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nippyandkrissiforever  FRIENDS: FOLLOW MY PERSONAL PAGE @madijayne Whitney was my rock growing up and saved my to the Lord of course--this is in honor of her!

The music industry and the world has lost yet another amazing talent. Prince was one of the most talented guitar players in the world and werked his androgyny like no ones business! We will forever miss you! #prince #whitneyhouston #angels #rip #sad #legends

Happy Birthday Nippy! I hope you are enjoying it up in heaven reunited with your baby girl. #happybirthday #whitneyhouston #nippy #mamawhit #angel #love

Precious picture of Whitney and Krissi sleeping. They are finally resting in heaven together again. Of course, no one wanted this to happen and we know this wasn't what Whitney had hoped for her baby girl but God has a plan for everything. Found myself getting teary eyed today when certain songs would come on. I can only hope they are both at peace. Praying for their families during this sad time. 👼🏾💜#whitneyhouston #bobbikristina #restinpeace #ripbobbikristina #love #angels #nbl #mother #daughter

Saw a tribute video on Facebook full of pictures of Krissi done by Whitney Houston Collectibles. It brought tears to my eyes and inspired me to do this collage. We love you both so much. In some ways I feel we as a people and as fans let you both down. Some of us feel as if we could have done more to save you both from your untimely fates. However we also realize that 1. God has the ultimate plan. These days were planned long before you were even born. 2. You both were stubborn in your ways. Not a soul could tell you what to do. I'm sure that the heavens are celebrating tonight. I'm sure your mother is overjoyed that you get to stay. I am sure your soul has been there since the day you were found and today was the day it was made permanent. The Golden Streets are rejoicing, but tonight on earth, the tears are falling and hearts are breaking. I will miss watching out for your posts and tweets about your mom and your cute pups and just checking in to see how you're doing emotionally. Now I know that you are eternally whole and I don't have to worry anymore about what pain has come your way. We love you both. Please give our love to your beautiful momma. I can't imagine her being more beautiful than she was on earth but I'm sure she is more radiant than ever, and now you as well. 😘👼🏾God Bless and Godspeed. #restinpeace #bobbikristinabrown #bobbikristina #whitneyhouston #bobbybrown #love #angels #beautiful #gorgeous #babygirl @realbkristinahg @kingbobbybrown

I will always cherish this moment when she replied and felt the love we were sending out to her. I just hope she truly saw and realized how much her mother's fans loved and cared for her. We all prayed that she would come out of this but we also knew this day would come soon. It still doesn't take the pain away. We love you Krissi. #bobbikristina #krissi #love #angel @realbkristinahg

So so incredibly sad to hear that Krissi has passed. However, knowing that she is reunited with God and her mother whom she missed so dearly, it warms and soothes my heart. I rejoice knowing that she doesn't have to deal with the press and the horrible judgments placed on her by the public. She no longer has to endure a life without her mother. She no longer has to deal with whatever she was experiencing with Nick and her other family members. My prayers go out to Bobby, Cissy, her brothers and sister, her cousins, and her friends. I hope you are finally resting in heaven and finally have peace Bobbi Kris. @realbkristinahg #bobbikristina #rip #restinpeace #whitneyhouston

Saw this on Facebook last night and just had to share it. She's absolutely gorgeous!!! I've been thinking about her a lot lately actually. #whitneyhouston #nippy #mamawhit #missyou #love #beautiful #angel #smile

Praying for baby girl on her 22nd birthday. This is not how we imagined she would be celebrating but God has a plan and a reason for everything. We are praying for healing but that whatever happens that He gives everyone strength and understanding. Happy birthday Krissi take your time, we love you. #prayforBK #bobbikristina #krissi #happybirthday

Idk why but I just fell completely in love with this picture of Whitney. She looks so beautiful. But haha look at Krissi in the background!! Silly girl. #whitneyhouston #nippy #mamawhit #love #beautiful #angel #bobbikristina #prayforkrissi @realbkristinahg

"I will tell the whole truth that you fell but you got back up, and you fell but you got back up. And every time you fell you kept getting back up. And when you couldn’t get back up, God carried you and took you home."
-Kelly Price
The letter Kelly wrote to Whitney in honor of her 3rd Heavenniversary was absolutely beautiful and loving. But this quote right here, y'all...I almost fell out! Tears filled my eyes and chills covered my body. So true. God helped you up and carried you through the darkness just as it says in"Footprints" but when your body could take no more, He knew it was time to carry you one last time. We love and miss you, especially today Whitney but we know you don't have to endure anymore darkness. #jesuslovesyou #whitneyhouston #nippy #mamawhit #kellyprice #truhollywood #feb92012 #beautiful #angel #love #gorgeous #legend #smile

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