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🖤; just need you and some sunsets

13/ 1.44 MEGABYTES

My dad reminded me a few weeks ago that I've been thru worse. It's been on my mind and the best motivation. #palmtreediary


I made a goal when I first started. At one point it was to get to blue belt as fast as I could. But as time passed and I got deeper into the groove, that goal changed. My colors will come in time. I trust my professor and coaches know when that time will be. .
My goal quickly changed to being able to show and share jiu jitsu. I watch kids class almost everyday and I look up to the coaches teaching along side our professor. I want to teach kids, I want to teach girlfriend's who are in need of some self-defense. I'm doing this for me, yes but I think the best part about BJJ is seeing the sparkle in other people's eyes when they finally get a technique down. .
And so the journey continues ⚡️
#trainwiththebest @purebredbjjguam

Miss you kiddo.

wavy @ boat basin

you glow different when you're doing better

FIRE STAR. #tiny

who would ever want to leave this? Guam's a shit hole if YOU make it a shit hole. Have a lil #gratitude 🌴.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: You don't have to be pretty like her, be pretty like you 🦋 Authenticity and originality overrules. Happy monday
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a little bite of heaven 👼🏼 #IYKYK #craving

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