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Antoinette Nicole  🔥ΣAN🧜🏻‍♀️ Proverbs 31:25 🌊 RAC💍

Status: engaged to my best friend @centurion_rick 💍 💕

Mom, did you clone yourself? No need for a DNA test. I am proven to be a successful cloning experiment!

Missing this girl right now, @talithasotto 💕 let me baby sit you so we will just eat and sleep! Btw, do we look good with freckles?

Throwback Thursday to when we were back in Cali and happy because we ate sushi 🍣 and the best photobomber award goes to mommy @rodriguezruby 😂 Btw, @centurion_rick yes, I miss you.

Channelling my inner Dua Lipa 😏 jkjk more like Edna Mode or Willy Wonka 😂
alright, cutting my hair was not in my plan but after being away from home for roughly 3 weeks (practicum) my hair dried out and was damaged 🤦🏻‍♀️ so ✂️✂️✂️ —————————————————————
Thank you, @mikhailhirang and @headwayverasalon Visit them at there Fairview Terraces, Tomas Morato, SM North Edsa and SM Mall of Asia 💋

Oh, he’s so stuck with me now 💍 (the only decent photo we took after the proposal lol!)

It has been 3 months and I know some of you are wondering why it took so long to announce it - to be honest, I have been itching to post it ever since it has happened! (I was told to wait 🙄) Anyway, I suppose the time is right. This guy @centurion_rick wanted to make sure I wasn’t gonna go anywhere and with that he locked it down with a proposal 💍 I absolutely said Y E S! C’mon why wouldn’t I want to spend the rest of my life with this guy? He’s already more than what I ask for 💕 yes, I know some of you will say “but you’re too young!” “you haven’t graduated college yet!” (don’t get me started on when our grandparents were getting married and pregnant at a young age but no one said anything about that) This is not going to happen right away haven’t you guys heard of a long engagement? Yeah that’s what we are doing and we are damn sure about it; we both made this mature decision. Clichè to say it but once you know you just know - We both want to spend the rest of our lives together but we both have to finish what we are doing now (graduate college for me and he has to finish his army contract.) This is a step I am taking with him - this is the beginning of forever. I couldn’t be any less than absolutely happy 😁 I loved calling him my boyfriend but I love to call him my fiancè even more 😘
P.S. before any of you start to put your two cents into this just remember it is MY LIFE and NOT YOURS (I am sorry to say that very frankly but some of you just don’t have filters and don’t know boundaries might as well be very straight forward with saying that) and with that I hope you guys will just be very happy for us, support us and pray that we stay together forever!!! ❤️

Whose birthday is it today? 🤔 - it’s this little hoe’s birthday! 🙋🏻‍♀️ here is to being 20!! Happy Birthday, Self! 💕

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! 💪🏻 thank you for everything! I love you! I’ll see you soon ❤️ Thank you for checking up on me while I am deployed for my practicum!

Look who finally got instagram back @centurion_rick 😏 He sent these to me over imessage. It’s really cute that even if he’s at the field he’ll still take selfies and send it to me (I send him really bad photos of myself like wacky ones but no he even looks good drinking water like wtf?!? 😠😠😠) But this will also be a National Bestfriend’s day post (Cali time) I never knew that this guy who I met at a party would become a special person in my life. I’ll always remember when we were introduced to each other right after that he asked me where I was from I said “Philippines” and you know what he said “Kinagagalak kitang makilala” then shook my hand again - seriously? I don’t even hear people say that anymore but this man right here did and I guess that was the start. Babe, I couldn’t ask for anyone else thank you for everything and the memes you send me which make me laugh so hard (I fart) - lol!!! But yes, thank you for coming into my life and I love you 😍

Keep your brow game strong 💪🏻 Thank you, @browhausmanila 💕 Oh! I finally tried on @glossier boy brow 😏 (lovin my bushy brow lewk) Thank you @bjpascual for the brow advice this brow lewk is dedicated to you ❤️

Up Next: Junior High! 🙌🏻 You did it Tumtum!! Ate is so proud of you! 💕 you know I am always be here to stand up for you and do your homeworks (when needed lol) but I am always here to help you! I am very happy to have watch you grow into such a big strong boy! (Yes, you are now my heigh stop growing please!!!!!!!! I already wearing heels in this photo... so yeah he’s taller than me!!!!)

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