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Nike Skateboarding  Win Some, Lose Some Dunk High by @premierskate. Test your luck August 24 in skate shops and August 25 on SNKRS. Go behind the design at link below.

@guymariano’s pick for July #CheckMeSB Skater of the Month 👉 @killvkam.
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#CheckMeSB July Tricks of the Month featuring @choppaghetti, @_williamgomez, @markusjalaburr, @genesis_atkins_, @honzanavratilsk8, @llamahandz, @jaymcausby, @codyheill86er, @mistergoodtimes, @nixmehrbuffibuffi, @notthemoviestar, @vince_1k, @xavier_clements and @flexmontgumeri.
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Stu gets bodied. Cyrus powers through. Jacky combos. Classic Bobby. Blake up and over. This and more playing in the I-58 Tour edit at link in bio.

@stunity @cyrusbnt @pufftuffandskatestuff @bworrest @blakecarpenter

#NikeSB | 🎥 @john1wilson

X @premierskate Win Some / Lose Some Dunk High in-store release Saturday, August 18 at Premier. In local skate shops August 24 and SNKRS August 25. More info at

#NikeSB #Premier #WinSomeLoseSome #skateyourdunks

The #INTERSTATE58 tour chomps through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas at link in bio.

@blakecarpenter @pufftuffandskatestuff @christiandufrene @cyrusbnt @olsonstuff @skankiee @yutohorigome @erickoston

#NikeSB | 🎥 @john1wilson

Eleven days in the SB van through the U.S. Sunbelt, including Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

Swipe 👈 to see more from our @transworldskate article.

@blakecarpenter ➡️ @bworrest ➡️ @skankiee ➡️ @stunity ➡️ @christiandufrene ➡️ @yutohorigome ➡️ @pufftuffandskatestuff

#NikeSB | 📷 @ryanflynn

Tres amigos. Yuto, Bobby and Daan on the #INTERSTATE58 Tour.

Full edit playing at Link in bio.

@yutohorigome @bworrest @skankiee

#NikeSB | 🎥 @john1wilson

Classic team tour.

Daan overcrooks. Cyrus goes back side. Jacopo on top. Bobby smithers. Blake in the Team Classic. Nyjah braaaaaps.

Tap in to the bio link to watch the I-58 Tour roll through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas at @transworldskate.

#NikeSB | @skankiee @cyrusbnt @pufftuffandskatestuff @bworrest @blakecarpenter @nyjah | 🎥 @john1wilson

🦅 @downsouthinhell back noseblunt at Burnside for the GT Blazer X Cat’s Paw.
#NikeSB | 📷 @photojoebrook

Everybody’s a winner. @copenhagenopen what a wild ride. Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin. Longest contest ever. Wouldn’t have it any other way.
@erickoston @yutohorigome @ishodwair @luanomatriz @masonsilva @zionwright_
See you next year in...

Congrats on the shoe, @mickeyreyes.
GT Blazer X @catspawsaloon out now only in skate shops.
#NikeSB | @downsouthinhell

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