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nina bagley ⚒  Among other wonders of our lives, we are alive with one another, we walk here in the light of this unlikely world that isn't ours for long. J Daniels

a maxfield parrish way of seeing my little world unfolded here this evening

at last

bleak landscape this morning; some much longed for sunshine would help. i've been having nights riddled with anxiety dreams this week - the ones where i am in some unfamiliar broken down hotel, trying to leave for a deadline departure, but i don't have the right clothes, my belongings are scattered and disheveled, bathrooms are filthy and exposed, bugs are everywhere. people completely unconnected to me these days surface in these dreams, people who are not friendly, who are excluding me from transportation to places i'm scheduled to teach, to be. i don't know about the rest of you, but i am truly ready for warmth and sunshine and a huge gulping breath of fresh air. part of me feels like this ought to be deleted.... it is way too bleak a shot to post for saturday.....

finally completed this piece, which speaks of a longing for the flowery languid days of a country summer. on the back, i've engraved into sterling these words of Shakespeare, from A Midsummer Night's Dream: "I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,
where oxlip and the nodding violet grows."
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#labradorite #shakespeare #longingforsummer #woodlands

Saturday's woods were full of silence and the slow beginnings of overnight snow.

what i woke up to this morning
#latewintersnow #snowglobe #heartrockhill

next up for what i'm creating in the studio.
there will be many words used that signify taking a stand, speaking one's heart, standing tall, arms raised to the sky in defiance and strength. i hammered this word out last night with a sense of urgency, as you can see. heartfelt. honest. urgent. true.
today, our native americans march in defiance at this nation's capitol, defending what is rightfully their water, their land, their sacred places, their heritage. (i've never been prouder to be part Cherokee). do not close your eyes to injustice. do not pretend the conflicts are not there. speak out against discrepancies. address imbalance. move forward in strength and in unity. Persist.
#nativenationsrise #persist #resist #speakout #speaktruth (thank you @pixielighthorse, for being a bright, loving, and wise guiding light)

le sigh. grey, brown, bleh.
i've been fighting (and chasing) this watery, pale light for two whole days, using the one window where i can photograph in natural light.... #ninabagleydesign #ninabagleyjewelry

old melted glass dug from the sand at the edge of the lake. i am ever searching for treasure. #meltedheart #phoenix

a solitary visit to the edge of the lake to gather mica, to see the sky, to hear the water at my feet (swipe to the left to see other shots; be sure to tap the sound button for the little video at the end)

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