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Trina O'Gorman  Helping you empower yourself through personal writing. --simple living|analog tools|empowerment -- According to my son, "all moms are part ninja."

I know from my own experience and years of research that personal writing can benefit a person's well being. But hearing from people who have taken my classes or subscribe to Write., who attest to the same thing, make my heart dance. Empowered people are better people and that just makes the world a better place.

You are never going to be able to get up and be your full self, if you're holding someone else responsible for your downfall. [Insights from the pages of my notebook.]

I've shared the four simple phrases of Ho'Oponopono before. They are so fitting for my MindMosaic. I invite you to try one, using these four phrases. I'd love to know what you think. --I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. --- Instructions are on my website under Writing Techniques.
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How many of you know what it's like when your creativity and productivity just explode all over all of the paper? Better out than in. That could be me! 😳Don't let perfection stand in the way of creation. Look at the world. It's a mess, but it's a magnificent mess.

Beginning in August, as a subscriber of Write., our daily newsletter, you will have access to previously published writing prompts and techniques, for your future reference. You will also receive occasional discounts on some of our favorite products! I'm constantly looking for more ways to enhance your personal writing journey and always open to hearing about your needs! Email or DM me.

Let me start over and rephrase/reframe my thinking. I am committed to trying to help individuals find ways to use personal writing to enhance their own lives, pursue their dreams, work out their problems. No brush pens, washi tape, or pretty layouts are required. My notebook and pen are so aesthetically pleasing to me. They are beautiful analogue tools for personal growth.

Collect questions. Hundreds of them. If you want to broaden your scope, increase your awareness, grow, feel alive and inspired, I suggest asking questions. In big ways. Be curious. Challenging a bit of my story today and feeling peaceful with a simplified notebook.

You cannot let someone else write your story. When someone tries to add a line to your story, and you don't like it, it's time to change it. Rewrite. And you can do that because it's YOUR story.

Today is a day of divergent thing. First, I explored doubt and paper clips. This evening I am so excited and grateful that @thenibsmith sent an 70th Anniversary Aurora Flex 88 to me t try. So, keep an eye for a review and hopefully an interview with Dan Smith. I'm excited to learn more about fountain pens. As for leather cleaning and conditioning, I used @fiebing on my notebook and the result was yummy.

Contemplating the upside of doubt. It's been on my mind for days. That and my fascination with paper clips. These thoughts vie for equal time. I think both are quite useful and beneficial. What are your thoughts on doubt and paper clips? Happy weekend!

Started my work day off with a motivated personal training client at home. Had a great telephone session with an accountability coaching client. Spent hours writing and researching for upcoming newsletters. Trained more clients at the gym this evening. It has been a busy day of cheering people on in so many ways. I'm so grateful to be connected to so many wonderful people.

Is it just me or do we humans love building community? I've managed to connect with some really awesome people through Instagram. I've also been exposed to some great notebook-ish (my favorite things) things. Notebook refills by @soumkine in Paris that match my blue Aurora pen and olive Fourruof pouch. #matchymatchy I cannot wait to try these out.

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