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Little did these two realize that there would be yet another three hours of hiking and sunburn in their future. #worthit #daywithbae #themountainswerecalling

Had the best time celebrating @suzannegeorge and @varunshajikumar tie the knot with these babes!
P.S. @tanitacherian, just move here already! #varunandsnehasittinginatree #reahsittingonabed #onlynonselfieonmyphone

Can't wait to see @suzannegeorge paddle her way down the aisle next weekend! Thanks @bowvalleySUP for a great morning! #varunandsnehasittinginatree #SUPtheRockies

You would think @anjalisarah would have learnt her lesson by now and stop agreeing to last minute, 'almost good enough' art projects with me. Nope. πŸ™πŸ½

Unlike my last post, this baking venture didn't end in tears! Also, snapchat's still cool, right?

I spent close to eight hours yesterday attempting to make chocolatines only to have them completely fail 😞

But in a way, I'm reminded of why we celebrate Easter. It comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of us (and our constant failings) and thinks of us as worthy of saving. And that truly nothing (even something as cold and finite as death) could separate us from the Love of God!
Now, if there only was a way to resurrect these pastries πŸ™ˆ

Don't even correct strangers anymore when they tell me I 'have beautiful children'. #fakeauntatbest

It's #nationalmacaronday but sadly I won't be making any today (grant deadlines + cake orders 😭) although I love seeing all the pictures fill up my feed 😍. On a side note, these were the best macarons I've ever had!

Things @jkgfromthe403 has talked me into doing:
- his biology homework (where it all began)
- Stop crying ( X 10,000)
- Ski down the COP hill after a grand total of one lesson πŸ˜’
- Play (the subpar at best) honeycomb
- Go off trail because he 'could figure it out on the way'
- The right thing. I can't believe he still picks up my phone calls even though 90% of them begin with ' Saaaaanj I messed up!'
- Host a NYE party for 25 people with only a day's notice.
- Be a better Christian (this kid obeys God and loves people with so much heart, you can't help but want to do the same!) Happy 25th birthday bae!

'Irrationally' happy to have spent #piday baking pies and celebrating Einstein's birthday with @jchitroda ! Special shoutout to Chetan who chose to go to law school in Ontario which lets us do these things together! #nimmidoesPiDay


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