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Nikki Reed  Proud Founder of @bayouwithlove and on a mission to create conscious products that consider the planet and those lucky enough to share it. ✨

Earlier this year I was asked to sing with some of my favorite people in the world, and in a matter of hours we found ourselves reunited in the studio recording World’s on Fire. This insanely talented trio wrote a very emotional song that transcends melody and lyrics, about taking a deeper look into ourselves and how we all contribute to the destruction of Mother Earth. I’m so grateful to know these boys (and their amazing families), and I am inspired daily by their passion poured so delicately into their music. If you have a moment please listen to this song, all proceeds go to the American Red Cross’ wildfire relief to help victims of the wildfires. Thank you boys for asking me to be a part of such a powerful message. ❤️🙏🏼 (link in bio) @bravessound

It’s Monday right? This guy is just too 🔥 for my lens...I couldn’t seem to focus ;) #mcm

Last chance to grab your favorite BaYou pieces from this collection! All of our jewelry is made from recovered gold from recycled e-waste through
@dell ‘s recycling program, and we are excited to move into a new collection in September! Head to @bayouwithlove to pick up your favorite pieces as we won’t be making these exact styles again!!!! Thank you for supporting a circular economy and making sustainable fashion a part of your story!

Working on something special with my brother @jasonbergh - a project we are co-creating for the series @subject60 . Written by me, shot by him. Exploring creativity, balance and passion from a woman’s perspective. Talking about different forms of expression and living your truth. Stay tuned...

Going through some of my favorite vintage pieces at our @bayouwithlove design meeting for inspiration and direction. Talking color palette, sourcing stones and what we hope to create over the next two months. I’m excited to announce we should have new pieces for you to play with in just a few weeks. This is my favorite part. I love the story, I love the feeling I get from creating based on your input. Thank you guys for being a part of the BaYou journey!

Missing my girl...

Collecting goodies before yesterday’s @bayouwithlove design meeting. I get so excited talking about ways we can continue to find other materials to incorporate into this next collection that are also responsibly recycled and reused. Bringing in colorful stones, one of a kind pieces, custom pieces and more. I am grateful for your input on our last BaYou post as it really does help to give me a clear vision of what you want us to create for you. Thank you so much! More soon...

Big things happening in the Bayou world! Stay tuned for more in the coming days as we talk about the next collection, and expanding our team! I want to invite you to be a part of the next chapter with us. What do you guys want to see? More skincare? Beauty? Jewelry? Tell me what you’re loving! @bayouwithlove


Good morning! Happy Sunday! By now you probably know that every Sunday I donate my social media to my @YearsofLiving team to talk about carbon pricing! This week's post comes from Ana Rae Miller, a senior at Western Washington University.
“I fight for climate justice because I want future generations to grow up in a clean, just and equitable world. Currently, people in power continue to exploit our natural resources and push the negative externalities onto vulnerable populations. We cannot continue to delay action on climate change; we must work to protect the environment and the people who live in it, because everyone deserves the right to a clean climate. That is why I fight to #putapriceonit. We need to put a price on pollution. By implementing solutions for climate justice, we also have the opportunity to bring about positive social changes and strengthen democracy.”

Happy #worldbreastfeedingweek !! Whether your baby is breastfed or formula fed, you should be celebrated for doing whatever works for you and your baby! That said, I do love that we’re veering away from shaming mamas for nursing their little ones, and beginning to vocalize our respect and admiration for the human body and all it can do! Breastfeeding is natural, beautiful, and the mamas who are on that path deserve to enjoy that peaceful time with their babies without the fear of being judged. All of it is beautiful and all of it should be celebrated! I believe #fedisbest , and no one should be criticized for their journey. Fun fact, when our daughter was born my best girlfriend actually gave me her milk for the first few days to avoid the hospital’s suggestion of sticking her on a glucose drip. I love this community and I’m so inspired by all the beautiful, giving women I’m surrounded by. Being the mama of a one year old who is still almost exclusively breastfeeding I will say I am grateful to all the support and non-shamers out there who make it comfortable for me to feed my daughter when she’s hungry, which is often on our on-demand approach. She eats when she wants, I’m on her schedule! Ps this photo was taken the one time I threw a mask on while nursing. I remember thinking that was a genius idea and I should do it more. That’s the thing about all those “good ideas”, you forget you had them because you can’t remember anything! Needless to say it hasn’t happened since. @teresapalmer @swrightolsen @lindseydupuis we need a mask

Many many years ago I was traveling through South Africa. I was young, eager to see the world, eager to document, to photograph, to write about it. I remember sitting in the back of a taxi, window rolled down just six inches, taking a photo of a fast food restaurant sign. I thought, how bizarre it is to see the same sign all over the world. I couldn’t wait to capture it. Suddenly, a man ran up to my window. He began yelling at me, telling me I took his soul. I was shocked, totally confused. He wanted to see my camera. I told him I didn’t mean to take a picture of him, he must’ve been in the background. It was an accident I promised. I quickly deleted the photo. This was the first lesson I learned about basic human boundaries as it relates to cultural differences, and being mindful of other people’s personal space. I often think about that man as I watch this new digital age unfold, everyone with an iPhone, no one respecting those basic human boundaries that were once so easy to make clear. We now believe that our phone gives us the right to document anything and anyone, and this insatiable desire to capture more and more for instagram stories only fuels our snap happy fingers. We do it without thinking. We do it because we’re addicted. We do it to stay relevant. We do it to show the world who we are, to have purpose. We do it innocently, but that innocence is no excuse for our lack of consciousness. And as we snap snap snap, we are not only robbing the souls of those who don’t consent, but we’re robbing ourselves of the time we could be spending looking up. I write when I need to hear it myself. We, all of us, need to look up. Time and privacy will be the greatest treasures in our scrapbook in 40 years...

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