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Tb to wishing and dreaming of moving to Los Angeles ....... Fast forward 6 months ....☀️❤️☀️ #livethedream #life #love #live

Who is ready for another YouTube video ?! It's up up up with @macmatheus and the last one we shot a few hours before we left NYC ✈️
It was so much fun to play and shoot

#youtube #neverhaveiever #fun #video

Had the most amazing time camping this weekend and it was my first time!! Love love love ! Thank you my 🦄 @angelisborges for being you and loving SO much it makes our hearts burst.
It was also such a special weekend because we also got to spend it with two REALLY amazing souls
@thiscolorfulworld who pretty much made sure we not only survived but made it so fun and relaxing by them .... just being them 🙏🏻👌🏻🙌🏻👩‍❤️‍👩
Of course you'll get to enjoy our vlogs and a cheeky challenge we came up with ;) I had a lack of insta stories because My phone died when we got there ...... so I decided not to charge it so I could disconnect and enjoy the moments!
Still glowing from the weekend and have such happiness flowing through me🤗☀️
💙💜💛💚❤️💖 #life #love #adventure #camping #happiness #nature #friends

Reunited for some soulshine ☀️
@ecbotero @damasadoyle 🙌🏻 #latergram #la #friends #soulshine #regram

Today and everyday .....

Going to miss these amazing souls who have effected my life in the most wonderful way ❤️ SO MANY amazing characters have crossed my path in NYC ( you know who you are) over the 16 years I have lived in the city that never sleeps.
I am forever grateful and blessed to have you apart of my life and continuing story.
Time for a new adventure with @angelisborges and who knows what's in store ??!? Which is the fun part ;)

NYC ----------> LA
#love #life #adventure #newbeginnings

We all go through life changing moments and memories and usually you do not realize how life changing they are until you look back and think .... WOW!... On this day, every year I will look back to March 18th 2015 and be grateful for the universe leading me to knock on an apartment door in NYC and walking into the midst of a Brazilian dinner party filled with amazing souls. I was there to meet one soul in particular for the first time. My wife @angelisborges
Baby I am in awe of the love you give and the woman you are and SO SO SO grateful to hold you each night and morning. To share this life with you and making it a fun and loving adventure as possible.
I love you with all my heart ❤️

NEW video is up :) We talk about our trip to Brazil and how Angelis pranks me at the airport to teach me a lesson!
(Link in bio) 🇧🇷😎😂😬

All my family are riders and my parents had us on horses since we were 2 years old.
My sister owned 2 beauties and competed with them at times, till boys became more interesting ha ha
I can't remember how old I was but I think around 10 or 11 and I had a couple of pretty bad falls while riding. I never recovered from the fear and since then have always been more comfortable riding motorbikes. I definitely prefer feeling in control!
Riding again in Brazil reminded me of that fear and I don't like it. Not one bit. Fear will make me regret not doing and not doing is not how I want to live.
My wife is the opposite. She fears nothing and I find that inspiring everyday.
Don't left fear stop you from living and loving. Fear WILL only lead to regret and we should all strive to go beyond our own expectations. Surprising yourself is just as fulfilling as surprising someone else.
#befearless #ride #life #love

Good morning!
Start each day with love and a smile ❤😊

Nothing but good times with Papa Claus!
The language barrier didn't stop all of us having fun and falling in love with each other from the second we met😍
My favorite moments with @clauristonborges was bonding over Elvis Presley, eating his delicious BBQ! And cheers to the good life. 🍻🎸🎼
So many sentimental memories and a few tears shed along the way because nothing is more important than family.

Missing my 🇧🇷 family and our time together! Mama Hany and Sister Clariany SO much love for you ❤

@hanyangelis @clarianyborges
#family #love #brazil

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