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Ben Ong 

Thank you @ngjocelyn for this wonderful trip! From accompanying the folks in Macau and later part where we separated on our own to Hong Kong and Shenzhen. All the planning and food joints your brought me to! 感动! More shopping and more food to come! Love you!

Enjoying our routine show night! Love you @ngjocelyn !

Throwback to some sneak out of hospital moments we had when you are fighting with your illness. How can one not feel depress to be kept inside the 4 walls of a hospital ward 24/7. So every opportunity we had, we plan our sneak out excursion to various places as you can see. Despite all the pain and agony that @ngjocelyn was going through at that time, each time when we are out she never fail to put a smile on her face! Yes she is on wheels and many funny expressions that we received when we are out, maneuvering our way in and out the tightest corner that we will never find it a problem as a normal walking human being. Nevertheless, we braved through all these and enjoyed ourselves. My wife is the bravest woman I can say, countless of injections, medication and procedures and yet she can put on a wide smile whenever we are out! Although the fight is not over yet, just wanna let you know I will be there for you no matter what happen be in on our legs or on wheels (touch wood)! I love you my wife my little one! #bravestwarriors

@ngjocelyn All the dark clouds are gone! Let’s start enjoying to the fullest! I love you my little one!

@ngjocelyn Hello Little one, I know it had been a long journey since Aug till now. You had been through so much that one cannot expect it or handle it. From the persistent vomiting, the headaches, the spasms and combination of all the worst thing you can ever think of, you had encountered it. Sometimes I ask myself, why you of all people? Why so cruel to you, we were just enjoying our lives and so many dreams we want to fulfill together. And suddenly this happened to you. As much as you can handle it and show everyone how brave you are how tough you and never show how rough this path to recovery is. The moments when you finally break down, all the tears all the suffering and all the expectations your loves one gave you, we are not you, you are the only one that know how it really feels. I can say you don’t deserve this shit and crap NMO. All the pain, all the needles, endless medicine, endless tests and scans, endless diagnostic and speeches and advices doctors, and everyone give you, you don’t need all this my dear,I know all you want is a simple and happy family and a carefree life.
You always asked me for my true feelings and why I never exactly show how I felt in front of you in front of everyone. You are the closest person to me and every single event you had to went through i felt the knife stabbing my heart, I might not feel physically mentally but I can tell you something you are the bravest person I ever met. If I were you I probably break down and give up easily. From you i see determination, courage, inspiring, positivity and the never give spirit. I am so proud of you!!! I just wanna tell you I will always be there for you this lifetime and many more. I will never give up on you.
This brand new year let’s work hard together, our new house coming, your goals of walking by CNY and our travel plans this year!!! I love you!!

Our 1st year Anniversary together as husband and wife. Although is not the best setting of all, the most important is you are by my side. Let me renew my promises to you on this day in a simple way- 1. I will love you no matter what happen to you.
2. I will be patient to you no matter what.
3. I will massage for you whenever you tell me to.
4. I will take care of you in bad times and all the time.
5. I will not be frustrated even I am awaken by you in the middle of the night.
6. I will not let you go through any pain alone.
7. I will buy you all your favorite food but subjected to approval
8. I will make sure you are all healthy and strong.
9. I will not talk back to you and make you angry.
10. I will make sure you are all happy as my wife and my love!!!
I love you!!! @ngjocelyn

It hasn't been a smooth ride for the past month and I know you are tired physically and mentally. It pains my heart to see you suffer and I want to tell you that you are the strongest person I had ever met and I want you to continue to be strong and brace through this test. I will always be there for you and we will fight this whatever it is out of your system. Have faith and believe that it will be over in no time. Love you @ngjocelyn

4 full years, how did we do it? Lots of accommodating, compromising,understandings, fights, reasoning and of course endless love we have for each other. It is simple to love a person, but to sustain it and nurture a relationship is not easy. I am someone blunt with words, so I will use the most direct way of showing my love for you through my actions. I want to thank you for being there for me, teaching me new things, educating me, and of course putting up with my temper. Your commitment to me means a lot, accompanying me watching movies that u are not a fan of, watching me enjoying my favorite sports, telling me to work harder and be positive in whatever I do. Giving up on you is not an option not because is a habit, is you are part of my life. A quote "left view right view front view back view", what view?
I LOVE YOU!!! Happy full 4 years anniversary!!! @ngjocelyn

Shocked is the word!!! Was working and received a call from a delivery man that someone @ngjocelyn had bought me 12 cupcakes!! Really touched, we will enjoy them tonight! Love u!

@ngjocelyn TWG!!! Probably the best tea in the world! Love your accompany!

Searching for good buffalo wings!! End up we were at a piece of barren land near half moon and bird cage road...nevertheless we @ngjocelyn finally found it!

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