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  “Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” — Theodore Roosevelt #NINFONETWORK

Astronaut’s DNA no longer matches his identical twin #FACTS MAR. 15, 2018. #Astronaut #ScottKelly had an #identical #twin brother when he ventured into #space and set the record for most consecutive days spent in #orbit but not anymore.

In a groundbreaking new study, #NASA #scientists found that Kelly’s #DNA had been altered upon his return to earth — with 7 percent of his genes experiencing an “unexpected change,” according to the agency.

Research teams from around the country had been analyzing the #NewJersey native’s condition and genetic makeup following his year-long stay aboard the #InternationalSpaceStation as part of NASA’s “Twins Study.” Kelly said on Twitter that he didn’t find out about the results until he saw media reports this week about the DNA change. “What? My DNA changed by 7%! Who knew?” he tweeted. “I just learned about it in this article. This could be good news! I no longer have to call @ShuttleCDRKelly my identical twin brother anymore.” According to NASA, Kelly’s 340 days in orbit may have ultimately activated what scientists describe as “space genes.” “This is thought to be from the stresses of space travel, which can cause changes in a cell’s biological pathways and ejection of DNA and RNA,” the agency said. “Such actions can trigger the assembly of new molecules, like a fat or protein, cellular degradation; and can turn genes on and off, which change cellular function.” Researchers said the long-term changes were related to Kelly’s immune system, DNA repair, bone formation networks, hypoxia and hypercapnia. #NINFONETWORK #FOODNINFO #BUZZFEED #HUFFPOSTGRAM #NYC #LA #LONDON #DAILYMAIL #USWEEKLY #VANITYFAIR #PEOPLE #OMAGAZINE #SPACEX #TESLA #FUTURISM #STARWARS #STARTREK #MARS

Elon Musk: Flights to Mars will start in 2019 #FACTS MAR. 11, 2018. #ElonMusk announced Sunday plans for his #Mars #spaceship to be ready for trips to the red #planet by early-to-mid 2019, according to #news reports. “We are building the first Mars, or interplanetary ship, and I think well [s.i.c.] be able to [do] short trips, flights by first half of next year,” the #SpaceX and #Tesla founder said during a question-and-answer portion of an appearance at the #SouthbySouthwest #festival according to #CNBC “Although sometimes, my timelines are a little, you know…” the #billionaire added.

#Musk first announced his plans in September to send at least two cargo #vehicles to Mars by 2022, with the goal of finding a source of water and ultimately establishing a human settlement.

The first cargo ships would bring basic needs to build the infrastructure necessary for future missions.

Musk told his crowd at the annual conference in #Austin Texas, that once the infrastructure is set on the red planet, “then really the explosion of entrepreneurial opportunity [will begin], because Mars will need everything from iron foundries to #pizza joints.” He teased one Twitter user before the show that his free ticket to see the billionaire exec would be “worth every penny” and indulged his audience with jokes and answers to unrelated questions, such as who inspires him — #FredAstaire and Kanye West. #NINFONETWORK #FOODNINFO #BUZZFEED #HUFFPOSTGRAM #FOODNETWORK #FOODANDWINE #LEFOODING #NYC #LAEATS #LONDON #DAILYMAIL #USWEEKLY #OKMAGAZINE #TMZ #SUPERCAR

Costco’s $6,000 Doomsday Food Kit Only Gets Your Family Through Year One of the Apocalypse #FACTS MAR. 10, 2018. Of course you like 30-count variety packs of #SunChips and four-pound-sized #tuna cans, but as a #Costco member, how truly committed are you to the concept of bulk purchases? If your answer isn’t “I’m willing to spend $5,999.99 on a #Nutristore 1-Year Premium #FoodKit so my family of four can survive the apocalypse,” then maybe you should ask yourself why you even pay that $60 annual membership fee.

These #megapacks are now on sale at Costco’s website, alongside less intense offerings. (For all you bachelor survivalists out there, a one-year kit for a single person will set you back just $999.99). The family-sized option’s used-compact-car price tag is actually quite reasonable, if you just investigate the kit’s contents without stopping to think about how it’s an absurd amount of food for an even absurd-er fear: The kit contains 600 cans that pack “over 36,000 total servings” for you and whoever you want to hang out with once the #EndTimes or the #zombies finally comes. (The kit can, if everybody wants 2,000 calories a day, feed four people for 12 months, eight for six months, or 16 for a meager three.) Your crew gets to select from several dozen #ingredients — rice, elbow macaroni, freeze-dried green beans, dehydrated apples, #beef and #chicken flavored #tofu plus a product alarmingly labeled “butter powder.” The best-preserved of these products expire in 30 years, so buying the kit honestly suggests a pretty glass-half-empty view of civilization.
The kit is delivered as two pallets of boxes that together weigh 1,800 pounds. To keep neighbors in the dark, Costco promises everything is “packaged discreetly.” So the reckless Griswolds next door may die of starvation, but your family can relax “knowing you have the essential foods your family will need to survive an emergency or natural disaster!” That’s even better, because you won’t have to fight over territory.

It seems Costco may have blown the marketing angle on this one. It’s sold under the website’s “Emergency Food by the Pallet” section #FOODNINFO #NINFONETWORK #BUZZFEED #HUFFPOSTGRAM

Mario invades Google Maps to help you avoid bananas while driving #FACTS MAR. 10, 2018. Google is celebrating #MarioDay (March 10th, MAR10) in style this year. #Nintendo and #Google have partnered up to bring #Mario to #GoogleMaps on #iOS or Android. #MarioTime as Google calls it, will be available in the latest Google Maps mobile apps starting today. A new yellow “?” icon will appear next to destinations, which will enable Mario to become the navigation arrow in his #kart and accompany you along your commute.

There won’t be any red shell throwing or bananas along the route, so if you’re leading the pack then you don’t need to worry about a surprise spiny shell at all. Mario will be available as a simple position marker across Google Maps worldwide for a week. There’s even a hidden #Easteregg if you tap the “?” icon 100 times you’ll hear a 1-UP sound just like in Nintendo’s games.

While you might usually expect to see this type of stunt on April Fools’ Day, this isn’t the first time Google has customized the appearance of Google Maps. Google transformed its Maps position marker into either a TIE fighter or an X-Wing back in 2015 to celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Google Maps also morphed into Ms. #PacMan for April Fools’ Day last year. #NINFONETWORK #FOODNINFO #BUZZFEED #HUFFPOSTGRAM #NYC #LA #ZELDA #LONDON #DAILYMAIL #USWEEKLY #OKMAGAZINE #PS4 #FIFA #CALLOFDUTY #SONIC #PCGAMING #GAMEINFORMER

These secret Netflix codes unlock hidden show and #movie categories #FACTS MAR. 10, 2018. The recommended content on your #Netflix account comes from a complicated algorithm analysing your viewing history.

And unless you are sharing your profile with your roommates, most of the content is pretty suited to your personal taste.

But, sometimes after endlessly scrolling through Netflix, you find yourself no closer to making a selection from the recommended content.

This is where a collection of “secret codes” will be a godsend.

By making a small tweak to the Netflix URL, you will be able to unlock hyper-specific genres such as religious documentaries or cerebral French-language dramas from the 1960s.

To manually explore categories usually hidden by the streaming service, you will need to enter the following URL: http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/INSERTNUMBER

Then, simply replace the “INSERTNUMBER” component of the URL with one of the codes needed to access the alternative genres.


1365 = Action & #Adventure

77232 = #Asian Action Movies

46576 = #Classic Action & Adventure

43040 = Action #Comedies

43048 = Action Thrillers

8985 = Martial Arts Movies

2125 = Military Action & Adventure

7442 = Adventures

10118 = Comic Book and Superhero Movies

7700 = Westerns

10702 = Spy Action & Adventure

9584 = Crime Action & Adventure

11828 = Foreign Action & Adventure


6548 = Comedies

869 = Dark Comedies

4426 = Foreign Comedies

1402 = Late Night Comedies

26 = Mockumentaries

2700 = Political Comedies

9702 = Screwball Comedies

5286 = Sports Comedies

11559 = Stand-up Comedy

3519 = Teen Comedies

4922 = Satires

5475 = Romantic Comedies

10256 = Slapstick Comedies


7627 = Cult Movies

8195 = B-Horror Movies

1252 = Campy Movies

10944 = Cult Horror Movies

4734 = Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy

9434 = Cult Comedies

4195 = Independent Comedies


6839 = Documentaries

3652 = Biographical Documentaries

9875 = Crime Documentaries

5161 = Foreign Documentaries

5349 = Historical Documentaries

4006 = Military Documentaries

180 = Sports #Documentaries

90361 = Music & Concert Documentaries

1159 = Travel & Adventure

‘Uber for dogs’ app has lost 3 NYC pooches in a month #FACTS MAR. 10, 2018. It’s man’s worst friend.

Wag, the app known as “the #Uber of dog-walking,” has lost not one but three #NewYork #pooches in the last month alone, disgruntled customers revealed Friday — a day after the story of Norman was published, a #Chihuahua who went out with one of the company’s walkers on the #UpperEastSide last week and hasn’t been seen since. “I’m in shock — I can’t believe it’s three dogs in one month!” said Norman’s owner, #NicoleDiCarlo “We need to tell the people that are still using [ #Wag ].” In addition to Norman, Brooklyn cane corso Nash and Midtown Chihuahua-dachshund Freddie also gave their Wag walkers the slip in recent weeks — but were found alive later on.

Nash’s owner says he booked a walker from the service on Feb. 4 while he was in #Philadelphia hosting a #SuperBowl party — but he had to hightail it back to East #Flatbush when the walker dropped the leash while picking up the 140-pound pooch’s poop and the dog made a run for it. “My mother went out looking for Nash, and when she found the walker he’s like, ‘Oh I dropped the leash’ — that’s the one thing you shouldn’t do!” said Tim Taylor, 27.

Wag says it mounted a big search effort — including posting fliers, coordinating search parties, manning a tip line and offering a $5,000 reward.

Nash was eventually spotted by locals almost two weeks later — and 50 pounds lighter, according to Taylor. But while Wag was helpful in tracking him down, it should never have gotten to that point, Taylor says. “While I was blessed to get Nash back, others won’t have the same fate,” he said.

Ten days later, Freddie slipped out of his collar while out with a Wag walker at East 34th Street and Park Avenue. “The dog walker from the company Wag was walking him, and he got out of his collar,” the owner said in a video for lost-dog listing service #FindShadow


The Chef Who Carves Traditional Patterns Into Fruits and Vegetables #FACTS MAR. 9, 2018. #Fruits and #vegetables can be beautiful. Ask any artist who’s painted a still life. But for #Japanese chef #TakehiroKishimoto produce is his canvas and a knife is his paintbrush.

On his extremely popular Instagram account, #Kishimoto #carves everything from #radishes to #avocados Some he turns into elegant flowers such as #carrot peonies or #chestnut roses. On occasion, he sketches popular anime characters into #eggplants and apples. Other times, he etches geometric pattens into cross-sections of avocados and #broccoli stalks.

Kishimoto, who is from the city of Kobe in southern #Japan started carving a little more than three years ago, and began posting his work on Instagram in mid-2016. At first, he says, he carved simple shapes, but eventually graduated to more difficult designs. He uses a sharp, thin knife, and the time each fruit or vegetable takes varies. For broccoli, it’s about an hour. Softer avocados takes two hours, while apples take three.

Many of Kishimoto’s designs are inspired by traditional Japanese patterns. Typically, such patterns are woven into cloth or embroidered, and can convey meanings and connotations. One, called bishamon tortoise, consists of upside-down Y shapes. Kishimoto carved that into an avocado. Another variation on bishamon, called kumikikkou, he carved into a papaya. Both are based on the patterns of a tortoise shell. They symbolize longevity and were used on warriors’ clothes. Another, maze-like design he has etched into broccoli and #cauliflower is called sayagata. Sayagata has roots in ancient Buddhist art, and it originally came to Japan on #Chinese fabrics hundreds of years ago. Why did Kishimoto choose these traditional patterns? The answer is simple: He thinks they’re cool. #NINFONETWORK #FOODNINFO #BUZZFEED #HUFFPOSTGRAM #EATER #TRUECOOKS #FOODNETWORK #FOODANDWINE #LEFOODING #UGLYDELICIOUS #NETFLIX #BONAPPETIT

Amazon launches a low-cost version of Prime for Medicaid recipients #FACTS MAR. 7, 2018. #Amazon announced this morning it will offer a low-cost version of its #Prime #membership program to qualifying recipients of #Medicaid The program will bring the cost of Prime down from the usual $12.99 per month to about half that, at $5.99 per month, while still offering the full range of Prime perks, including free, two-day shipping on millions of products, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Photos, Prime Reading, Prime Now, Audible Channels, and more.

The new program is an expansion on Amazon’s discounted Prime service for customers on government assistance, launched in June 2017. For the same price of $5.99 per month, Amazon offers Prime memberships to any U.S. customer with a valid #EBT card – the card that’s used to disburse funds for assistance programs like Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program ( #SNAP ), and Women, Infants, and Children Nutrition Program ( #WIC ). Now that same benefit is arriving for recipients of Medicaid, the public assistance program providing medical coverage to low-income Americans. To qualify for the discount, customers must have a valid EBT or Medicaid card, the retailer says.

For low-income customers, online stores can sometimes have the best prices, compared with local retailers, allowing them to save on everyday needs. In addition, driving to and from a store isn’t always easy, either – especially because some low-income shoppers don’t have regular (or any) access to a vehicle.

Plus, Prime includes an up to 20 percent discount on wipes and diapers, which can help low-income families with babies save.

Shortly after Amazon announced its low-cost Prime membership for government assistance recipients last year, Walmart followed suit by announcing that customers with #EBTcards could use its Online Grocery Pickup service. It will be interesting to now how #Walmart will respond to today’s news, given the rivals’ tit-for-tat war. #NINFONETWORK #FOODNINFO #BUZZFEED #HUFFPOSTGRAM #NYC #LA #FOODSTAMPS #LONDON #DAILYMAIL #VANITYFAIR #COSMOPOLITAN #

Video shows Syrian boy freed from rubble after airstrikes #FACTS MAR. 7, 2018. Dramatic video shows #Syrian rescuers struggling to pull a #boy out from under #rubble after planes #bombed #easternGhouta

After a few tense moments, the dust-covered youngster is freed from the debris in the #cityofErbin

Meanwhile, #Syriangovernment forces pounded a #rebel enclave with #airstrikes on Wednesday as they intensified a campaign to deal the opposition its biggest defeat since 2016, #Reuters reported.

The Syrian government attack on the densely populated area on the outskirts of #Damascus has become one of the fiercest campaigns of the #war now entering its eighth year.

The Syrian Observatory for #Human Rights monitoring group said 800 civilians have been killed by government bombing and shelling.

Live footage broadcast by state TV from the outskirts of the town of #Mesraba showed giant clouds of smoke rising into the sky as the sounds of explosions and jets reverberated overhead.

#TheWhiteHouse has accused #Russia — whose warplanes have taken part in operations in eastern Ghouta — of complicity in the killing of civilians there.

The #UNSecurityCouncil has called for a 30-day cease-fire, but Moscow and Damascus have not stopped the campaign, arguing that the fighters they are striking are members of banned terrorist groups unprotected by the truce. #NINFONETWORK #FOODNINFO #BUZZFEED #HUFFPOSTGRAM #NYC #LA #BBC #DAILYMAIL #LATIMES #VICENEWS #BREAKINGNEWS

Rain kicks off NYC morning commute as nor'easter grounds hundreds of flights #FACTS MAR. 7, 2018. A #blizzard that slammed through the Midwest on Monday was expected to batter #NewEngland and states to the south with rain, snow and wind. More than 50 million people live in areas under a #stormwatch or warning with some areas bracing for up to 18 inches of #snow before the storm winds down late Thursday.

The heavy, wet snow combined with strong winds jeopardized power for millions of homes and businesses.
"Mother nature's March madness continues as another #noreaster ... will make travel dangerous," said #NewYorkCity Emergency Management Commissioner #JosephEsposito Esposito urged #NewYorkers to stay at home or opt for public transportation — and to stay off the roads.

#NewYork Gov. #AndrewCuomo issued a travel advisory for much of the state, banning tractor trailers on some roads. Some areas around #NYC were bracing for up to 16 inches of snow. "It's only going to get worse from here on out," #AccuWeather #meteorologist #MikeLeseney said, adding that the evening commute "is going to be a lot worse." New Jersey Gov. #PhilMurphy and #Pennsylvania Gov. #TomWolf declared emergencies in advance of the weather.

In parts of #Delaware a rain-snow mix began intensifying as the morning wore on. By noon, the precipitation was expected to change to all snow and could reach one in an hour for several hours, according to AccuWeather.

#Amtrak canceled some trains along its busy Northeast Corridor. Some commuter rails in the region also were affected.
More than 2,100 #flights had been canceled for Wednesday and even a few Thursday as airlines struggled with schedules. More than 540 flights – 275 departures and 268 arrivals – had been canceled at #Newark Liberty alone early Wednesday. #FlightAware calculated that represented more than 40% of all flights there Wednesday.
Similar problems were reported at #JFK and #LaGuardia were more than a third of Wednesday’s flights had already been canceled About 20% of the entire day’s schedule had been grounded at other airports, including Boston #Philadelphia #Burlington, Vt., and #Manchester N.H. #NINFONETWORK #FOODNINFO

Bar gunman who yelled ‘Get out of my country’ pleads guilty to murder #FACTS MAR. 7, 2018. The #Kansas man who yelled “Get out of my country” before pumping bullets into two #Indian #engineers has pleaded guilty to murder.

#AdamPurinton 52, faces life in prison for opening fire in #AustinsBarandGrill in #Olathe Kansas, on Feb. 22, 2017 — killing a man who’d stopped in to enjoy some after-work drinks with a friend.

Prosecutors said Purinton verbally harassed Srinivas Kuchibhotla and his chum Alok Madasani, both 32-year-olds who had come to the US as students and worked at nearby #GPS maker #Garmin
Purinton was kicked out of the bar for the derogatory comments but returned a short time later with a 9mm to unleash a fusillade that killed Kuchibhotla and wounded his friend.

Another man, Ian Grillot, 24, was shot in the hand and chest when he tried to intervene.

The survivors of the attack were not in the courtroom Tuesday, as the #Navy #veteran entered his guilty plea, the #KansasCityStar reported.

Kuchibhotla’s widow was not at the hearing either but issued a statement saying she hoped the guilty plea would “send a strong message that hate is never acceptable.” “We must understand and love one another,” #SunayanaDumala said.

Around the time of the murder, officials in #India expressed concerns about their citizens’ safety in the US.

Madasani told detectives the gunman had asked the men if their “status was legal” and witnesses said he yelled “Get out of my country” before opening fire.

After the shooting, Purinton drove 70 miles to an #Applebees in #Missouri where he boasted about the killings to a bartender, who called the cops. #NINFONETWORK #FOODNINFO #BUZZFEED #HUFFPOSTGRAM #OMAGAZINE #LATIME #NYC #POLITICO #OKMAGAZINE #VANITYFAIR #LONDON #DAILYMAIL

Coca-Cola to make alcoholic drink after more than 130 years #FACTS MAR. 7, 2017. After more than 130 years, #beverage giant #CocaCola has been driven to drink.

The global soft drinks company will soon add a product that is a little bit harder for customers in #Japan and develop a type of beverage where the #alcohol content normally ranges up to 8%. #JorgeGarduño president of the company’s operations on the #Asian archipelago, made the announcement in an interview on the company’s website, and said it would be modeled off of #Chuhi drinks.

The drink is a #carbonated mix made with the spirit #shochu though it is not clear whether the new version will taste like #Coke or a more local flavor.

Sometimes classed along with “alcopops” such as Mike’s Hard Lemonade or #Smirnoff Ice, Chu-hi drinks normally have an alcohol content similar to #beer between 3% and 8%. #NINFONETWORK #FOODNINFO #COCACOLA #BUZZFEED #HUFFPOSTGRAM #EATER #TRUECOOKS #BONAPPETIT #FOODANDWINE #FOODNETWORK #LEFOODING #NYC #LAEATS #EATERDENVER #NYCEATS #MANHATTAN

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