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Yesterday this guy joined the 32 club. Welcome bubs! I love youuu #hbd🎂#sneakypicturetaker #happywife

Happy Valentines to this magical man. Love you nuggie!

This little girl makes me so happy!

So proud of this little lady! And you tranny @mikemiamirealtor but this photo is the bessssttt! Like Chris said. Who looks this happy at mile 12?!? #superwoman

Sweet friday nights with this little bunny. That face tho.

Take me back to Sunday when we were celebrating one of my favorite people in the whole world! Love you @jamienicole123

So powerful to see the #womensrights #movement all through my feed. Meanwhile all this guy can talk about is #crowdsize. Ummm your priorities are certainly not my priorities.... we are many, he is one. Keep speaking, keep fighting.

Oink oink. #littlepiggy

One year ago today.... our life changed. Today we remember and honor all of the magic you made Pman. We'll eat paella, drink prosecco from Treviso, and listen to the beautiful music you created. Still can't believe it. Still think you're here. Still miss you and forever will. Life's timing is something else. Love you Pman. This was always my favorite view, you in the kitchen making yummy things, then giving me chocolate while we talk about puppies.

To my Pompi.... thank you for so much. Thank you for helping my grandfather bring my mom to NY from Cuba. Thank you for stepping in when my abuelo passed when my mom was only 15, for supporting my abuela when she was a single mom, for the rides to the movies, the dances on your feet, and for being my abuelo since I never was able to meet my own. Hope you're having a great time reunited with Miti, Abby and abuelo Miguel. Love you Pomps