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"LOUD Hate, quiet church." That's the name of the blog I'm working on and was planning on posting today. My angle was how loud the hate, racism, bigotry etc..has gotten and how quiet, perceived the church has gotten in response.

Last night I had rehearsal for worship team and then after, when I planned to go home and finish writing, I served next to my pastors for a few a bit. We spent the evening painting the room where the children will be ministered to. We took it from a dirty and bland room to a clean, bright and energizing space. As we painted together, I was able to laugh and joke with them and also to have my half empty cup refilled.

You see, the blog I wanted to write was coming from a place of hurt and bitterness. It came from feelings of believing that when crap started to hit the fan again for People of Color in this country the church took cover instead of fighting along side us. I think that I'll will write the blog but after an evening of seeing my pastors serve late into the night, for the second time this week, and being ministered to by the very community that I felt was NOT for me....I'm at a loss for words. So I will write the blog and with a different perspective I think than I initially planned but not today. Have a great weekend folks!

The last few days in our country have involved so much hate, violence and bigotry... but even in the midst of all of that I experienced a weekend of freedom from anger and bitterness, the reconnection of broken relationships and spent time immersed in the love of dear family and friends. Life is not consistent, it's always moving and ever changing but what can be consistent is the way we choose to respond. I choose to speak out against injustice, hate and bigotry and along with that I choose to love deeper, forgive quicker and live a life filled with joy, peace and the love of Christ. Be motivated, not discouraged, encouraged not defeated... love is and will ALWAYS be bigger and stronger than hate. Have a great week friends!!

"Messiness and all, I decided that I was beautiful and that who I was, was good." _________________________________________________

Happy Thursday friends! When I first moved to Denver, it was not an easy transition. I struggled to make friends and find community and spent more time than I wanted to, alone. In this weeks post I'm sharing that experience and the huge impact it made on my self esteem, relationship with God and character. Link is in my bio, check it out!!

"I feel safe when you're holding me near. Love the way that you conquer your fear. You know hearts don't break around here." 😘🐻😻❤️

I never knew that helping to plant a church would be such an unreal and life changing experience. Every single early morning, every long rehearsal, every tear and every disappointment is worth while when ONE person raises their hand and makes a decision to follow Christ. I love my church, I love the family that we're building and I LOVE what God is doing in the city of Denver! How lucky am I to be apart of this beautiful, beautiful community! • Generations Church, Sunday's at 10am •

As I dive deeper into my craft of being a writer, I'm also exploring the importance of diving deeper into myself. To look for the things that hurt me, or unnerve me, or excite me and leaning into the importance of sharing those things with the world. I did just that with my most recent blog post entitled 'Driving while Black,' and I'd love for you to check it out, link is in my bio!!

Of all the things my eyes have seen, the best by far is you....oh and the Grand Canyon is nice too.

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We have loved every single minute of our time at Valdez Elementary school! From launch day, to our very first baby dedication...Valdez has been so much more than just a building, it's been home. We are forever grateful for their hospitality and for welcoming us to the community! Come celebrate with us tomorrow as we hold our very LAST service here before our big move! Tomorrow morning, 10am, see you there!!

I look like my sister....weird. #datenight

We're so photogenic it's insane...and all without a filter.

This week's blog post is all about the F word...FAITH! I like to think that my faith is unwavering and solid as a rock, I feel like it makes me a better Christian to say that but the truth is when things get rough I struggle to stay a float.

______________________________________ I write about faith, unbelief and how capital 'B' Big God is in this weeks blog. Link is in my bio! P.S. If the Grand Canyon doesn't make you feel small compared to God than dear I don't know what will!

My partner in adventure! Every moment with you is sweeter and brighter than the last!

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