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nikki villanueva holguin  ▫️the 1/99 ▫️people. ▫️ceo of @thestarvingartistevent ▫️creator of @dudeshesdope ▫️sister @genessisandnikki “GENESSIS AND NIKKI” ALBUM IS OUT NOW

sitting here listening to the powerful word God has given @joelosteen to speak at the @hopeandlifeconference and it’s just occurring me that we’re 2 days away from standing on that same platform. “who would have ever thought ?” God continues to amaze me. because a few years ago, I didn’t see this. this time last year, I didn’t see this. 3 months ago, I didn’t see this. God sees the ENTIRE picture. See you on Sunday y’all 🙏🏽

you are capable of whatever God has called you to do. shame is a lie. fear is not yours. doubt has no room in your destiny. you were made to be great and in the image of the almighty. you are not an accident, you didn’t come from nothing and you were created for so much more than you can imagine. don’t confuse the voice of the enemy as your own and call that your truth. so stand up. we got a battle to fight and we need you and what you’ve got.


you’re just dope and like, super nice. all the time. except in traffic. & I love you. #ripsdreads

hold on babies. please hold on. my prayer for so long has been, “break my heart for what breaks yours Lord.” i take it back. almost 1,500 immigrant children detained and caged while they wait to see what their fate will be. please wake up. please realize that this is happening in our country. this is a spiritual issue and battle. #THISisAMERICA #immigrantchildren #detainedchildren

note to self: explore colors & patterns ▪️

HE loves them ALL. And OUR job is to love them too.

this weekend is going to be NUTS and I couldn’t be more honored to be serving alongside some of the most anointed and humble people I know. if you are seeking guidance in your craft- whether that’s music, singing, creativity, how to become artist or anything regarding ministry- this is for you. C O M E. be inspired, learn and meet others like you. visit @minstrelstv to register! you still got time!

@saddlebackworship team night with my fave girls ✨

He makes the darkness tremble & not even the shadows can deny who He is. THATS’S how powerful He is. THAT’S how mighty He is. it’s easy to get caught up in the darkness of these days... I know some days feel heavier than others and if you’re ultra sensitive like me- you feel it so deep. but then I remember that I don’t serve a dead and dim God. He is the LIGHT. he is PEACE. he is LOVE. tonight I encourage you to remember who created you and the beautiful power & light inside of you. keep going. || @jdlmuziq thank you for letting me worship in this space and encouraging me to just be free.

it’s back and I want you here 🌴✨

today someone told me about their breakup, and how they knew they had lost the love of their life for good. so I wrote about it.

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