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🔹🌀💙My Little Maddam's💙🌀🔹  The squinting princess👑 Loves everyone💖 💛BRIDGET💛 is our rescue baby PLEASE HELP A LOCAL FAMILY TO ME KEEP THERE WONDERFUL DAD WITH THEM 💔👇🏻

Daaaaaaad tell her... she’s got behind me again and trying to push me out my spot #sisterproblems 😜

Must get the squeaker our my toys as fast as possible and then defluff😜

Is your pup a bath lover or hater? Nilas a lover and bridgey is a hater in this house😜

Bridgey has got an obsession with cleaning her sister recently... and Nila being the princess that she is will take that treatment all day😜

Love that cheeky face💙

Chilling in my favourite spot waiting for my butler ‘dad’ to bring me my breakfast😜

Looking at my little rescue lady thinking how much difference a little bit of love can do for a dog! If you seen bridgey when I first rescued her you will know how much she’s come on, she’s not that scared little timid dog anymore now she’s just as bonkers as she should be😜 please consider rescuing for your next pooch as we all know Christmas is round the corner and shelters get left out as people want puppies... did you know you can find plenty of puppies at shelters to😊

Can you guess what’s she’s dreaming about? I’d say she’s eating something as always😜

Nilas got so many different facial expressions... or should I say different types of squint😜 what's your favourite? 😋

Giving dad the ‘Can I pleeeasse haves some of that chicken’ eyes 👀

If your going to get dirty make sure you do a proper job of it😜 #lovethisvideo 🐷

Waking dad up n giving him my puppy dog eyes and lots of kisses to make him get out of bed😜

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