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Mother of Draguns  Live Your Fantasy 🐉 CEO @dragunbeauty

thank u, next. i’m so fukin grateful for myself 🖤 it sucks that u have to go thru heartache or something stupid to realize how blessed u are to have certain ppl in ur life. love comes in many forums. tell everyone important to u that u love them. stop focusing on the stupid bs or worrying about the basic bitches. also srry not srry to all the ppl that had to witness us busting it down and screaming at the top of our lungs. @bretmanrock and i don’t know how to act 🤦🏻‍♀️🖤 thank u @arianagrande for such a magical night u have no idea how much i needed this! xo

victoria’s secret will no longer air it’s fashion show on tv. they told trans & plus sized woman we “cannot sell a fantasy” but it’s clear now they don’t know what sells period. let alone who or who isn’t a fantasy. but i’m chillin in #mycalvins living #mytruth and living my fantasy 👼🏻 @calvinklein

my mom is 50 yrs old, with 4 kids, a doctorate degree, and a 33 yr marriage! i hope to be even half the woman u are one day. u taught me how to be a strong fearless and loving woman. u’ve sacrificed so much for me and have always been my # 1 fan through everything. i love u mama dragun xoxo 😭❤️ @olehenriksen #brightaway #mothersday

i have 2 bestfriends... one uses logic & the other hypes me up to do ratchet sh*t... balance 🤪 (tag ur besties) @bretmanrock

THAT’S HOT 🔥 Paris slid into my DMs and asked me to play her bff in her new music video My Best Friends Ass.... so i guess the song is about me no big deal. i literally cannot believe my life! officially adding video vixen onto my resume lol

blonde or brunette? legs or arms? Bretman and i were on facetime thinking of a caption and this is the best we could come up with. we almost said top or bottom? but let’s be honest Bret could never p.s. know ur angles ladies & gents

actual footage of me sneaking into the met gala 💅🏼💞 my sugar daddy instagram / facebook invited me to present at the glaad awards! i was so honored but so nervous. took the moment to live my quinceanera fantasy since my mexican mama never let me have one. oh and also sarah jessica parker told me i looked amazing and i about died. #metgala jk maybe next year tho lmao xoxo

drunk girls in the bathroom: “OMG i LooOVve ur outfit! ur seriously SO pretty. do u have a bf? he better treat u right u deserve the WORLD! what’s ur instagram? i’ll add u follow me back!”

hi this is my real hair which never sees the light of day surprisingly i’m not bald but this pic is rare might delete 👩🏼‍🦲 like this pic for good luck!
@SC @Moschino #SephoraCollection #MoschinoxSC

can i copy ur homework? yeah just don’t make it obvious 😈 i turned @hudabeauty into me! apparently all u need is a wig, layers of makeup, plastic surgery, and a dash of delusional self confidence. tbh the world can barely handle one of me. who should i TRANSform next???

i dropped my feelings on the ground, so we’re looking for them 💙💗

storytime: i didn’t wear this outfit to the festival contrary to popular belief (a bitch ain’t that crazy) but i had it on long enough to sweat my weave out. it took 3 gays and a prayer to get me in this look. i swear it was a blessing cus i was extra skinny and snatched for the weekend after sweating so much... but anyways the end. hope u liked all my fits and fantasy more coming soon xo 🔫🐲💚🦠🤢

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