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Nina Cirkovic  @ucfzetataualpha ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

happy 21st birthday to my mom!! I'm so lucky to have someone with a heart as big as yours in my life!! I'm sorry for constantly giving you anxiety and always worrying about my well being🤤 I love you from theta chi(tbt) to buffalo wild wings and back and can't wait to end up on the plaza parking garage floor together❤️❤️ @sharonbehar

suns out tongues out !!

who's gonna eat crispy chicken snack wraps at 3am w me all summer :/ #dontleaveme

love to love ya

I fell asleep at 9 in nola so we had to go formal round 2

happy national sib day. love to love you ❤

love u mom ❤️

sry clearwater i'm never coming back

happy birthday to my kyoto eating,coke drinking little! here's to your ~lavish~ bday weekend,hotel floors,$65 dinners,and being extra every chance possible.i love you to the moon and back!!💘 (ps: u wouldn't be u if u weren't holding the 1 backwards)

MIA boiiiiiiii

last night i took an L but at least i didn't sleep on the balcony floor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

soo can i have a shirt?

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