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Nineveh Press  Nineveh Press publishes new books and reprints old and rare books and periodicals concerning Assyrian language, literature, history and culture.


The editor and publisher of Nineveh Press about recent books published by Nineveh Press.
The interview is in Western Assyrian and it was made by Assyria TV's Dikran Ego. #assyrian #assyrians #interview #books #publishing @assyriatv

New book (reprint) published today by Nineveh Press: 'The Imitation of Christ', by Thomas à Kempis and translated into Eastern Assyrian by Paul Bedjan.
We are very grateful for the generous support of Per Hägglund who bought the original book for this reprint.
Get your copy today at: www.ninevehpress.com
Save 20% on your purchase. Use promo code TWENTY18 at checkout. Offer expires Feb 15! @ninevehpress #assyrian #assyrians #assyria #books #reprint #literature #kempis #bedjan #assyrianlanguage #religion #christianity #spirituality

[English below]
@assyriatv intervju med författaren Svante Lundgren om sin senaste bok "Assyrierna femtio år i Sverige", Nineveh Press, 2017.
Assyria TV interview with author Svante Lundgren about his latest book "Assyrians fifty years in Sweden", Nineveh Press, 2017. #interview #assyrians #books

[English below]
Första bokrecensionen av 'Assyrierna femtio år i Sverige' av Svante Lundgren. Boken är recenserad av Nemrod Barkarmo. Läs artikeln på Hujada.com
First book review of 'Assyrians fifty years in Sweden' by Svante Lundgren. The book has been reviewed by Nemrod Barkarmo. Read the article on Hujada.com #assyrian #books #sweden #integration #migration #bookreview

An article by Max J. Joseph on a letter from Dr. Abraham K. Yoosuf to the Assyrian Patriarch, Elias Shaker III. The collected writings of Dr. Abraham K. Yoosuf have recently been published by @ninevehpress . #assyrian #assyrianchurch #history #books #assyria

Some great photos of our newly published book 'Assyrierna femtio år i Sverige', by Svante Lundgren.
Get your copy of the book here:
ninevehpress.com. Design by @tbaform
#books #assyrians #history #literature

[English below]
Författarintervju med Svante Lundgren med anledning av hans nya bok "Assyrierna femtio år i Sverige", utgiven av Nineveh Press.
Author interview with Svante Lundgren on the occasion of his new book "Assyrians fifty years in Sweden", published by @ninevehpress #assyrier #integration #migration #flyktingar #invandrare #sverige #fotboll #företagande #föreningsliv

We are very grateful for the fine deed of the Assyrian American Cultural Organization of Arizona for purchasing 10 copies of our book ”A Collection of Writings on Assyrians”, by David B. Perley, for distribution to university libraries in the state of Arizona and other major public libraries. Thank you very much Assyrian American Cultural Organization of Arizona and keep up the good work!

#Assyrians #Books #History @ninevehpress

[English below]
Ny bok av Svante Lundgren publicerad idag: ”Assyrierna femtio år i Sverige”
Våren 1967 kom den första gruppen assyrier till Sverige. Under de femtio år som gått sedan dess har assyrierna utvecklats till att idag utgöra en av de största invandrargrupperna i landet. Många av dem är födda i Sverige och helt integrerade här. Andra har kommit nyligen på grund av den fortsatta förföljelse de får utstå i sina hemländer.
I den här historiken beskrivs hur assyrierna anlände till Sverige, hur de etablerade kyrkor och föreningar här, hur debatten gick livlig om deras rätt att få stanna i landet, hur de har gjort sig gällande som företagare och inom fotbollen samt om hur deras relationer till det omkringliggande samhället har förändrats. Vi får höra olika röster berätta om erfarenheterna av att leva i det svenska samhället.
Svante Lundgren är forskare vid Centrum för Mellanösternstudier vid Lunds universitet.
Boken går att beställa här: https://www.ninevehpress.com/…/assyrierna-femtio-ar-i-sver…/
New Book by Svante Lundgren published today: The Assyrians Fifty Years in Sweden
In the spring of 1967 the first group of Assyrians came to Sweden. During the fifty years since then, the Assyrians have evolved into today being one of the largest immigrant groups in the country. Many of them are born in Sweden and fully integrated here. Others have come recently because of the continued persecution they suffer in their homelands.
This book describes how the Assyrians arrived in Sweden, how they established churches and associations here, how the debate went lively about their right to stay in the country, how they achieved as entrepreneurs and in football, and how their relationships with the surrounding society has changed. We hear different voices tell us about the experiences of living in the Swedish society.

Svante Lundgren is a researcher at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University.

This book is in Swedish.
#assyrier #historia #bok #sverige #integration #litteratur @ninevehpress

40% Off All Books! Use code CYBER40.Offer Expires Nov 30. Shop now at www.ninevehpress.com #Books #assyrian #Assyrians #literature #cybermonday #Assyria @ninevehpress

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You can now download our latest catalog (August 2016 – September 2017) from our website, www.ninevehpress.com. You can click on the links provided within the document (PDF) to access the pages for each book and add them to your cart.
Click the link in the comments below to download the catalog.
#Assyrians #Books #History #Religion #Mesopotamia #Assyria#Literature #MiddleEast @ninevehpress

A #quote from the book 'Assyria and the Paris Peace Conference', by Dr. Abraham K. Yoosuf.
Get a copy of the book from: www.ninevehpress.com
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#assyrians #assyria #ninevehpress #books @ninevehpress

A #quote from the book 'Assyria and the Paris Peace Conference', by Dr. Abraham K. Yoosuf.
Get a copy of the book from: www.ninevehpress.com
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A #quote by Dr. Abraham K. Yoosuf, from his newly published book. Get your copy of the book to read all of Dr. Abraham K. Yoosuf’s writings:
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Our author Augin Kurt Haninke presenting his new book 'The Heirs of Patriarch Shaker' at the second annual Assyrian Convention in Brussels, arranged by Assyrian Confederation of Europe, September 7–8.
You can purchase a copy of the book at the Assyrian Convention. If you are not attending the convention, you can purchase your copy from our website: www.ninevehpress.com. Save 10% on your order, plus Free Mail or 50% Off Ground Shipping. Use code BOOKSHIP17 at checkout (expires October 9).
#Assyrians #Assyria #History #Books #Mesopotamia @ninevehpress

A #quote by Dr. Abraham K. Yoosuf, from his newly published book. Get your copy of the book to read all of Dr. Abraham K. Yoosuf’s writings:
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#assyrians #assyria #ninevehpress #books @ninevehpress

Just published by Nineveh Press: 'The Journal of Sefro Suryoyo', in 5 volumes, June 1944 – December 1949. (Reprint)

Sefro Suryoyo was an Assyrian monthly publication published by the Syrian Orthodox Archdiocese of Aleppo, Syria. It began publication in June 1944 and ceased in December 1949. Its editors were Mansur Shilazi, Danho (Ghattas) Maqdesi Elias and Shukri Daraqji. The publication was in Arabic and Syriac and some of its contributors included Hanna Salman, Fawlos Gabriel, Danho Maqdesi Elias, Abdelmasih Qarabashi, Yuhanon Dolabani, Yuhanon Qashisho, Pawlos Bet Dara, Ishoq bar Armalto, Abrohom Gabriel Sawme, Bulus Behnam and Afrem Beth-Khuroyo. Most of the contributors lived in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq.
The scope of the journal covers history, poetry, philosophy, religion, literary criticism, education, healthcare, upbringing and news. The contributors themselves wrote most of the articles but some are also translations from English and French.
These Nineveh Press editions reproduce all issues in five volumes as facsimile reprints. The original issues used for these reprints come from the private collection of Danho Maqdesi Elias. The journal was later donated to Igreja Sirian Ortodoxa Santa Maria in São Paulo, Brazil. It was made available for reprint by Hanibal Romanos with the help of Peter Sowmy.

Purchase your copies today and save 10 % off + free mail or 50% off ground shipping (use code BOOKSHIP17, expires September 25) from www.lulu.com/spotlight/ninevehpress

#Assyrians #Books #History #Journal #Mesopotamia

Book release ‘The Heirs of Patriarch Shaker’
We would like to announce the release of our newly published book: ‘The Heirs of Patriarch Shaker’, by Augin Kurt Haninke.
The Heirs of Patriarch Shaker concerns Assyrian prelates who have opposed and damaged the Assyrian national identity over the last hundred years.
The author has examined rare documents and presents a unique study, focusing on four Syrian Orthodox patriarchs. The book starts with Patriarch Elias III Shaker, known as the Church leader who renounced any minority rights for his community.
In contrast to these religious leaders, we find the struggle of the secular Assyrian national movement, which endeavored to unite its divided nation in order to save it from assimilation and annihilation. The successor of Patriarch Shaker, Afrem I Barsom, became an enemy of Assyrian intellectuals and patriots such as Farid Elias Nozha and Hanna Abdelke. Today, Assyrian ecclesiastical leaders still interfere in politics, thus making it difficult for secular Assyrian political parties to operate effectively.
Augin Kurt Haninke is an Assyrian journalist and author.
The book can be purchased from www.lulu.com/spotlight/ninevehpress
Save 30% on your purchase. Use code SAVENOW30 through September 14th.
#Assyrians #Books #History #Assyria #Mesopotamia#SyrianOrthodoxChurch @ninevehpress

Three important books on the #Assyrianspublished by Nineveh Press:
1. A Collection of Writings on Assyrians, by Dr. David B. Perley
2. The Assyrians – From Nineveh to Södertälje, by Svante Lundgren
3. Assyria and the Paris Peace Conference, by Dr. Abraham K. Yoosuf
Interested to read these books? Get your copies from www.lulu.com/spotlight/ninevehpress
#assyrians #assyria #assyrian #books #literature #mesopotamia #history @ninevehpress

Some great photos of our newly published book 'Assyria and the Paris Peace Conference', by Dr. Abraham K. Yoosuf. Photos by @mattiasdiesel and @johandirforsphotography

A preview of the book 'Assyria and the Paris Peace Conference' by Dr. Abraham K. Yoosuf is now available on Google Books. #assyria #assyrian #books #history #mesopotamia @ninevehpress

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