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nina bagley  Among other wonders of our lives, we are alive with one another, we walk here in the light of this unlikely world that isn't ours for long. J Daniels

💚my mother has a very lucky patch 🍀in her little yard- she credits it to unicorn pee. these were found in five minutes, a few with six and seven leaves 😳
#lotsofluck #fourleafclover 💚🦄

i feel as if my sap is beginning to stir, and i'm slowly waking from a very long, deep sleep

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this opal seems (to me) to be a window into the soul. sometimes i swear these jewelry pieces rise up out of nowhere and create themselves into being, without a whole lot of help from me.... #ninabagleydesign #ninabagleyjewelry #opal #longingforsummer

sending love from #heartrockhill

always love
this fierce
sacred land

wishing you all a pleasant beginning to the week xo✨💛✨#bestcoffeecupever #heartrockhill #followthesun

"I hold this letter in my hand
A plea, a petition, a kind of prayer
I hope it does as I have planned...
Two hundred words. we live in hope
The sky hangs heavy with rain...." - Nick Cave, Love Letter
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full snow moon, #heartrockhill

finally back in the studio yesterday afternoon for a few happy hours
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when warm rain water meets overnight frigid high winds

the finished piece, with rubies, pearl, hand wrapped silver netting, and hand forged silver chain; sold. thanks to everyone who left such lovely comments earlier today xox

every voice, no matter how quiet or sequestered, deserves to be heard.
funny thing where a design's origins unfold: i found this thick old tumbled shard of glass at the river's edge a few years back, and noted that it was originally from the bottom of a Ball mason jar; only the raised script letters "all" remained, there in the upper right corner. i carried it absentmindedly home with me in a pocket, and the piece knocked about the house for months or years, until i further cut and filed and polished the edges into a distinct heart from its triangular shape. another couple of years passed, and here i am today, attaching the added words that i hammered into silver late last evening, after weaving a fine silver protective netting around the body of the heart...
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