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Niki Wories  NW Figure skater, representing the Netherlands 🇳🇱 🇨🇦 Stop thinking Start believing Stop trying Start achieving ❄️ !!

Happy Kingsday to all the Dutchies, love Holland 🇳🇱 !!

New discipline !!

Summer is good but good friends make it better..

Sometimes all you need is a little touch of color to brighten up the grey... go out there and discover, the world has many more colors than the ones we know, the ones we're used to, the ones we named. Find your own colors, it's so much more fun!!

The best way to overcome obstacles is to stop being afraid. Stop being scared of things in your way, they will be there anyways and for a reason, negativity will not only make them look bigger but also make them look unbeatable. Staying positive seems impossible sometimes but will make yourself strong enough to beat every single one of the obstacles in your way and make yourself become unbeatable instead!! Stop thinking and start doing because there is always a way, it might not be your first choice but maybe it turns out to be your first step towards your real goals, getting ready for Oberstdorf with this one 🍊 !!

Happy Birthday to my Spanish brother, hope all your great wishes come true, you beautiful boy !!

The best revenge is no revenge at all. Just focus on yourself and things will fall into place, no need to waist your energy on anything unworthy... put on your hoody, block out the negative and instead show them what you're worth... that is the best revenge there is... road to Pyeongchang starts again today!! And ain't nobody gonna stop me, not this time!! Excited,motivated and determined to reach the olympic games!! I believe !!

Every up has his downs and every down has his ups... very sad I have to say that I'm not going to be able to compete at Worlds even though I felt really ready, I will not be send to Worlds this year. Time to leave this season behind me and start focussing on the main goal, the Olympic games 2018... this season might not have taught me how to compete in the way I wanted to compete. But it surely taught me how to compete/fight for what I want. It taught me that as much as It feels as if I'm in this alone right now there are people who showed me I'm not, and they will stand by me in our fight to qualify myself for the Olympics . The road is gonna be very tough but it is very clear now and I'm ready. Bring it on, me, my coach and the whole team is ready. Good luck everyone competing at Worlds!! Hope you are all able to show the best!! I'll cheer you all on, have fun everyone !!

Sometimes the best way is the one way no one would ever take... it might not always be the shortest one but you will be able to avoid unnecessary traffic. Pick your own road that will lead you the way, in order to be able to succeed !! Your journey, your choices, your way. Stop thinking start believing stop trying start achieving...

My pups... love my snowballs ❄️ !!

Me and ma roomie 🌸!!

Don't look back but if you do make sure it is to learn from the bad moments, remember the good moments and start building from the knowledge it gives you. Never get to attached to the bad moments but instead believe in the good ones, those are the moments that are going to make you trust and believe yourself, never look back but if you do make sure it is for a good reason...

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