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Antoinette Nicole  🔥ΣAN🧜🏻‍♀️ Proverbs 31:25 🌊 RAC💍

Gimme some sparkle ✨Thank you so much @flauntitqc💕 Now, my nails be lookin’ fiiiiine!!! you guys should visit them! 😍 the staff is super nice. I love them! I can’t wait to go back 💅🏻

21 years of keeping up with each others craziness. Thank you to the both of you for you guys have managed to create 2 of the coolest weirdo kids ever 👌🏻 😂 Happy Anniversary Parental Units @markino1029 @rodriguezruby ❣️

When you find a maxi skirt in your height 💁🏻‍♀️ Thank you, @hm @dancmejia @phylippines 🙌🏻
📸 by Ate Phyl; thank you for making me look like I’m tall here! 🤣

Hot Sauce 🔥 on my lips (that’s the shade of @sunniesface lipstick btw if it were really hot sauce idk if I would be able to even be the slightest bit of fierce in this photo 😂)
P.S: Don’t you guys think my brows look poppin? 🙌🏻 Thank you @browhausmanila 💚
P.P.S: I also don’t wear contacts anymore 🙏🏻 A huge thank you to @asianeyeinstitute for giving me my 20-20 vision back 😅
P.P.P.S: I really won’t get tired of showing my engagement ring 💍 deal with it.

This is the stranger I met at a party who was sitting on the table tops - he was sick that day but decided to go to the party. I remember what he was wearing his old beat up vans, H&M joggers, a beanie and the red vans hoodie he gave to me after a few months of us dating. His first words to me were “kinagagalak kitang makilala”(Iike woahhhhh, no one really says that now) he said he learned it from his Filipino friend back in basic training. It was a funny story how we met; only a few people really know the details to the story. But, it’s something I wouldn’t change.

I wasn’t really looking for anyone at that time. I was just going with the flow because that was the time I was going through a rough patch. Although, I am thankful for meeting him at that time. He was like a breath of fresh air - it was like the world was telling me “girl, you can start over you know” and I did. I started over with him.

Fast forward to now, here we are happily engaged for 6 months now. People were calling us a bit crazy for getting engaged so young but we just always laughed at it. To us, it wasn’t a big deal because once you find that right person to be with - just go for it and he did. Funny because when we started dating first thing he said when we officially had labels was “Girl, I am going to marry you!!!” I thought he was joking but damn, he wasn’t joking. It’s been 6 months now since he put a ring on it and I haven’t been happier since. 💕 I love you, babe! Even if you roast me and call me names. Thank you for everthing and also the memes you send 😘😀

So good news guys there’s already #hmplus! And yes, my momma @rodriguezruby is rocking the h&m plus size style! ❤️❤️ and there I am playing dress up at the H&M showroom! A big thank you to @phylippines and @dancmejia for letting my mom and I (mostly me) run around the showroom and try almost everything on 😂

💋 #maineformac (P.S. I am not putting the lipstick up my nose....... although I mean... not a bad Idea 😂)
📸 @adashofjamie

Damn, I miss my long hair 💇🏻‍♀️ (hair please grow faster 😭) let’s be real its not the hair I actually miss - it’s him 💕

Gurl, give them the side eye with the one raised eyebrow plus that little smirk (this lets them now you about to judge em’ so hard) 😏 oh and make sure your watch is on point too 🤙🏻
#digitaldaze @nixoncommune

You can never go wrong with a Nixon watch 👌🏻 #digitaldaze @nixoncommune

Status: engaged to my best friend @centurion_rick 💍 💕

Mom, did you clone yourself? No need for a DNA test. I am proven to be a successful cloning experiment!

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