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"Too dirty to clean my act up." - President George Washington. #happypresidentsday

Today, every day that precedes it and every day that follows, I'm so thankful. I'm thankful for my parents, for my friends and for Christ. My life has seriously been filled to the brim with so much love since the day I was born. Valentine's Day has always been special to me because it reminds me of how the people in my life always go out of their way, 365 days a year, to show me that I'm loved. Happy Valentine's Day my dear friends! May this just be one of the many, many days out of the year where you feel overwhelmed with love! Xoxo

Thank you for always being patient, for always being kind, for having a Valentine's Day mentality every single day that we spend together and for always striving to be more like Christ. I love you. 😻🐻😘

Watching the Patriots win the Super Bowl was great but doing it with these gems made it even better! #onlypatriotsfan #wewon #bestfriends #obnoxiousfan #icriedalot #cashmeoutsidehowboutdat #lovethem #tombrady🐐 #winner🏆

Happy FriYay friends! I'm really excited for this new season in my blogging journey! During this break I plan to write, produce and log content more than ever! Check out this weeks post to hear more about what the next month of my life will look like! Link is in my bio!

My dad is an please try and hear my heart in these briefs words I want to share. Jesus said that the world will know that we are Christians by the way that we love each other. The more that I study the Bible and the life of Christ more and more I see a man that was brave, loving and aimed to always reach out to the lost and the hurting. Jesus didn't build walls, he didn't avoid those that were different than him....his goal was never safety and security. Geez friends...fear is a powerful tool but in my opinion it's never the catalyst for true safety and security. It never is. Christianity isn't safe, it isn't looking the other way when others are hurting, it isn't coming up with a reasonable answer for why millions of people are being banned simply because of their county of birth or even their religion. I can find scriptures for loving unconditionally, showing mercy and being willing to be persecuted for righteousness sake but I cant seem to find scripture to support this decision. Can you? #politicssuck #ijustwanttolovepeople #buildbridges #ifmorepeoplewereforpeople #childofanimmigrant

Do you live in Denver? Are you in college? Do you want to use your knowledge to help educate and support under served communities? If you answer yes to those questions than I'm your gal! Hit me up and I'll give you more deets about how you can make a difference!

Happy Thursday homies! Last week I took a short social media detour but now that I'm back I'm excited to share my most recent post! Link is in my bio, check it out when you get a chance!!