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Nicole Cabrera  💕Taliana’s mom 🌺Chamorrita 🌴Tinian🇲🇵 🇺🇸HI✈️OK✈️TX 👩🏽‍🎓BA Child&Family Development 🎓MA Human Relations 👩🏽‍💻 Doctoral Student ⭕️Uni of Oklahoma Alumni


Feeling cute, will delete later. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Did you know the DOD Breeding Program looks for foster families for energetic Belgian Malinois puppies before they train to become a MWD? (Puppies between 6 weeks to 7 months). If you’re within 2 hrs of San Antonio & want to foster a future hero email you gotta give them back y’all. Lol. The program does provide you w/ dog food, vet care, equipment, toys, & training while you’re fostering a puppy.
PSA - I share this because I know very few people know about this program... personally, I couldn’t do it because I would flee the country w/ one i fostered lol. This is 6-week old Xxion btw & she’s already got a strong bite. 🐶 ♥️😍 #usaf #mwd #militaryworkingdog #military #vet #mansbestfriend #airforce


Swipe left ◀️◀️◀️ Tinian 🏝🌺 sunsets on the beach, listening to the waves were my fave ❤️ #marianasstrong #tinian #home #sunset #beautiful #northernmarianasislands #southpacificislands #pacificocean #love #vacation #beautifuldestination #nofilterneeded #pickuptherocks @tionabun 😂

Swipe left to see more pictures with my gorgeous BFF. ◀️◀️◀️ We were finally able to have a reunion & celebrate becoming Master Sergeants together in July. This friendship was established in 1994 (since 19tinkaki) & you best believe we WILL be the old ladies fighting about dumb shit 40 years from now. PS. Thank you @jonesy0404 for answering your nations call & falling off the cruise 😊☺️😆 #bffgoals #bff #military #fitgirls #bestfriend #bff #islandgirls #chamorritas #chamorro #chamoru #usaf #airforce #topthree #snco #vet #veterans #dontbecreepy #youWILLbeblocked

Swipe left ◀️◀️◀️ I seriously could not have been with a better group of girls on this cruise! The military has an amazing way of bringing people together & establishing lifelong friendships. Can’t wait for a girls trip & another cruise with y’all in 2019. PS, yes were all in the #USAF @tionabun @mrsbarnshaw @cheley0324 @knockyolitesout

🗣🗣🗣 Long Post Alert
I wanted to share my promotion journey because I know a vast majority of people who do test for the next rank typically disagree w/ how the promotion strats are distributed. Last year I tested for MSgt, for the first time w/ a “Promote” rating. When I signed my EPR a few weeks before the testing cycle began, I was actually pretty surprised at my rating & let it get the best of me. I felt discouraged and this affected how much time I put into studying as a first time-tester. Always being told I’m young. No stratification. I checked all the boxes but it wasn’t enough. The truth is, the Air Force is still working to get things right, we will never be perfect. One thing I did learn, through this process was not to discredit the individuals my leadership felt were more competent to be a SNCO just because I know I did push myself to be a good leader.
I didn’t study like I needed to because in my heart I genuinely believed I wouldn’t make it. When my leadership at Tinker gave me a certificate with MY line number on it, I didn’t believe it. What I genuinely learned is leadership, sustained superior performance & progression will get you promoted. Continue to be a leader. Don’t be so salty you didn’t get stratted that you don’t put forth the effort to study. Don’t discredit those who were stratted by your leadership. You’re on the same playing field as 85% of those you test against. You got this. #bossbabe #usaf #military #airforce #womenwhoserve #moneymoves #cmoneygettinmoney #lol #topthree #E7 #MSgt #mastersergeant

Our friendship has 3 levels.
1. Light Bullying
2. Inappropriate Humor
3. Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty (in my Kendrick Lamar voice)

So glad my hoodrat flew in to see me for a few days! #girlsweekend #friendshipisforever #usaf #veterans #airforce #officer #enlisted #military #shesmyfavebutterbar #funtimes #quayxdesi #quayaustralia #makeuplovers #chamorrita #islandgirl #shecaucasian 😂

I turned 3-0 this year. I’m getting old 😩😩😩. I was messing w/ my BFF explaining how I would get balloons & take a picture looking at the ground since that’s a thing now & she actually got me my balloons, so why not? Lol. (I just couldn’t get myself to look like I’m looking for something that fell lol) 29 was a year filled w/ accomplishments, painful experiences, & changes in my life I didn’t necessarily want to make. I pray this year I have more good lessons learned than bad. ❤️🍾🎉🎁🛍 #dirty30 #imold #fitmom #fitgirl #usaf #airforce #fitmilitarywomen #supportmilitarymuscle #chamorrita #islandgirl #blessed #legs #igfitness #cutmyhairoff #brunette #military

This year has been one with many ups & downs for me but obtaining my degree through an amazing university has been one of the biggest accomplishments for me. 👩🏽‍🎓🎓🎉 Dedicating many weekends (20 to be exact) was definitely stressful. This ones for my for my favorite mini person in the world, Taliana. ❤️ She's sacrificed much time away from me but I always come home to a sweet little girl. When people ask me for advice or how I do it, my answer is & always will be is to "remember why you started", with any goal you set. I'm not some highly intellectual person with some crazy IQ, this degree came from just dedicating myself to the grind. #usaf #universityofoklahoma #boomersooner #veteran #collegemom #workhardplayharder #militarymuscle #airforce #airforcefresh #oualumni #humanrelations #mastersdegree #motivation

"My wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to.
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small, you never need to carry more than you can hold & while you're out there getting where you're getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you & wants the same things too yeah this is my wish." ❤️-Rascal Flats

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