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Son patel little spoon ᏁᎥᎶus  @nimukii 'S SPAM ACCOUNT, furosy shipper. Also the biggest furuta fan you will ever meet and I guarantee that 😘my name is ROSY


I don’t think any of you realize how hot hanekawa is smh
Vc @lazyvibes__
#monogatari #hanekawatsubasa

So glad I watched this movie for the first time a couple days ago. It was fuckinf great

Vc: @retroblur

Why is there a line going through this picture, leave me alone iPhone stop plaguing me. Anyways,, I’ve been up since 12am in YouTube looking for weird shit to make. I wanna make takis/Hot Cheetos flavored noodles so badly fuck

It’s been two weeks since I’ve seen @dilf.chicken and I don’t know how I’ve made it this long

I’m really confused why do you look naked in this @dilf.chicken, I know you were wearing pants at the time or some kind of clothing

I just took 7 gummy vitamins, see you all in the afterlife

Like I spent hours trying to figure out which lenses I wanted from all these company’s sending me stuff but they just have too many things it’s insane

Kms honeycolor agreed to sponsor me and send me two lenses but I don’t know what to choose,,there’s just so many they’re all so nice.

I love you @hidenoshi I’m watching this again and fucking sobbing this is so good

Thankyou @left4deadinside I just found this now through my tags. This is cute

I am so happy he was in this chapter I love all of his teeth and his beautiful eyes/smile I love you


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