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Total Black Out.
You will find me if you too become invisible.
Bye for now.

It's taken me a few days to digest that you are gone. I feel like the needle in my compass has been erased and I am walking around in circles. We had big plans together....
I called you Maestro because you mastered the art of living on the edge. Anything was possible because the only thing in front of you was nothing. You were creating your reality from the tip of the arrow.
This is the space where we connected. I have met so few people who have both the balls and the curiosity to meet me here. Our connection wasn't limited to this earth. It was instantaneous and infinite. Without ever asking to see my resume, or know my personal story, you trusted me with your finest jewel - Akasha.
We pulled our ideas from the abyss and grounded them into a physical experience. We always said that we were not the ones in charge, we took our orders from the Ascended Masters on the other side of the veil. Last night, as I was praying at your alter, I realized that you just put yourself right in the directors chair. You mother fucker!
So while I am crying because I feel so alone on this edge where we used to play together, I promise you I will do everything to keep Akasha alive. The last time we were together you looked and me and said "We are going to do great things together my friend." I just didn't realize you would be directing me from the stars.
You called me Maestra because you know I can listen to what has no voice, now it is you.
I love you and I miss you.
#death #life

Doing my my best to surf the shadows and the light and love both.
Currently turning dreams into reality.
Starting a new retreat called
🐆 Off the Radar 🐆
Teaching others how to surf the edge of the unknown...
#stay tuned
📸 by @jasonmewis

Make me an offer.
I'll take you where you've never been before....
📸 by @daxta_autochtone

I have learnt how to heal by working with medicinal plants and indigenous masters. It blows me away when well educated health professionals tell me that what I do requires no school.....

"During my first Energy Healing session with Niki it became obvious to me that her intuitive assessment techniques and expert treatment skills are derived from a place far beyond what any formal training could provide. Using her breath, her voice and her hands she channeled the opportunity for a profound and personalized healing experience, guided by wisdom from many sources. I am so grateful to have been on the receiving end of this unique and powerful healing ceremony."
- Leslee Watt, Heath Care Professional/Manual Therapist

I have one last week of retreats at La Vita Bella starting March 31st. If your heart is calling....follow it.
#asyouwishretreats #2018 #comeandplay

✨Pay attention - Connect the dots ✨ That's what the stars said to me last night...
Almost a year ago I came to this place by pure magic. It was during my 6 weeks of no kid and no husband. It was a time for Niki to reconnect with her inner gypsy and follow her flow.
I wrote a post from this very spot about how I felt super lucky and that I wished more moms got time to reconnect to their freedom. Despite a sliver of guilt I knew deep down my time alone would be a valuable gift for my family.
Now, again by pure magic and connecting of the dots, I am here with my husband, my son AND my parents! WTF?!
Not only are we here together, but we have been treated like royalty. @casitasmaraika invited us to come and chat about collaborations. We showed up for an afternoon of fun and we're still here three days later!
Well....Nereo and I are. My parents took Fox home last night and my King and I had that hanging bed all to ourselves. A year ago Nereo was strong enough to set me free and now we are here together, stronger then ever.
So yah.... connect the dots. Plant the seeds and watch them grow. Above all else, be brave enough to nurture yourself. Life rewards this. I guarantee it.
#lovelife #ontheroad #dreamingawake

Dear Zen Fox,
Here you are mid air. Mid leap of faith.
Today I watched you overcome your fear of the ocean. You told me that you were learning how to connect with your Water Dragon Spirit. You were playing in the waves calling upon your magic and living your life with courage.
Watching you master your power inflates me with wonder. I am so so proud of you. On this Monday morning the ocean is your school, your teacher is your heart.
Stay Golden,
Love mama ✨
#zenfoxdiaries #bornin2012 #yearofthewaterdragon

We woke up like this.
Thank you @casitasmaraika
you really know how to live + love.
#hangingbedwithoceanwaves #unreal

If anyone talks to my sister tell her not to panic. I have kidnapped our parents to @casitasmaraika. They have rolled out a heart warming red carpet and insisted we all stay the night. Mom drank a whole bottle of wine and told the guys how sexy they are. I'm hugging boulders cuz I can't believe how lucky we are. Dad is well....dad.
Always on point.

I know it's impossible to tell what is happening here, but I'm putting this one on my thread for my own records.
Last night we celebrated our 6 year anniversary with the burning of the Atlantis Guardians built for @_ondalinda_ .
We finished our date with a hot honey shower.
It was also just a tad special.

6 years ago today I was barefoot + pregnant getting married in the Amazon jungle. Asháninka Maestro Juan Flores gave a blessing not only for us, but for all of mankind. Maestro and his family threw a celebration that was a special blend between ancient traditions and modern superstitions including throwing my bouquet + cutting a cake!
It was just a tad special.
#mayantuyacu #blessed

I met this man when I wasn't looking for him. He told me he loved me on our third date. Six weeks later we got pregnant.
Here we are 6 years later - 6 years!!! - hanging out in castles and making shit up as we go. I am so grateful to have someone who is willing to take risks + explore deep inner space with me. We are constantly evolving together and apart. You make me rich beyond measure. Thank you for honouring me @scenere0.
If you keep building a solid ship, i'll keep blowing in it's sails.
I love you from the center of myself and back.
Happy anniversary 💋

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