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Nikki Haas  Believer, dreamer, major wanderlust, little bit crunchy, full of sarcasm, always down for dancing.. wife and mama of 2 trying not to lose her shiz.


After a week of ups and downs with my Coop, I took him to see The Greatest Showman last night and he LOVED it. Music has always been a huge part of his life.. so therapeutic. Plus, the message of the movie is so beautiful! I shared a bit of our journey with autism in my IG stories yesterday. More awareness and love is what the world needs 💛 He is wonderfully, fearfully and perfectly made.

Photography is a great love of mine. I miss having my hands on a camera, but stepped away from it as a paid gig so I could be more creative freely. I’m itching to get my hands on a new camera soon.. bad. The itch is fierce! Think it’s time, y’all. Here’s one of my favorite shots.. my Mav’s cheesy bum in my hunky hubby’s arms. I gravitate toward mood, emotion and moments in motion.. that’s my jam. Who wants to let me come capture them?

One of the many reasons you should join Oil+Co.. we pride ourselves in supporting, encouraging, educating, and loving the tar out of one another! And we have a dang good time, too 🎉 I’m starting monthly live interviews with a panel of different members each month and we would LOVE for you to join us so you can tune in! March is going to be with a panel of Oily Mamas discussing all things pregnancy and baby. These beauties are full of knowledge and experience and I can’t wait for our community to soak them up! Empowered women, empowering women 🙌🏻👏🏻👊🏻 It’s the good stuff! Shoot me a msg and I’ll give you the hookup!

This hunk of mine said he wants to take me on a special trip this year. I turn the big 30 in June, we never had a honeymoon, popped out two kids, traveled a long road with Coop’s autism, Joe recently started a new job, have been married 7 years come August... and it’s time! We’ve never been on a vaca alone! We have much to celebrate.. and are long overdue for some relaxation and time alone. Where should we go?!?! 🌴🙌🏻

The sun is shining in TN and I’m soaking it up! Much needed. I woke with so much anxiety in my chest this morn.. but I forced myself out of bed, turned on some Bethel Music, applied my Happy Mama roller and made myself a cup of coffee. Currently sitting on the porch watching my baby draw with chalk. The good life!
Did you know Young Living now accepts PayPal? Mm hmm 👏🏻🎉 Quick and easy checkout AND you have the option to use PayPal financing when you grab your wellness kit of plant glory (less than $30 a month until it’s paid off - interest free!) Sign. Me. Up. Sharing for those that have been interested and want to join me as we tackle life and health and motherhood 🌿

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted.
My mama heart is so full of worry, hurt, love and prayer for those affected by such tragedy. Holding my boys so so close. Innocent kids taken from their family is too much for me to bear. My prayers are with them all. May God wrap his arms around them in all the days to come.
We have to do more. We have to.

Happy Valentines Day, all you lovebirds out there! Joe took me out to breakfast.. because food is the way to my heart. Give me all the food and oils and I’m a happy girl!
Fun fact: this beautiful bottle of Rose oil, incredible for your skin and emotions, requires 22 POUNDS of rose petals gently distilled through steam to make one 5ml bottle of oil. Talk about commitment ❤️ Have you ever checked out seedtoseal.com? It’s insanely cool the detail and work behind the scenes that Young Living takes to bring us the purest oils on the planet. Insanely cool. Best of the best! Can’t touch this (insert MC Hammer dance) 💃🏻🙌🏻

I read an article once floating around on the internet that stated your husband shouldn’t be your best friend, that those things should be kept separate. And well.. it stuck with me because Joe is easily my best friend. I thought to myself “are we doing this wrong?.. are we supposed to separate friendship and marriage?” and you know what I’ve come to realize? That’s the dumbest article I’ve ever read. Yep. Dumb.
I wouldn’t survive without him being my best friend and our marriage wouldn’t be anywhere near as strong without that friendship foundation. He knows when to comfort me as a friend, and when to as a husband. Like this morning.. when I was on the verge of a anxiety attack and he talked me out of it as a FRIEND, not as my husband.. but as a friend who knows every single square inch of me. The good, the bad, the ugly. No one understands me like him.
So if you ever stumble across that article.. ignore it. Whoever wrote that must long for a connection with their spouse that is absent. I pray they find that. Cause it’s the good stuff. I fully believe that your spouse should be your greatest friend of all time 💛

God bless my sweet friend @aimwathen who sent me this book after seeing my struggle with anxiety, and understanding it so well herself. She’s a gem!! Love you sister!! Thank you for being vulnerable and allowing others to do the same 💛 Can’t wait to dive into this study!

Who has seen the movie Wonder? Goodness, it’s precious. Coop loved it! Last night during bedtime he said that he was scared of the shadows that the light outside was casting on his walls. I told him that I would make him a special “Brave” spray we could use before bed to make all the worries go away. He got a kick out of the label being an astronaut helmet.. just like Auggie loved ☺️ He was so proud spraying his pillow and bed. Valor promotes calm feelings and courage. It’s my favorite oil of all time! It’s also one of YL’s most sought after blends. One of the main ingredients, Blue Tansy, is made from tiny blue flowers on the coast of Morocco - heavenly!

Casually taking victory laps around the neighborhood. Mav yelled out randomly to a man walking his dog on the sidewalk, “I HAVE A CAT!!!” 😂

No school on a Thursday calls for pajamas and jumping on the bed! We’re soaking up all the glorious sunshine coming through the window ☀️ and I’m going for another cup of warm coffee before tackling the laundry. Cheers, friends!

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