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Niles M. Heron  Detroit. Founder, partner, writer, consultant. Simple Machine builder. Disruptor. Activist. Advisor.


I got a chance, today, to serve as a guest judge for the Henry Ford Learning Institute’s JumpStart program. High schoolers from Detroit worked all weekend to come up with apps that targeted the difficult transition from High School to College life. @ericstephonthomas and I had the tough job of ranking the ideas, all of which were great, and we actually almost argued about it because they were so strong. I love our city. Our kids are nothing short of amazing. Thank you @rajafri for the invite. Had a great time. Great job to you, the mentors, and @BankOfAmerica for making this weekend happen.

“Peace? Peace!?!? I hate the word. As I hate hell, all Montagues, and Thee.” This movie still goes. As does Shakespeare in general.

My president is black.

Flashback. Feed your soul. We are overdue, @monikamossgransberry. #TruePaidGood

Trayvon Martin would have turned 23 years old today. I was so proud when my young brother turned 23. I called it his Jordan year. We got drunk with his friends in his loft. I marveled at how the boy who never stopped running once ran and put his head through a window, and then laughed (at 4 years old), had grown into such an awesome, and capable, and not only potential-filled, but actively potential-realizing young adult. He’s 24 now, and will be 25 soon, and I just wonder what stories Trayvon’s family would have remembered if they got to celebrate today with him. And that’s the thing. Martin and Malcolm knew that martyrdom was a possibility. Trayvon just wanted some skittles. And some tea. And his family just wanted to celebrate his Jordan year. Never forget. Rest in Power, young man.

“A Black Woman Probably Did It First.”
No truer words have been uttered. 🧢 by @melanin_apparel, 👕 by @myprideapparel, 📸 by @stefcherelle

self-edits #haiku 2.1.18 (live) — they cut us down from / the sky; left lights on so we / could find our way home. #BlackHistoryYear #AdobeDraw

i’m playing around with Adobe Draw for iPad. random sort of poem. happened.

Be historic. Every month. Every week. Every one of the 365 days. Every year. #Be black history, past and future. We look back to go forward. Don’t forget the forward part though... The best way to celebrate is to make NEW black history this month.

Well that’s not terrible. Hi, Phoenix.

I would have given this dude money if I had cash left.

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