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Nikki Reed 

Did someone say it was #nationalpuppyday ?! My forever pup...even at 105 pounds❤️


Samples have arrived! Working on new @bayouwithlove designs... here are some of the stones I’m loving for the new pieces. Remember it’s all recovered gold from recycled @dell computers. What would you wear? I’m really loving the idea of turquoise, sapphire, blue tones...

Making shapes...

“...that writing seems at a loss for somewhere to hide, to be written, to be read.”

Hand dyed scarves for @bayouwithlove ? What do you think? I made this myself with homemade vegetable dyes and I feel like you might be into wearing or making these too. Ps my mama made those earrings in the early 70’s by hand...she is without a doubt my biggest inspiration. Her and I have been doing a lot of drawing together lately, creating another special piece for BaYou. Can you guess what it is? #sustainablefashion 🌱🌎


My kind of dirty

Ladies, you are stronger than you know...

New @bayouwithlove pieces are almost here! So excited to share what we’ve been working on with all of you. It’s super special and very personal to me... can you guess what we’ve been dreaming up? Also, excited to share we worked with our sustainable dye house to develop a custom wash using solar energy, fewer chemicals, less water and shorter drying times! 🌎

Hey guys happy Sunday! THIS IS SO MOVING! One of my favorite posts in the last few years of doing this! By now you probably know that every Sunday I donate my social media to my @YearsofLiving team to talk about carbon pricing! Please take a second to read these posts and get involved!!! Below is a post from
Gari De Ramos, a student at Clark University. “I grew up in Hong Kong, where it wasn’t uncommon for school to be cancelled because there was too much smog in the air — a result of the carbon and fossil fuels being burnt from Mainland China being blown down by the wind. Seeing stars truly shine in the sky at night was a rarity. When deciding to go to college in the Northeastern United States, I must admit a small but powerful deciding factor was the beautiful nature and the promise of clean air and clear skies. But as I walk across my school’s campus from the library to the dining hall, I will be breathing in fumes coming from my school’s power room — a stark reminder of humanity’s consumption of fossil fuels. This consumption, however, is both unnecessary and unsustainable. We’re slowly but surely seeing institutions realize this, such as the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum, which found it cheaper to switch to clean energy rather than be powered by dirty coal or fossil fuels. The question becomes how we to incentivize larger corporations and industries to make this very change. The answer? Putting a price on carbon.”

Very special evening hosted by @jonathansimkhai with @voguemagazine highlighting @swingleft and their incredible efforts to target swing districts nationwide before the upcoming midterm elections. Now is the time to get involved!!! Now is the time to actively make a difference in our government and the midterm elections are important in bringing about systematic change!! Also, the #standardhotel has been doing it’s part with the Ring Your Rep initiative, by having pre-dialed phone lines at every property across the country so guests can easily contact their representatives (all you have to do is pick up the phone) to discuss current concerns, policies and/or change! I LOVE THIS!! @jonathansimkhai @swingleft @voguemagazine THANK YOU for all you’re doing to create a dialogue around this!!!!

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