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Trina O'Gorman  Helping you empower yourself through personal writing. --simple living|analog tools|empowerment -- According to my son, "all moms are part ninja."


Yesterday I heard, "I am so glad I am your son"and "I love our little family" and I was reminded that our lives aren't what I planned for them to be and they are still magical, or maybe more magical. Let hope spring eternal and let dreams unfold as they will...

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The embossed golden arrow Charmpad by @inclosed caught my eye at @cambridgestreetpapers. The shop was close to the hospital and we popped in on our way home. The pad is a lovely addition to my paper collection for letters, love notes and thank you notes. The arrow is one of my favorite symbolizes, as it serves as a reminder to keep moving forward, in a positive direction. What symbol(s) inspire you? Have an amazing weekend.

Write what you need to write. Feel what you need to feel. Then go back and look for the lessons.
I love @stalogy translucent grid sticky notes for writing lessons learned. Change and growth are in the lessons we learn.

We are at Goryeb Children's Hospital for x-rays and ultrasounds for my youngest. I see so many sick kids. Really sick. And at first my heartstrings are being tugged. But then I remember Annalise, and I cannot assume that they and their families do not feel blessed. What's on your mind this morning?

Being playful tonight...I had the pleasure of writing this MindMosaic with three different Aurora fountain pens. The Aurora Flex 88 70th Anniversary LE, my beloved Aurora Optima, and the Aurora Minerali 💙. I can't pick a favorite. I enjoy them all for different reasons. My wooden box is by Classiky and my pen case is by The Superior Labor, both are available at @wakako_baumkuchen. -
Doing a lot of hard work on the inside to push to the next level. Growth is rarely easy, but it's always good.

He's one of my favorite businessmen and mentors, and is surprised that it's as tough as it is for me to ask for help. He jotted this down for me a few weeks ago and stuff it in the front cover of my notebook. Seems simple enough, right? He suggested it might be a gender-related issue. What do you think? Do men in business have an easier time reaching out to their network for help and advice than do women?
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So many people have reached out this week to tell me how I've motivated them to write and how it has improved their lives. This is moving news for me. The power of the pen never fails to inspire and amaze me. I'm so glad it helps others. It has, more than once, been my lifeline. Very grateful.

A woman I was acquainted with years ago, contacted me through LinkedIn. When I asked her how things were going, she told me how her son had been in an bad car accident. His leg had been broken, requiring surgery, a rod, and a long recovery. At the end of the story, she said, "We are so blessed." I can think of several other ways she could have ended her stories. "Things have been a little rough." "I can't get over the accident." "Homeschooling has been a challenge." But no, her interpretation came from a grateful place. Perspective and perception change everything. How are you framing your story?

Perhaps, the most important predictor or factor in our overall satisfaction in life and in our wellbeing are the stories we tell ourselves, the meaning that we give to our life experiences. Exploring, questioning, and revising these stories can change our view on life. New bundle! Our 3-month Rewriting Your Life Program is packaged with a 3-month Write. daily newsletter subscription, which begins after the program ends. That's 6 months of writing guidance for $33 per month.

To all of the women out there who feel discouraged in loveless relationships, there is nothing quite like being abandoned with two heartbroken kids to help you realize what you're made of and love and respect truly look like. The magic that is in my life now could never have existed without me fully understanding my worth. Embrace the challenges. And rise to the occasion with all that you are. You are more of a badass than you know. It's not the falling down or being knocked down, it's the getting back up. 👊🏽

Things slowed down enough that I finally got a chance to review the Aurora Flex 88 70th Anniversary Limited Edition fountain pen. This was the first time I ever used a flexible nib fountain pen. Thank you @kenro_official and @thenibsmith! Follow the link in my profile.

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