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Nina Dobrev 

I’m on #TonyTime from now on. What does that mean? It means I’ve figured out what I want, how I’m going to get it, what steps I need to take, I have the drive to follow through, and the motivation to make it happen. I’m making time, for me. My energy is clear, strong and decisive. It’s a shift, a positive one. And I feel UNSTOPPABLE. This man knows what he’s doing, he’s successful and world famous for a reason... because it works. Couldn’t be more grateful for this experience and all the incredible souls I had the pleasure of meeting and connecting with over the past 4 intense and AMAZING days. Thank you for all of your energy. Sending love and light ✨ #ThePowerHasBeenUnleashed @tonyrobbins 💥💥 Ps. I’m pretty tall for a woman, and despite the fact that I was wearing platform running shoes, Tony still towered over me. The man is a GIANT. You can see by my expression in the photo I’m extremely bothered by it 😁😅 This man is 6 foot 7 inches of pure bliss, infectious positive energy and love. He inspires me to grow to his heights and strive to achieve the high level of his accomplishments.

I’ve got Particular Taste. 🤷🏻‍♀️🍕👅 LINK IN BIO. @kylehanagami @shawnmendes

It was a perk to get to work with these talented flowers. #FBF #PerksOfBeingAWallflower

This will blow your mind. Mine exploded 🤯 Think we should do something about it? I do. Let’s change this. ASAP. #TimesUp #McChangeMakers @timesupnow

What did you think of tonight’s episodes of @famcbs !? It was my bachelorette party. I got wasted. Lots of booze. There may or may not have been a stripper. If you missed it you can still join me in the celebrations by going to stream the episodes on CBS ALL ACCESS. You won’t wanna miss it. IT GETS WILD. 🤩🍾🤪

Celebrating the gem of all GEMS ❤️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY @kevwilliamson 😘😘

It’s my B•A•C•H•E•L•O•R•E•T•T•E party!!!! You’re all invited! Tonight! 9:30 PM on @famcbs 🥳💃🏻💥

I’m a sucker for this one. Because she is what POWER looks like. #TracySharkBrennan 🦈💪🏼💥 @MarieClaireMag #MCChangeMakers #TimesUp

#RunThisTown premiered at #SXSW this weekend. It addresses many topics, but this film also taps into the important issue of sexual harrassment and abuse at work. Among other themes and issues, my character deals with inappropriate behavior in the workplace. In this story which is based on true events that happened in Toronto many years ago, before the Time's Up movement, my character Ashley showed courage and strength when she had to deal with a lot of challenges and adversity. Now more than ever its important to tell those stories, and shed light on these topics so we can keep the conversation going in order to implement the change that is so desperately needed. #TimesUp

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