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"Nobody can bring peace but yourself."- Ralph Emerson

Photo captured by @mujahidclicks using a Nikon D810, 14-24 lens.

#NikonMEA #Nikonian #NPM #Photography #Photowalk #Travel

"Travelling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." - Ibn Battuta

Photo by @maxterwindt, captured with a Nikon D750. ・・・
A rest place for camel riders in the early morning in the Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan © Max Terwindt Photography

#NikonMEA #Nikonian #WadiRum #Jordan #Travel #Photography #Camel #Reflection #D750

“The Ningaloo Reef is an incredible place offering so many unique experiences and that is why I love this place so much. After 5 years working on the water everyday I am still experiencing new exciting things.
This photograph was captured whilst swimming with a whale shark and I spotted the jellyfish cluster beneath as I swam past. I thought it looked rather odd, so I dove down to get a closer inspection and what I found was truly beautiful. The lions mane jellyfish is the largest species of jellyfish in the world with the largest bell circumference on record at 2.7m and equipped with 150 tentacles reaching great lengths of up to 37m! The lions mane spread their super long tentacles in every direction in the water column to catch their prey of which I've learned since capturing this image consist of other jellyfish like the red bells in this photograph." -@jesshaddenphoto
Camera: Nikon #D810
Settings: ISO 160 l f/9 l 1/160 sec

#NikonMEA #Nikon #Underwater #Photography

Dare to do things that scare you. 🙌
@who.sane captures Dubai's best views through his Nikon D810!

#Nikon #Nikonian #Dubai #BurjKhalifa #MyDubai #Views #Photography #D810

We love these captivating series a of photos captured by @ishaqmadan during a night photowalk in central Manama.

Camera used: Nikon D500
Lens: Nikkor 10mm - 20mm

#NikonMEA #Nikonian #Photowalk #Photography #Manama #NightPhotography

NPM organises an exciting weekend drive for it's members to a beautiful wildlife reserve hosted by @almaha_resort and led by renowned photographer, @danyeidphotography!
Here are some photos that were shot by our photographers and members during the drive!

#NikonMEA #Nikon #NPM #Wildlife #AlMahaResort

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A stunning portrait of a monk captured by on his trip to Ladakh, India! We love all the little details and lighting in this photo.

Camera used: Nikon D800e | F3.2 | 250 sec | ISO 3200
Lens used: Nikkor 60mm F2.8 Micro

#NikonMEA #Nikon #Nikonian #Monk #Travel #Photography #India #Ladakh #Portrait

View goals!!! 😍😍 We love this dreamy photo by @adventurefaktory!
Photo captured using a Nikon D850 camera and a 24-70mm Nikkor lens.
#NikonMEA #Nikon #Nikonian #AdventureWithNikon #Travel #Photography #D850 #Turkey #Kapadokya

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We celebrated our next voyage with a magical adventure to the stunning scenic land of Kenya! Here's a sneak peek of some of the most memorable moments, as we explored the wild and untouched beauty of the African country!

Thanks to @shajimohammed for being a fantastic leader and instructor for this trip. And a special thank you to Sulthan Khan for capturing and putting together this amazing video!
#NikonPremiumMember #NikonMEA #Nikon #MasaiMara #Kenya

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