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Nilufar Gallery 

An eclectic conversation between fashion and design, at @maisonvalentino Montenapoleone Boutique with #ninachezvalentino: a special project for #MDW2018 created by #PierpaoloPiccioli and by #NinaYashar #nilufarMDW2018

Lina Bo Bardi Giancarlo Palanti - Studio d'Arte Palma 1948-1951 leads you in a landscape of photographic images and iconic furnishings, between theatrical scenes that come down from above and objects installed on brick pedestals, in a total tribute to the multidisciplinary aesthetic of Bo Bardi. At #NilufarDepot, viale Lancetti 34. #LinaBoBardiNilufarDepot #nilufargallery #MDW2018

The talented @indiamahdavi imagined for #NilufarGallery #CHEZNINA, a club dedicated to #NinaYashar - don't miss this wonderful new project at the first floor of the gallery in via della Spiga 32 #nilufarMDW2018

"In the path of a design gallery, Lina Bo Bardi represents the pinnacle of a multidisciplinary approach. Her work is the perfect synthesis of innovation and maintenance of cultural roots. Pioneering projects with a strong humanistic and anthropological connotation, a history of architecture and design made even more precious by the scarce production" says Nina Yashar. Don't miss the exhibition Lina Bo Bardi Giancarlo Palanti - Studio d'Arte Palma 1948-1951 at #NilufarDepot. #LinaBoBardiNilufarDepot #NinaYashar #nilufarMDW2018

A colorful post-modern Renaissance is the inspiration for the set-up at the ground floor of #NilufarGallery - come and discover the new sets curated by Nina Yashar in via della Spiga 32, everyday of #MDW2018 from 10 am to 8 pm! #ninayashar #nilufarMDW2018 @tiborreich @bethanlaurawood @peterpilotto @roberto.baciocchi @pierremariepm

Nilufar is pleased to present Lina Bo Bardi Giancarlo Palanti - Studio d'Arte Palma 1948-1951, result of a long work of cultural collectionism, conducted in first person by Nina Yashar with the patronage and scientific⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
collaboration of the Instituto Bardi / Casa de Vidro of São Paulo. Come visit the show at Nilufar Depot - viale Lancetti 34, every day of #MDW2018 from 10 am to 8 pm. #LinaBoBardiNilufarDepot #nilufargallery #nilufardepot #nilufarMDW2018

Mojito and Margarita are two tables designed by @indiamahdavi for CHEZ NINA, a special private club that brings color to the night #nilufarmdw2018 #nilufargallery #nilufar #indiamahdavi 📷@colombeclier

#NilufarGallery is pleased to unveil Lina Bo Bardi Giancarlo Palanti - Studio d’Arte Palma 1948-1951 at #NilufarDepot: an exhibition resulting from a three-years research by #NinaYashar and @institutobardi presenting the largest collection of #LinaBoBardi’s furniture ever brought together. #LinaBoBardiNilufarDepot #NilufarMDW2018 | Lina Bo Bardi Giancarlo Palanti Studio d’Arte Palma 1948-1951 | Curated by: Nina Yashar | With the support of Instituto Bardi / Casa de Vidro | Creative direction and visual identity: @studiovedet | Exhibition design: @spacecaviar |Communication&PR: @martinagamboni |@strategicfootprints | Design Partners: @dedarmilano @duggalnyc @janetyonatyinc

Close up of a rare table ‐ consolle by #BBPR with the top in a vivid green Alps marble #nilufargallery #collectiblevintagedesign #ninayashar

In 1948 Lina Bo Bardi founded the Studio d'Arte Palma along with Giancarlo Palanti, an architect with whom she shared her Italian and rationalist roots: in the next exhibition at #NilufarDepot, the results of this prolific collaboration will be deeply researched, presenting also surprising discoveries for the history of design. Courtesy of @institutobardi #LinaBoBardiNilufarDepot #nilufarMDW2018

Stool by #GioPonti standing on a contemporary carpet designed by #MartinoGamper for #NilufarGallery #NinaYashar

Novecento is the century of design, a source of extraordinary stories and objects which will be dealt with again for a long time, waiting just for the right time to come out of the oblivion...#nilufardepot #collectibledesign #furnituredesigns

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