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Nikki Santerre Photography  Marriage & Motherhood Film Photographer. Saved by Grace. Wife & Mama. Heirloom curator. Writer. Infertility advocate. Co-Founder of @thehybridatelier

Time is flying in the craziest way this hard to believe it’s nearly July which means these two have almost already been married for two months! Wedding season has been so, so good to us in 2018. ☺️

Packaging up a special something for my sweet cousin, @contentlychristiemae! Isn’t the detail in her gown stunning? 😍

Isn’t he, though? ☺️💕

Give me simple and understated any day.

Heading towards the weekend, excited to celebrate with @ellybottimore and Joshua!

Although I grasp at the moments frantically, I feel them fleeting away. Three weeks left of his first year. How? How did we get here already? Time is a thief, I’ve never been more certain of the truth that lies in that statement. I’m grateful for what we’ve had in this first year, and filled with hope of the promise in what is to come. Until July 6th, I’ll be here, digging my heels in, pleading with Time to just give me a little longer with my baby before suddenly, before my eyes, he grows into the boy I prayed he would one day become.

The light and the love are just all magic.

Let love change the world.

Hello, my name is Nikki, and I have struggled with anxiety and depression.
This is a different kind of “Friday Introduction” than I’ve ever posted before, but in light of the suicides this week that have touched us on both a national and hometown level, I decided to speak for those who didn’t realize they were so, so worthy of the love they deserved. Something I read on social media yesterday said, “check on your strong friend.” YES. Anxiety doesn’t have a mold. Depression doesn’t have a prototype. It doesn’t discriminate, prey on the weak. You know that person whose “squares” seem to have it all together? Do you know the weight that “perfection” carries? The ability to well-curate does not correlate with someone being okay, it sometimes just makes them good at hiding. Kate Spade’s brand embodied light and joy, yet ultimately it was the darkness inside she would succumb to.
I want to tell you about this girl in the photo, and the victory this image represents. You would never know from my life-giving marriage, career success, and general joyful outlook that I struggled for a few years with debilitating anxiety. There were days when it was hard for me to leave my house. I chose to surrender to my fear too many times to count, and I missed out on a lot of things as a result. There came a season where I finally decided to believe that “perfect love casts out fear,” and stop believing the stigma about medicine, and I finally began to heal. In this image, standing on the west coast (somewhere I never thought I would get to see because fear told me I couldn’t), I finally began to feel free from the chains my anxiety placed around my feet, free to run on a mission towards what God had for my life.
Dear ones, I’m here as proof that you do not have to hold it all together. Take the medicine. Confide in a friend (even when fear tells you “you’re a burden,” or “they’ll think you’re crazy”). Your people love you and they NEED YOU to stick around through the hard things. And I’m also here if you ever want to talk about the promises I found in Jesus, and how they saved me from myself.

Nothing says “Welcome Home” from the West Coast like film scans in my inbox! One of the perks of being in the thick of wedding season is a never ending stream of “You’ve Got Film Scans” emails from @photovisionprints!

I can’t believe he’s mine and I get to keep him...or that he’s nearly 11 months old! (Also, praying that magic baby is magically well-behaved on our six hour flight to the west coast tomorrow! 🙏🏻😂)

Sneaking away for their first few moments together as Husband and of my favorite parts of the wedding day!

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