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нopιe 🌸  ❥m/w russ~ ⍤ the journey is the destination. - personal: @anhopie ↓youtube, sarahah, patreon + more↓

how are you?☺️

casual widowmaker here¿?
I wanted to try a makeup test, and idk about it. I’m not too mad at it though.
hair by @wigisfashion
body paint by @mehronmakeup
not wearing contacts
#widowmaker #widowmakercosplay #overwatch #overwatchcosplay #spider #amelielacroix

does anyone wanna trade kneecaps with me

[better version on my youtube]
this edit sucks and I only spent 2 hours on it but it’s just for fun- I’m really done stressing over trying too hard to make edits that don’t look right. but, she’s my favorite overwatch character ~
↠ вroυgнт тo yoυ вy—
game: overwatch
author: blizzard entertainment
character: widowmaker
audio: extraterrestrial cannibal (my remix)
editing by: @nip.nuts
programs used: after effects
#widowmaker #ovw #ow #overwatch #overwatchedit #widowmakeredit

ty @pogipawn for screenshotting the best moments in our FaceTime calls

guys I made like $20 in tips today yes yes I did

so I have decided not to stress myself out anymore with trying to impress everyone/reach everyone’s expectations through edits or really anything; I am now just going to post whatever, whenever, and however is necessary to you and I. I love you guys and I know the real supporters will always stick around.
>>if you follow me only for my edits then you should seriously unfollow lol bc I’ll be posting more than just edits from now on, BUT I WILL STILL MAKE EDITS
ive been wanting a change for a long time, because I shouldn’t have to go through unnecessary trouble for anyone if it effects my mental health. now that I work almost 40 hours a week, this will be a positive change. if anyone understands, thank you. 💕

hi how are ya

jack frost | jingle bells | short edit
I know probably lots of you may not know what this is but I love Jack Frost in this movie and I highly recommend that you check it out, especially for the holidays. ^^
what are your thoughts? :o
↠ вroυgнт тo yoυ вy—
movie: rise of the guardians
author: listing soon
character: jack frost
audio: jingle bells remix
editing by: @nip.nuts
programs used: after effects & final cut pro.
#christmas #jackfrost #jackfrostedit #riseoftheguardians #riseoftheguardiansedit

zen | what you want | short edit
ahh.. this looked better in my head.. but what do you all think?
comment your favorite mm character and I may do them next...🤔
please remember that if you decide to repost, credit the artist — cheritz — and my additions.
↠ вroυgнт тo yoυ вy—
game: mystic messenger
character: zen (ryu hyun)
artist: cheritz
animations by: @nip.nuts
mmd credit: eksdee
editor: @nip.nuts
audio: Lolly by Maejor Ali ft. Justin Bieber (I added muffling effects)
program used: after effects
#zen #ryuhyun #mm #mysticmessenger #zenedit #mysticmessengeredit #707 #saeyoung #saeran #v #yoosung #jumin #jaehee

koe no katachi | I know you so well | amv
if you haven’t checked out the full movie, you should definitely do that.. to both, see what happens in the end and witness a great story.
unfortunately I can’t post this to youtube, for copyright reasons.
but I want to give a huge thanks, to all of you for inspiring me to keep going. being on the verge of giving up so many times.. it’s been really difficult to find inspiration, and I wouldn’t be doing this with you all cheering me on. I have to personally thank @stansdarsh to helping me get through the things I needed help with, that were stressing me out beyond belief.
↠ вroυgнт тo yoυ вy—
movie: koe no katachi (the shape of voice/a silent voice)
characters: shoya ishida & shouko nishimiya
audio: close my eyes by shiloh @shilohdynasty
editing by: @nip.nuts
program used: after effects & final cut pro //
#koenokatachi #koenokatachiedit #theshapeofvoice #xxxtentacion #jocelynflores #anime

#adminfriday tho

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