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nina bagley ⚒  Among other wonders of our lives, we are alive with one another, we walk here in the light of this unlikely world that isn't ours for long. J Daniels


i battled with this piece off and on for a rainy day stretch of three days, meeting fail after fail with teeth clamped so hard that my jaw ached... until finally - yesterday evening, i WON. the freshly cut silver backing is from an old jewelry wholesale rectangle design that was hammered all the way back in 1999, and says "A Remarkable Journey". this is the first time that i have set two stones for one piece, and that tiny little antique mother of pearl button "moon" gave me no grief at all, much to my surprise. the druzy, on the other hand? Well. Anyway.
The birds were also from my old wholesale work, dating all the way back to 1991, and were squirreled away in a forgotten studio drawer all these years. i wanted to make a piece on the summer solstice that spoke of the beautiful surprise of a pink sunset i had seen the evening before, of summer gloaming in these beloved North Carolina mountains.
Amazing, how some things come back full circle. xo
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land becomes
love, becomes
passion, becomes
memory, becomes
being, becomes
vision, becomes
expression, becomes
oneness, becomes


for the love of land and sea, soon to be a leather bracelet (if what i have in my head will work for me) #ninabagleyjewelry #ninabagleydesign

finally listing a few more pieces today
#ninabagleyjewelry #wildblueyonder #trailblazer

all of my comings and goings back and forth from here to my mother's in Alabama have a tremendous disorienting effect on the everyday rhythms and creative flow of my work. i struggle eternally to settle back into a comfortable productive regime, and always seem to find that sweet spot just before i have to leave again... all of this to say that i am scrambling to have a shop update at some point later today, provided i am able to properly edit all the many photographs and descriptions necessary to explain each individual design. being self employed has many pluses - especially for this one ADD gal who would find it nearly impossible to fit into a "normal" public working environment - but lord have mercy, is it ever difficult for me to juggle all the many balls required to manage my own career... the creation is the easy and enjoyable part; then comes the photography (and a constant struggle with lighting in this cabin of the woods), meticulous edits of each shot (4-5 photos for each piece), lengthy descriptions of the emotions, inspiration and materials used, laborious listings in many steps for my online Etsy shop; then the wrapping, packaging, and shipping of each piece. forgotten in all of that shuffle is the time and cost involved in shopping for gemstones, antique reliquaries and found objects to incorporate into my work. folks who aren't involved in the process of a self employed artist are unaware of the time involved to accomplish all of these feats, while juggling the everyday chores that fall solely on the shoulders of one who lives alone - errands in a town that is a 25-30 minute drive each way, gathering recycling and garbage to haul to the dump and recycling center, working in a walk with walter once or twice a day, meal prep, laundry, with cleaning ALWAYS the last thing on my list!
so when next you look at something i have created, remember that the woman behind the curtain is moving quickly to push and pull the many knobs and levers required to make it all work.
and as always, i deeply thank you all for reading my thoughts, for leaving feedback, for your steadfast encouragement and support! xox
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this is the "she won't give me any cake!" look number 327. also, walter is sporting his first summer cut of the season, which occupied two full hours of our sunday here at home, which quickly followed with baths for both of us...
happy monday, all xo
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beautiful misty rain

#heartrockhill #juneblooms #namaste #wildflowers

just when i think i had best move on for now from using the medic cross talismans with words like "heal", "mend", and "soothe" in my jewelry designs, we get slammed right back down again by the rants and egomaniacal proclamations from that one very small, self-serving man acting as president of this country. so, out again come the medic pieces, the words that i hammer one by one, like mantras. hey, who would order a #covfefe piece if i pounded one out?!
#ninabagleyjewelry #riseup #persist #notmypresident

hello, favorite month of the year. hello, lightning bugs, magnolia blossoms, sweet smelling night air, starry skies, butterflies, song of the wood-thrush at morning and last light.
#wip #nightsky #hellojune #ninabagleyjewelry

evening walk glimpse of the weightless sky

three hours later and i STILL HAVE NOT MOVED OUT OF THIS CHAIR 🌱💚🌿🍃😳🍃🌿💚🌱

mother nature's sweet homecoming party for walter and me this evening

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