 The ending got cut off it's just the wing overlay and it says "thanks for watching" #nightmoonrct (daniel liked😭)

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