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I don’t even know honestly

Growing and Glowing

🧠Brainstorming & trying to stay in my bag✨

⚾️🚫Just a candid from the abandoned baseball stadium✖️⚾️

✨“Lookin in the mirror I thank god for what I’m bout to be”✨

✨“Sunkissed lad, too much for you to handle”🌞

💖I love my lips💋

If y’all know me then you know I love this bitch with all my heart. I haven’t seen her for what feels like years now but soon and very soon we shall be reunited. Love you T-Go💚

🏳️‍🌈”And when we lose our way,
All the rain and bad stormy weather
Soon brings green grass
And sunny skies,
With rainbows to bless our eyes” #2k18 #pride #EverybodiesALilGay #nashville

F*** instagram for only allowing minute videos but here’s me practicing @danielcaesar ft. @hermusicofficial -Best Part

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