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Nikki Goss  👑Mrs. Virginia 2017 💁🏼Entrepreneur 💪🏻Mom with Muscles 💄Makeup Enthusiast 🐕🐈Animal Rescuer 💌

"When thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned." Isaiah 43:2

Walked this burns...just goes to show how incredibly powerful we are.
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Shout out on this killer pic, Milena!

It's amazing what walking over 🔥2,000 DEGREE burning embers🔥 together at midnight can do for your marriage. 👉🏻People's lives are a direct reflection of the expectation of their peer group.👈🏻 Simmer on that.

We've raised our standards because we can LIVE ABSOLUTELY EXHILARATING LIVES and I'm not into settling for mediocrity.
YOUR MIND is THE most powerful gift you possess. UNLOCK IT.👊🏻 Don't know how?!? Just MOVE!!! Act.
Don't know where to start...maybe ask someone who took the first steps👇🏻...and they were ON FIRE 🔥

I love you, Babe. Thank you for saying YES to this!!! I've never been so in love with you. I'm like a teenager in love but at a higher level. Euphoria at a whole new level. Now let's go impact the world how God created us to.
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✨I would rather be completely exhausted from the hard times which breed success...than well rested from achieving nothing.✨

Best part is watching their little faces as I open the "presents suitcase"💗
⚜️We officially have New Orleans flair in Woodbridge, VA...and lots of hugs and kisses!🤗😘
It's good to be home.🙏🏻 Special thanks to my mom and dad for helping John hold down the fort while I was gone! Couldn't do it without you guys! Love you!!! Enjoy your 2-day nap when you get home!!😂😘

✨Think like this: Who would I be if I didn't fear rejection?✨ Then 👉🏻 GO BE HER.💗
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✨Let me not be dead while I am still alive.✨
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Some days a girl just needs her best friend and a @starbucks ☕️😘

✨40 Days till Mrs. America✨

The Accessories.
If we're being real this was by far my STEEPEST learning curve! I was never an accessories girl. Not that I didn't like them I just didn't really grasp the concept...I lacked vision here.
So if accessorizing isn't a gut instinct for you - don't worry it can be learned! I'll share with you what I've been doing. {Warning: If you're an accessories master and still reading, brace yourself because I envision you saying "Bless your heart" in the very near future!!!} First thing I did:
When I went to a store and saw a great outfit with accessories on a mannequin - I bought the entire thing... "Yes, can I have everything off the mannequin, please?" I didn't trust myself to try to find a "similar" necklace or bangle in the accessories section. I knew my limitation. LOL! Stores usually put in a great deal of effort to make sure mannequins display their most amazing pieces (they're what customers see first) so if it captures your attention - get it...ALL!

I did the same thing when searching my favorite online boutiques! If you click on an outfit most of the time they have links to EVERYTHING for it at the bottom (shoes, jewelry, hats, etc). I started purchasing complete looks!!! After doing that for a while I started to notice themes - what earrings looked best with each dress neckline, etc...then I started venturing out on my own! Like a baby learning to walk sometimes you're awesome and sometimes you fall flat on your behind. Great thing with accessories is that if they don't work for one outfit, they usually work for another down the road.

I get great deals on earrings on EBay!!! Search for pageant and/or drag earrings! The big blue ones, drop blue rhinestone blue ones and the turquoise and rhinestone ones (bottom middle) in this picture are all from EBay!!! Charming Charlie is a goldmine too! If I have no time to order an accessory online (jewelry, hats, purses, etc) this is where I go. Great prices and ADORABLE.

I picked up this aluminum sheet metal from Lowes, drilled 2 molly bolts into the wall and then screwed it in! Presto!
And now I'm out of room to type!😂Hope this helps

✨41 Days till Mrs. America✨

I've never had problems finding a gown...until Mrs. Virginia.

My homecoming and prom gowns were the ones I picked in the Teen Fashion magazines or the first ones I tried on in a store.

My wedding gown...I saw it in a magazine, went to the store, tried it on and took it home. Easy.👌🏻 So when I went shopping for an evening gown for Mrs. Virginia I thought my problem would be that I LOVED them all and couldn't decide!😂 Instead I spent 5 hours trying on I don't even know how many was so long we had to take a break for lunch and then go back!!! I picked a gown I thought was great and then proceeded to have Xiao-Yin at Tang's Alterations Bridal and Bespoke change almost everything about it. In the end, it just didn't feel right.

So I went back to the store and bought another dress! Thank you, Deja Vu Boutique for your extreme patience!!! That second gown was the gorgeous white Sherri Hill I was crowned in.
As I started to prepare for nationals I couldn't even wrap my head around trying to find another gown. I just pushed it to the "I'll deal with that later" part of my mind.

Then one day after a rabbit hole internet extravaganza I stumbled upon a gown that took my breath away. But there was no way to get it.

During one of my fittings for alterations I mentioned the dress. One conversation to another nothing came of it. But for some reason I mentioned it again at another appointment and showed it to Xiao-Yin. It was one of those moments in time...we both knew it. "I'll make it." she said. "That's your dress." During my fitting appointments CRAZY things have I wanted to change the side something was on and she laughed because she had a dream it was on that side too, she even went into the shop early to check and see where it was!

It's become our gown. Born from an idea with our unique adjustments just about everywhere. Yesterday I got to put it on and hold it in my arms for the first time.

Thank you, Xiao-Yin, for turning a vision into reality. I'll never forget this moment.💗👗 Whatever vision you have in your head, whatever it is you dream of, no matter how far away you think it is, it isn't.

Take us out to the ballgame!⚾️
Can't think of a better way to celebrate America's birthday!🇺🇸🎉🎆
#4thofjuly #happybirthdayamerica #potomacnationals #takemeouttotheballgame

Only you know what YOUR DREAM LIFE looks only YOU can bring it into existence.💕 I used to wonder why my life didn't look the way I imagined it until I realized that no one could give me what I saw in my mind. It was up to me and ONLY ME to create it or not. If you're gonna hustle for anything in this life let it be YOUR's worth it.💙

I get asked a lot how I "do it". I wish I could say that it's only a simple plan I X and you'll get Y. That works. But it's pretty basic.
I want to be more than basic.

So I do the plan & then some. I work harder on my mind & body.

I keep 2.5 lbs weights in my bedroom. And a 5 pounder. I can do any exercise with those.

And on Friday night I turn on Tony Robbins' I Am Not Your Guru (it's on Netflix) and just start doing arm exercises.

I'm not counting.
I'm not writing down weight.
I'm not making sure I hit every muscle group.
I'm not in my workout gear.
I'm not trying to be perfect.

I'm just trying to be a little better.
Anyone can do that.💗

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