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Nino Batista | Photographer  DM for Rates/Booking My Photoshop Tools @nbpretouchtools Ambassador @paulcbuffinc Senior Writer @officialfstoppers 💖@josie_fox 🇵🇷Boricua

From that infamous hotel shoot @josie_fox and I did in Chicago — its the set that keeps on giving. #neverbeforeseenshot #ninobatistaphoto #josiefox #chicago #lingeriemodel

Thank you so much for your support of @nbpretouchtools new Photoshop Actions. The presale response has been overwhelming and I have been working very hard to make sure everyone has a smooth and easy transaction directly through me. I worked the last year trying to create the most useful set of professional portrait workflow retouching actions for Photoshop that I could come up with. If you’re interested in the pre-sale pricing, please email me — thank you so much everyone!

La diosa de mi vida @josie_fox shot in Chicago and wearing le sexy from @lasenza#ninobatistaphoto #josiefox #lingeriemodel #powercouple #lasenza

Bag of goodies and a bottle of wine, we’re gonna get it on right tonight... 🔥🎼 Model/MUAH/Muse: @josie_fox shot on that one day in Chicago while rocking this sexy af @lasenza ensemble. #ninobatistaphoto #josiefox #lingeriemodel #powercouple #chicago

Shadow play. 🔥🌙 Model/MUAH/Muse: @josie_fox shot at @alteredvisionsstudio in Houston. #ninobatistaphoto #josiefox #lingeriemodel #shadows #lowkey

Fun fact: this is the very first set, the very first time, I pointed a camera at my boss babe @josie_fox — we were in Chicago and had been planning on shooting for four years. Well, it finally happened and the rest is history. A lovely and incredible history I am honored to be a part of! Hang on tight tho — if you think our history is awesome, wait til you experience our future. 🔥💖🔥💖 #ninobatistaphoto #josiefox #powercouple #lingeriemodel #chicago

Join us outside of Las Vegas on February 23! The ultimate guided shoot featuring the one and only @josie_fox and other incredible models all wearing custom lingerie created by Josie Fox herself. You gotta see it to believe it! I will be assisting you with lighting and tips and tricks all afternoon. You can’t miss this one! To register go to my profile @ninobatista and tap “Get Tickets” then scroll down to find the registration page. Easy! #ninobatistaphoto #josiefox #powercouple #vegas #lingeriemodel

Happy Valentine’s Day evening to you all. Hope it was awesome and you enjoyed your loved ones. I missed my @josie_fox today but I know it’s gonna be ok — what we are working towards is exceptional, not common, and worth every effort. I love you baby. Wardrobe @forever21 And coffee in the cup by @annacitacoffee. #ninobatistaphoto #josiefox #powercouple #valentinesday

@josie_fox Is the best mother that I know, a consummate human being with compassion and unwavering kindness towards other people. She runs a business where she has to wear many hats in any given day, working way more than 40 hours a week and hustling brilliantly, all while taking care of her children, their health, her health, and every aspect of her family’s life. As a cannabis patient, on occasion someone attempts in vain to be critical of her. This is shameful. The change of some the public consciousness toward understanding cannabis as a viable and purposeful medicine for many many afflictions, serious ailments, pain management, and overall quality of life enhancement for many who suffer from physical and emotional challenges has been incredible but ignorance still persists. A naturally occurring substance that should never have been illegal to begin with, is now bringing relief and even cures for many who suffer from afflictions that are often misunderstood and mostly misdiagnosed and mistreated with far too many irresponsible pharmaceutical “Fixes”. Before you try to judge Josie, or any other cannabis patient for their use of marijuana, do your research and also simply take a look around. For every stoner friend you have that likes to get high after work and have a good time, there are 10 medical patients using cannabis to improve their lives tenfold. For many, including myself I am discovering recently, it is life-changing. Nothing short of life change. I urge you to support cannabis legalization and to work to understand what an amazing solution it is for so many who suffer so much.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my love and best friend @josie_fox who wants to remind everyone: LOVE MORE. It’s a good idea. Try it! Wardrobe from @forever21 and that coffee — mmmmm — that coffee from @annacitacoffee in the cup. #saynotofastfoodcoffee

Lighting @paulcbuffinc because awesome 🤘🏼and shot at @alteredvisionsstudio in Houston.
#ninobatistaphoto #josiefox #powercouple #love #valentinesday #lovemore

The goddess herself @josie_fox rocking @lasenza in Chicago, and now on the current international cover for Finest Magazine. Go check it out. #ninobatistaphoto #powercouple #josiefox #josiefoxphoto #ninobatista #chicago #lingerie

New cover shot in Cali on @soft.magazine with my boo @josie_fox — go check it out. #ninobatista #josiefox #powercouple #ninobatistaphoto #josiefoxphoto

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