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Nina Poplook Head Designer 'Elegance is not about being noticed,it's about being remembered' www.YouTube/thepopclips

Every superman needs a wonder woman #sanvi #poplook

Action anddd cut!

Who knew, @poplook 's square chiffon scarf could turn into this ☝️ as a designer, i keep exploring ways to style the hijab and make do with what i have in the closet. So far, with just this one particular piece of hijab i get about 5 diff styles! #amazingisntit #notapaidreview #lol #ineedmorecolors #ionlyhaveone

A lil throwback to last week #klfw #poplook

If you talk about it, its a dream, if you envision it, its possible, but if you schedule it, its real.

Fuhh..what a relief for me and the team. Its been a bumpy ride but beautiful journey for us nevertheless. Anyhow, we made it happen! Stay tuned for updates and release of the klfw pieces online! #imwearingone #klfashionweek #poplookjumpsuit #teamwork #wemadeithappen

What is life, without a lil fun? #astertee #poplook

(Sometimes)Fashion should be fun, free and playful, no? #poplooktee #logoparodies #cool #poplook #superaffordable

On a serious note, so very excited on our first ever appearance on klfw, also the first brand to showcase!! Stay tuned!!

Siapa suka Murjit kita gang 🙌 #aidachiffon #murjit #clothesonrepeat

Pro tips on shedding few pounds ; opt for a square hijab scarf and chubby cheeks no more. Works for me at least. Bytheway, 12 colors available on our website! @poplook

When we did Go Shop with Miss Vivy 😍 #poplookxfashionvalet

'You are your only limit'
Guys my Kamya top is so airy and theres like few more sizes left so go get em today! #poplookootd #myhijabisfrompoplooktoo #mytwoyearoldbag

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