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happy valentine’s day 💗

#VanNeistat & I share a lot of memories and as of today I get to add to the list “walking past the Cy Twombly, the Andy Warhol + the Jasper Johns piece to get to the Van Neistat piece”

#TBT getting to play Adam Sandler’s mother in flashback in the funny AND heart warming #SandyWexler (watch on #Netflix!🗣shoutout @thepaulsado ). As The Editing Gods would have it, my stuff hit the cutting room floor but I’ll always have the happy memories and photographic evidence of looking like what I imagine my relatives must’ve looked like at my age.

Today is the day! @gddaycare is out on DVD & digital platforms! LOOK AT THESE LEGENDS. LOOK AT THIS CAST. I GOT TO SIT WITH THEM LET ALONE WORK WITH THEM?!? I mean...C’MON!!! @officialdannytrejo @renowilson1 @barrybostwick2612 @lindagray_ @thejuliaduffy @margaretshugavery the scene stealing @alecmapa @roxanaortegaofficial @anthonygonzalez_official #garretmorris #georgewendt #jameshong directed and written by @ronoliver @unistudios #granddaddydaycare (and a thank you to Vanguard/@mrspunkybreester for making this possible🌟)

New 🌙. New 💁🏻‍♀️.

Hollywood, California. 2019. #nowTHATSatiedye

Prayers of peace and healing for #JussieSmollett. We can not look away at what happened today. We can keep love in our hearts but we can not look away at what happened to him here in America in 2019. (If your social media feeds aren’t full of posts about him right now might I suggest following more accounts that support and give voice to the #LGBTQIA and Black communities✌🏼)

#JuliaRoberts invented #FauxBoomFriday and I’m not sure what’s taken me so long to make one. (Video & stifled laughter AT me not WITH me by @thesampancake) (ps: Have you watched #ProudOfUsSeries yet? Link in bio) #FBF #CinderBlockSectionals

At his retirement party I found out that during his 45 year career with the @uspto my Dad signed or oversaw the signing of over 4,000 patents as well as examined or oversaw the examination of over 40,000 patents. But possibly even more impressive was witnessing the outpouring of love and gratitude shown to him. Nearly 200 people showed up for his retirement party. I am forever grateful to all who shared their stories about my Dad and his generosity over the years. What a gift it was for our entire family to witness him through the eyes of so many who cherish him so deeply. Proud isn’t a big enough word for how we all feel. My Dad gave one helluva speech. It was all about service being the key to a successful career and the truth of that was evidenced by the incredible turnout at his party. Someone recently asked me if my Dad was my hero and I’d like to go on the record and say yes. Yes, he is.

•••• repost @circlegathering •••• A #FullMoon is an extremely powerful phase of the #LunarCycle providing a time for release in order to be primed for the new that is coming. A #BloodMoon is when the #Moon appears to have a reddish glow, quietly demanding
our attention and awe. A #LunarEclipse is when the Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow encouraging (often insisting) intimate changes of perception and therefore reality. All of this happens today. Powerful. •
Time spent today deliberately slowing down through our breath, opening ourselves to the natural cycles of death & rebirth and courageously facing the parts of ourselves that may lurk in the shadows for invaluable information is time well spent. •
A Lunar Eclipse also brings with it definitive endings - so remembering that endings deliver us to new beginnings is important to remember today. Conscious contact with what we would like to start anew is powerful co-creative energetic work. •
This is a #FullMoonInLeo meaning it carries with it energies of confidence, determination and loyalty. Using the qualities of a #LeoFullMoon to commit to our greatest unfoldment is fully supported during this time. We can fully commit to choosing our personal elevations. •
Add to all this that the January Full Moon is known in the Northern Hemisphere as The #WolfMoon. This was the time the wolves would begin their hungry howls. This primal expression reminds us NOW is our time. To face the Heavens and from our guts and soul call out confidently for what we need. •
There is power available within us, and all around us. Today may we harness for our hearts how to use this power to elevate ourselves and therefore the greater whole. •
#FullMoonAffirmation: With my chin up and heart open I accept the cycles of life knowing that with all endings come the thrill of new beginnings. I confidently say YES to my highest purpose.

My dad acting out a Lunar Eclipse while holding a bowl of popcorn on National Popcorn Day is <Italian Chef Kiss>.

Thank you, Mary Oliver.

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