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nina  don't just dream in your sleep. ≈

i'm so in the mood to pack my bags and go to italy for like five weeks

hi from new york! / watercolor + fineliner doodle of @thisislany


got my first two tattoos today and i'm so happy how they turned out! thank you so much @robindotwork !!! // first one is a lyrics from migraine by @twentyonepilots bc this song + the band mean so much to me. second tattoo is the word "ocean" in @pauljasonklein 's handwriting bc i love @thisislany a lot and i love the ocean, haha! / @twentyonepilots @tylerrjoseph @joshuadun @thisislany @pauljasonklein

#tb when stef and lin wore matching pants and shoes lol 👟

@wearetigress doodle. might add some lyrics later. make sure you check them out, they're music is amazing! ✍🏻 @wearetigress @katy_tigress @josh_tigress @tom_tigress @jack_tigress @sean_tigress


song suggestion: dope lemon - marinade 🍋🍋🍋

basel with @emily_durrant ☕️🎈

seriously can't wait for school to end and the summer.

looking sideways / 📷 by @mayakatinka

okay so i woke up today and turned on my phone and had like a billion messages and twitter notifications and i found out that @pauljasonklein posted about the fan book me and my friends made for LANY on his snapchat????? i'm so so happy oh my god. plus, paul also still has the drawing i gave him in zurich. i will never get over this, haha. thank you @pauljasonklein @jakecgoss @_lespriest @thisislany #LANY #book #wtfishappening

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